Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle: Dating in Real Life?

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They're both newly-separated, and admittedly close ... so it could happen, right?

Maybe someday, but for now, our apologies to Gossip Girl fans who want Lily and Rufus to be a couple in real life and onscreen... Kelly Rutherford says it's not so.

"We love each other... but only as friends!" she told E! Online about her relationship with co-star Matthew Settle at last night's Chagoury Couture fashion show.

Although both are newly single parents after weathering messy separations from their spouses, Kelly says the sparks stop flying when the cameras stop rolling.

Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle Photo

Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle: Very close ... but only platonic.

"You do it so much in the office, you don't need to do it when you go home," she said, then on an unrelated note, gave props to new single mama Sandra Bullock.

"I think it's such a wonderful have this beautiful little boy in her life and focus on him," she said of her decision to adopt baby Louis from New Orleans.

"It's certainly helped me through a tough time."

Fellow partygoer Paris Hilton was succinct when asked for her thoughts on Sandra divorcing Jesse James: "I would dump him, too!" the newly single heiress said.

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that'd be cute
i thought the same thing immediately after i read that article about Matthew splitting. they're soooo gonna go outtt


And you too because otherwise you wouldn´t have clicked to see the comments :) However as they are part of the show you can expect to find some people to care for them. Not everyone likes the same actors & characters (thank god).


I agree with Confused and Concerned. Only about 5 people actually care about them


²ihatetaylorbecauseshesucks: maybe it´s not news worthy for you.
but obviously important enough to comment on it...


they should totally dating and they are not old!!! they look really good.


they can date. its just not really news worthy.


LOL "old" people can´t date?


I wouldn't be surprised, when Matthew said he was seperated I thought then "I wonder if they are having an affair".


It's just getting ridiculous. It just seems so purile that just because two people look good together on screen they should be together in real life How immature ;) Note to self. I have got to say this is the kind of quotes Ed and Leighton should have been giving!!!! but if they did what would we have to talk about. I hate to think we have all been had, but that may just be the case.


dating? not dating? who gives a fuck?? theyre old!


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