Justin Chambers Previews This Week's Grey's Anatomy

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Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Sympathy For the Parents," is one that Justin Chambers fans have been waiting for, as we finally get to learn something about Alex's past.

He's also in the shower, as the sneak peeks showed.

Taking a break from shooting a May episode with Demi Lovato, Seattle Grace's resident bad boy spoke with E! Online about this evening's episode and all things Grey's Anatomy.

Despite Izzie serving Alex with divorce papers tonight, Justin says to "never underestimate Katherine Heigl," and "she'll probably [be back]. I miss her immensely." Um, what?

So does that mean Alex and Izzie may somehow live on? "I think he'll always have a soft spot for Izzie and he's going to miss her very much. Who knows, anything's possible."

In the more immediate future, Alex and Lexie Grey have been having fun. "It's a little physical [with Lexie]. It's kind of a rebound," Chambers says. "I hope Alex finds love."

As in, he hasn't found it yet?

Karev Pic

"It just seems like whenever he does, he doesn't know how to deal with it," Justin says. "Alex married Izzie and said all those wonderful things and I don't think you can just fall out of a relationship that easy. It's a bit of a rebound, but she's a cute girl," he says.

"She's a sweet girl... and blond now. So maybe there's something there."

Tonight, Alex's brother shows up at Seattle Grace and, from the looks it, there's some bad blood. "We're finally getting into some of Alex's back story," Justin Chambers teases.

"It's been six seasons and we haven't met anyone from his family. His brother comes to town for some issues and more issues will arise. It's good stuff. We had Debbie Allen direct the episode, which was a real honor, so I think it turned out pretty well."

Oh yeah, and Alex Karev's biggest secret? It's a mushy one.

"He's a marshmallow underneath it," Justin says, certainly making us wonder. "He's got a lot of bravado behind his mouth, but we're starting to see a more sensitive side to him."

Any theories on what that secret might be?

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Tonights episode was great!!! What do you think will happen with "b" word in the Arizona/Callie relationship and Meredith/Derek relationship?
p.s. what was up with the mercy west girl being attracted to derek! can't meredith just have a happy ending???


see even Justin wants Alex and Izzie, just like me :) love that boy! have yet to see the ep seeing as it's still 8pm in California, but looking forward to it


I just watched tonites epi.. what was that song in the background at the end? I found you , I found you. ooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo.. I want this song ..anyone? please?


If there is any chance that Izzie will come back, I'm all for it. Looking forward to tonight's episode, it totally looks exciting.


Alex is my absolute favorite character on Grey's which is why I'm so insanely excited about this week's episode. Can't wait to learn more about Alex's painful past and see what his younger brother is like! Like Justin I really hope Alex finds love and happiness. He's suffered enough already but I'm sure the writers are going to keep throwing crap his way...


Alex's secret?: He GREW UP IN FOSTER CARE and went to juvenille detention hello? I am looking forward to this episode so much becasue I love Alex and I want to know more about his story. Izzie will be a big part of this story because of how much she affected him and how she helped him change. Oh yeah quote from episode 12 Alex to Izzie "Izzie, I love you so much. And I... Till I met you, I- I used to think I just wasn't a good guy. Growing up with my family, I mean, that's what they told me. But now... After all of it, I know that I'm a good man" He loves Izzie and always will he just couldn't work on the relationship with her due to the emotional journey he was undergoing and is still going through. I hope he does find someone who loves him and won't leave him or cause any more pain for him he doesn't need that but for now let Alex work on his relationship with his family and career in peds. He has become my new favorite character (not just because he's hot but of who he's becoming!) I cannot wait for this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I miss Izzie. The real one, from the first two seasons, and the occasionally still kick-ass one from last season. The comments from her co-stars, and the fact that she's friends with the people she has worked with all this time, should at least speak to the idea that the actress who acted the hell out of a sometimes poorly-written character is actually not the whiner people think. That David Letterman thing, which apparently no one actually watched, was not a whine, she was joking. And not going for an Emmy was perfectly justified, considering the erratic way they had written her that season (being a brat about George's marriage, then completely going after George, and just generally being not-Izzie).
Justin knows her better, and I'll trust him. I want Izzie back -- she's not coming back, but I still want her back.
Justin rocks.


I'm so sorry for Justin but i 'll not want her neither as guest star.Karev's episode,enjoy ,poor Alex ,a love for him,before Rebecca then Izzie ,he's unlucky in love.

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