Laurence Fishburne Signs On For More CSI

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Although he hasn't proven to be as popular as the man he replaced, Laurence Fishburne will be sticking around CSI.

The actor has signed on for another season of the hit CBS drama.

Interrogation Room

Fishburne took over as the lead on the series last year and is now contracted through the 2010-2011 season. Ratings have dipped a bit over the last few months but CSI is still one of the most popular show on television.

The season finale airs on May 20 and, as recent CSI spoilers revealed, will focus on Fishburne's Dr. Langston squaring off against a pair of serial killers, leading up to a deadly cliff-hanger.

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I'm thrilled that he's now going to be in S/12. He's the best character ever on CSI. So much charisma, charm and is so electryfing he's got so many layers to his character as Langston. And how's he's bonded with the other team members is awesome. This is such fantastic news. Thank's CBS/CSI!


I think Fishburne is doing it right. The main problem of this show is obviously, Grissom's departure and the show lost its original atmosphere that was not supposed to be lost. People are expecting 'Grissom' to Fishburne and that's why many people don't realy like Fishburne in this show.


I think Laurence Fishburne is great and his character adds a lot to the show. I am glad they are keeping him. I enjoy his interaction with the other characters.


CSI lost all it's humour when Grissom left. The show with Grissom's little remarks help make the show. Now the overrated Fishbourne has ruined it. I used to watch it every week, now if I miss a few it does'nt bother me. BRING BACK GRISSOM


I guess it's to each his/her own. I still enjoy the show and agree the writing needs to be better, but every show has difficulty keeping it fresh. The did need to create more, real drama between the characters and they haven't. But, I still watch and am hooked. I get lost in Catherine's face; her plastic surgery is a little distracting. I keep wondering if she's pissed about it.


The problem isn't Laurence Fishburne. It's Carol Mendelssohn. She has never given up on writing for Billy Petersen. Langston is uttering pretty much the dialog Grissom would have if he was still on the show. CSI has always unfortunately written for the new shiny characters over the long-established ones. You can tell when writer gets bored with or doesn't understand one of the original characters because we hardly see that character any more. A few years ago it was Warrick and Nick who were hardly onscreen, while Grissom&Sara, Hodges, and Sophia were always on. Now there's too much Langston and Sara reminding everyone that she's married to Grissom while we're hardly seeing Catherine or Greg. It's simply who the writers are interested/not interested in writing for.


This pisses me off. Why can't they just have cathrine and not Ray. Cathrine is my fave charcter and she is barely on anymore!!!!!


Not another year!!!! Don't they see that the chemistry for the show is all wrong now and I don't think even Grissom and Sara together could make it right. Give the show a really good last season nexzt year before it sinks any lower.


OMG- I can't believe they are keeping Fishburne!?! This is such disappointing news. I hate him and his character, Ray. Honestly, I am not sure if I can watch another season and I was a faithful fan. I own all of the seasons and I won't be buying this year's when it comes for sale. Sara coming back helped, but it's not enough. They give him too much air time and billing etc than I think he deserves. I am one of the people who wanted Grissom back, but this problem is more to do with the fact I hate Fishburne and want to see him off the air. I am sure that without Ray on CSI, the show would be so much better-even if Grissom wasn't coming back. Please network, take Ray off the air!

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