In "Heretic's Fork", Ryan tells Val that he's a Visitor. Meanwhile, Tyler will stop at no end to be with Lisa. Read our full recap to find out what happened!
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Glee welcomes a pair of big, fun names next week: Olivia Newton-John and Molly Shannon guest star on "Bad Reputation." Check out the official Fox preview for the episode now.
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What goes down on 90210 next week? Drama between Clark sisters, a new love interest for Adrianna and tension between Silver and Teddy's famous father.
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Last night's NCIS offered a terrific twist, some quality banter and entertaining television throughout. Here's our take on "Moonlighting."
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This week's episode is titled "Perchance to Dream", in it Crosby and Jasmine go out on an official date, Kristina is psyched by the chance to help an old acquaintance run for Lieutenant Governor in Sacramento, and Adam gives Drew advice on girls.
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Glee aired a depressing hour of television this week. It featured a few beautiful numbers, but not many of the show's most entertaining characters.
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With the SATs on the horizon, a lot went wrong for many characters this week. Let's analyze the 90210 episode "Multiple Choices" together.
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