Josh Charles on The Good Wife, Will and Alicia Romance: A Wonderful Surprise

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As a vital cog in the The Good Wife cast, Josh Charles plays Will Gardner. He's Alicia's friend, boss... and maybe something more.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if he could have predicted the kind of success and critical acclaim this show has received in its first season, the actor replied: no way.

"I knew it had a great cast. But other than that, what else do you know? You’re sort of jumping into this ship," Charles said. "The things that I was able to tell you come out of talking to [co-creator Robert King] about the character and getting more a sense myself of the character."

And what does he now make of Will?

"He’s ruthless. He seems cutthroat, very competitive. He can make hard decisions. But I also think he’s incredibly loyal, pragmatic at times, and practical. And lonely. That’s the sense I get. He’s a character that has worked really hard to achieve what he’s achieved and now he’s sittin’ there a little lonely and wondering if this is all there is."


As for his character's relationship with Alicia, Charles sounds unsure - but excited - about where it's all going...

"Like everything with the show, it’s been just a wonderful surprise. I had a hint from the pilot and what was discussed with me when I joined... You read these scripts each week, and I’m just always blown away by the attention to subtlety and to nuance and at times, ambiguity. I feel like they write in a way that lends us, when we play the scenes, to bring a lot of subtextual interaction to it."

The Good Wife returns with new episodes on April 27.

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I am not sure where this relationship should go but spare me the good wife thing. Being faithful to the one you love does not really have anything to do with integrity, I think. It has, however, everything to to with loyalty and respect. Wich her husband does not have and does not seem to want to have.


I like the show, just keep Will away from Alicia she has enough on her plate with Peter and the kids. She doesn't need the old college try from Will who has already tried to stab her in the back with his sleezy ways. Don't forget her daughter overheard the conversation Mom and Will had and also the son having sex with his girlfriend with out condoms he couldn't find because mom put the in her handbag.
Please keep this on theme of the show (THE GOOD WIFE) it gives women the intergitivty to do the right thing for her life and family.

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