Lost Round Table: "Happily Ever After"

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What happened, happened.

So stated Eloise to Desmond, casually, on this week's episode of Lost. In our review of "Happily Ever After," we offered a general theory about what the Sideways world actually is, and what's missing from it (hint: it's a four-letter word).

Now, in this edition of the Lost Round Table, our panelists have returned to further analyze this season six classic. As usual, reader feedback on the topics below is encouraged...

What sacrifice will Widmore ask Desmond to make?
M.L. House: Simple: his life. By using his powers to somehow stop FakeLocke from escaping the island, Desmond will die on the season finale. But he'll save the lives of Penny, little Charlie and the castaway loved ones in the process.

LJ Gibbs: Either Widmore is going to ask him to not participate in casual Fridays at the office, or to take Jacob's spot as keeper of the island, thus protecting Penny and their child but never being able to see them again.

Mr. Probst: Desmond seems to understand the connection between his world and the sideways world and the need to eliminate the possibility of the sideways world becoming his world.  While he'd be able to see Penny in the sideways world, he would not get to love her.  Widmore will ask him to sacrifice ever seeing Penny again, to preserve his son and all of the experiences he's already had with her.  'Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right?

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Cooler scene: When Desmond flashed to "Not Penny's Boat" on Charlie's hand, or when Eloise admonished Desmond for his curiosity over Penny?
M.L. House: The Charlie scene was startling in its connection between worlds, but Eloise's words were what truly shed light on the Sideways universe for me. She essentially told Desmond: don't rock the boat, you have what you always wanted. This can be applied to almost all the Sideways glimpses we've gotten so far, but it begs numerous questions: Are the castaways truly happy? Do they really have what they want? And what caused this arrangement/altering of their worlds?

LJ Gibbs: "Not Penny's Boat" by far. The whole scene was great, from the initial reference to Charlie's death scene to a very creepy Charlie turning to Desmond underwater and pressing his hand to the glass. But this was also the first time that I can remember Lost not only alluding to a prior plot/scene, but blatantly making us see it. They are closing in on the end and all the explanations that await.

Mr. Probst: Eloise, hands down.  Her conversation with Desmond was one of those classic Lost moments where the audience knows something big is going down, but not what and we all make the same semi-confused face while watching it.  Certainly many of us hit rewind on our DVRs to watch that scene more than once.

What is your favorite Daniel Widmore song?
M.L. House: The chart-topping favorite, Don't Be a Jughead.

LJ Gibbs: She Attempted to Blind Me with Science, But I Know Far Too Much About It.

Mr. Probst: You All Everybody featuring Daniel Widmore (Sideways remix version).

Any new theories on the Sideways world?
M.L. House: I shared them in my review, linked to above. But my quick take, once more: it's the creation of FakeLocke. He's evil incarnate, as Richard said awhile back. Through some deal he makes with the castaways, they get to live in a world that frees them from the shackles of their past. But it's devoid of true love.

LJ Gibbs: It's apparently a world wherein suits, shirts and shoes dry instantly. It probably smells musty.

Mr. Probst: See my answer to the first question and ML House's review, but that's the crux of where the show is going now.  Assuming we're right, the question then becomes: how does Widmore and sideways-Eloise know about the two worlds?

Desmond was unconscious for three days before being brought to the island, the same amount of time Jesus spent in the tomb before His resurrection. Coincidence?
M.L. House: Well, Desmond was never dead, so this doesn't seem entirely accurate. Still, if Des were to grow his hair out a bit, I can see a resemblance. There have certainly been many sins by his friends on the island. As we speculated above, might he sacrifice himself for them?

LJ Gibbs: We'll have to check his abs to be sure, but it looks like Desmond is ramping up to be the island's savior.

Mr. Probst: Considering the season six promos with the cast shot as if they're sitting at DaVinci's Last Supper, one can understand the logic to get to Desmond as Jesus.  However, Desmond/Henry Ian Cusak isn't in any of those pictures and Locke/Terry O'Quinn is sitting in the spot where Jesus would be in DaVinci's painting.  Feels like a misdirection coincidence by the writers.

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I think the Desmond/ Jesus correlation is VERY accurate. Desmond was unconscious for 3 days before getting to the island. I believe the island is hell and in the Bible, Jesus visits hell within those 3 days to "set the captives free" before returning to His father in heaven......... Lost is SO freakin great! Hate to see it go.......


@ HansGruber: "So why did Widmore not pick Eloise to sacrifice herself?" I say may be Eloise would get frie on that shack, two may be Desmond is a candidate who knows.


I second MKii's thought and hope that they do not go à la BSG with a half baked explanation. This episode seemed to have continuity issue since it portrays the sideways-reality as bad- are the writers saying that then Ben's and Real-Locke's life is crap? -cause a lot of people have lives like those characters and think that is good to be a teacher or have loving fiance- Locke's case. Also, it does not explains how sideways-Eloise can know about both worlds or how she could time travel with Desmond when he was blown up in the hatch (a few episodes back)- it seems she has the same powers as Desmond? So why did Widmore not pick Eloise to sacrifice herself? or at least bring her along? and what was that crap about Faraday dreaming equations (actually what was shown from his diary seemed to look like diagrams which is exactly what a musician with no physics training would come up with) and at least in this sideways world he is alive and so is Charlotte and in love- so apparently Love is possible for some in this alternate reality. So are Desmond and Penny going to be Adam and Eve?


@Sherry Tipton:"Why is Desmond so willing to go with Sayid when he so enthusiastically agreed to help Widmore moments before?" I think becuase last time Desmond saw Sayid was before he left the Island and during that time Sayid wasen't infected so for Desmond doesnt know what really going on. i could be wrong.


So, does the power that Desmond now have equate at all with the power Jacob had? Why is Desmond so willing to go with Sayid when he so enthusiastically agreed to help Widmore moments before? The "Not Penny's Boat" scene put the hairs up on the back of my neck. So, did Charlie really die? I always thought that he was still alive because we never actually saw him die. He could have swam out the window once it depressurized, right? Does it really matter now because he is alive in the alternate universe? Will Claire still be crazy when she "wakes up" in the alternate reality? This is driving me crazy!


My thing is that, did Widmore ever actually say that Desmond was a sacrifice, or did he just needed to use him for his thinking of "a greater good"? As for the sideways, I think that its just a differnt dimension or universe, what ever you want to call it, cause of the fact that the island can time travel what says that they can't travel to a different world where the what if happened?


If this is going where I think it is going, it is kind of a letdown. All the scientific theory, time travel etc, and it turns out the solution is the good old deus ex machina the supernatural (god, good vs evil, magic, whatever)? It's like the end of BSG. So many open questions and the answer they come up with is simply: god. Boring.


Speaking of the Desmond/Jesus connection, he actually DID play Jesus (literally): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt03...

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