Major Vampire Diaries Spoilers: May Sweeps, Season Finale Scoop!

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On tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon will escort Elena at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant; while Stefan will continue to battle with his human blood-induced demons.

As always, TV Fanatic will recap and review the installment in depth, encouraging readers to sound off on what they liked and disliked about the latest hour.

But let's look a bit farther down the line.

As the television season enters May Sweeps, shows across the dial will ramp up the drama, suspense and storytelling. The Vampire Diaries is no different, as viewers can expect the following developments to take place over the next few weeks:

  • Stefan and Damon finally reveal to Elena how they became vampires.
  • Damon and Alaric partner up to stop Jonathan Gilbert, who is headed for a confrontation with Pearl.
  • Elena's first meeting with her birth mother doesn't end well.
  • As detailed by a CW press release: On the season finale, "Johnathan Gilbert sets a plan in motion that brings Founder’s Day to an end amid chaos, destruction and death."
Shocking Development

This photo of Elena and Stefan is courtesy of the show's season finale. What is causing them such shock? Theorize away now!

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Does anyone know how the salvatore brothers got turned into vampires??? and who turned them???


Does anyone else think Jenna and Damon would be good together?


Katherine drank from both of them and we saw her feed damon..she probably fed stefan too..then they went after her in the church and were shot, while they still had vampire blood in their system and voila!


i think damon and elena would go great togather


@Dark Princess wouldn't it be Dalena. Delena is David Henries and Selena Gomez to some people not me. I hate Selena and David. hahaha. I think it will be like Matt or Caroline or Bonnie. Or maybe Jeremy? :( I love Matt and Caroline together and I love Jeremy! It'll probably be like Alaric or like Anna or Pearl. I don't know. This show just is so unpredictable sometimes, but sometimes it isn't.


I looked at the cast summary in TVD page in and I noticed that a bunch of familiar characters are missing from the second season.. makes me wonder!


I remenber that Stefan and Damon were not been changed before the Gillbert's big search for vampires. If Katherine had changed them after, Damon could know that she is not in the tomb. BUT he doesn't! Why? So,when did K turn them ? I'M curious about that!!!


So... their cause of death is important why? They're clearly still "existing" now.


to explain their shocked faces: Stefan has just seen Damon shirtless and realised that his abs really do not compare. Elena has seen this also, and has now realised she's been chasing the wrong brother. Wooo Delena!


elana needs to know stephen loves HER and not some womans blood he drank 2minutes ago. So, He needs to get off the human blood and go vegetarian. That's all that will mean something to her. He can go back later just not now. He doesn't want to lose Ellana or his whole world is crushed!!1111!!!!!
She is worth it just like Katherine was. He can do it!!!1111!!!

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When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

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