Parks and Recreation Review: "94 Meetings"

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After taking way too much time off, Parks and Recreation came back last night with a strong effort with "94 Meetings."  The episode title, which strangely flashed during the title credits of the show, referred to the number of meetings Ron Swanson was stuck with on one very existent March 31st.  Time to teach April the knuckle trick, much easier to remember.

Chained to the Gate

The episode premise set Parks up for the perfect formula: a Ron Swanson-centric episode that featured plenty of opportunities for the crazy residents of Pawnee to do what they do best: complain about inane problems.

Leslie also had her own story line as she focused on her first meeting: stopping Jessica Wicks, former beauty pageant winner and current wife of Sweetums founder.   There were some funny moments during her plot including Leslie chaining herself to the fence and just about every cheesy line out of Tom's mouth, but overall it paled compared to the rest of the meetings.

Ron has easily become one of our favorite characters on television and this week we got to witness the man yell at someone to remove their junk from his desk, whittle a duck, and there was even a Duke Silver reference.  With a fairly boring premise, Ron and company saved the day by just being some of the best characters and relationships on television.

Only Parks could create an entertaining half-hour over nothing but boring meetings, crazy meetings.  In terms of character development, Ann and Mark seem to be getting closer to marriage, but with Paul Schneider leaving the show, we're very curious to see what the show is going to do with these two. 

Andy, meanwhile, finally revealed what we've all known: April was too young for him.  April took the news a little worse than us, even quitting the Parks department.  Luckily, Andy threatened to never work for Ron if he didn't get April back.  Even though Andy never worked for Ron.  And he continued to shine his shoes afterwards.

We don't want to imagine this show without April and luckily we won't have to.  Who else would deliver Parks and Recreations lines like "I'm afraid that Ron Swanson's currently dead" with such a straight face?  Also great to see her polar-opposite parents and freakishly similar sister.

The rest of our favorite quotes are after the jump.

Andy: April is the best, but she's 20. When April was born I was already in third grade, which means if we were friends back then I would have been hanging out with a baby. I don't know anything about infant care. Oh my god I could have killed her. | permalink
Ron: I need anyone with a pulse and a brain to pitch in.
Jerry: Ron, do you need help with anything?
Ron: No, we're good. Thanks. In fact, you can head home early. | permalink
Ron: Round up whoever's free. I'm going to need more Ron Swansons. | permalink
Citizen: I thought I was having this meeting with Ron Swanson.
April: I'm afraid that Ron Swanson's currently dead.
Citizen: Oh.
April: I'm his daughter, April Swanson. And it's his last wish that I have this meeting with you. | permalink
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Ron: To me, this situation is a blood-soaked, nightmare-ish hellscape. However to Leslie Knope-
Leslie: Oh how fun!
April: Yay.

Mark: Leslie, can I run something by you really quick?
Leslie: Sure, I love having things run by me.
Mark: I feel like you're being sarcastic right now.
Leslie: No, no. I'm not. I genuinely love it. Run it by me. Go ahead. Go, go, go.