Private Practice Review: "Eyes Wide Open"

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The saga of Kayla the surrogate continued on Private Practice last night, with an interesting, personal new wrinkle thrown in: Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Yes, as in that Shepherd.

The McSister, if you will, is a promising young neurosurgeon who is part of a team asked to help Kayla. Man, Addison just can't get away from these people from her past!

Our episode recap has all the details on Thursday new's Private Practice. Below, TV Fanatic reviews and gives you its official rundown on the events of "Eyes Wide Open" ...

If Kayla's condition wasn't dire enough when we left her in last week's "Pulling the Plug," it's getting more intense now. Fortunately, Amelia Shepherd is a force of nature.

Her boss, the renowned Dr. Ginsberg, says she can’t help the patient, but Amelia offers a new option of hope. Dr. Ginsberg fires Amelia on the spot, but she still fights on.

Definitely a little bit of Derek in this upstart, isn't there? Bring on the obligatory Grey's Anatomy crossover when we see them interact! Okay, tangent over. Moving on ...

Addison and Pete on PP

Pete says he's moved on and is happy with Addison ... but is he?

Addison and Vanessa are against the surgery, but Charlotte signs off on it so it's a go. This sets off major tension between and Amelia and Addison, some of it rooted in their history.

When Addison tries to guilt her out of the surgery, Amelia accuses her of settling in her personal life (cold) and with her patients (colder)! Usually unflappable, Addison is thrown off.

After a blood clot puts all three babies in distress, Addison has to get them out and after some CPR, all is well. Sam then gives Amelia an awesome pep talk to carry her through.

Tough love is what she needed and Sam delivered. Bravo, Dr. Bennett. As a result, little McDreamy proved once and for all that big brother isn't the only brain surgeon on the block.

Proved it to us, anyway. Addison lectures her again, this time about getting lucky after pushing what was by all accounts a risky move. Amelia steadfastly stands her ground, though.

An interesting side development to all of this? Vanessa wondering why Sam didn't get her back in the OR. He's totally in love with Addison still. He said it all by saying nothing!

Follow the jump for our take on the rest of the night's drama ...

Sheldon bails on a sex ed seminar that Charlotte asks Cooper to take his place at. It's either going to go very well or very badly, given the strong personalities and history there.

It turns out to be the former. An elderly man named Oscar asks for help with pain he has during intimacy - which they learn is from prostate cancer. He opts against treatment.

Oscar worries about being less of a man, which Cooper can relate to, telling him how he pushed away a woman he loved because he felt he was being emasculated. A mistake.

This convinces Oscar to get treatment after all, and Charlotte is grateful. Cooper apologizes for being a jackass, and while fences are not mended fully, it's leaning that direction.

Fife admits to Pete he slept with Naomi and told her about William. Addison has something else on her mind when it comes to opening up to Pete: His “I love you" last week.

The one meant for Violet in his subconscious.

Pete says he will always love Violet, but that doesn't mean he doesn’t love her and he is happy now. So it's all good, right? Right ... until Violet comes to the door! Oh. Dear.

From the look on her face, she came to see Pete ... until she sees Addison, then says with a markedly different tone, “I want to see Lucas.” Where do you think this will lead?

Are you excited Violet is back? Did you like Amelia Shepherd? What did you think of Thursday night's Private Practice in general? Comment away below!


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Loved the episode! They should deff continue with the way the last two episodes have been! They finally manage to combine the love drama with some funny moments! As much as I hated Sheldon, he's actually becoming quite cool...although Charlotte should still end up with Cooper. ASAP.
As for the Addison/Pete/Violet/Sam drama...Addison has right about it. It's an adult thing. If it cannot work with a guy, why would you stick to it instead of trying to be happy with someone else? And the way Pete looked in the end, I'm pretty sure he feels the same. Honestly..the things Violet has done so far are way out of line if you love someone. She did nothing good for Pete and she comes back and expects him waiting for her? Worst shrink ever if she thinks it can actually work. I'm rooting for Addison and Pete, not because there's awesome chemistry there or whatever...because if they choose each other that it's actually close to what'd happen in real life. And frankly...the show needs some reality. Little Shep was actually cool. I was sceptic about the outcome of bringing yet another Shepherd into the show, but I think she'd make a cool member of the show. I'd deff trade her for Violet and Naomi. It was probably the best episode of the season...with a minimum screen time of Violet and none of Naomi. Too bad I cannot expect this to go on for a long time.
Oh and Fife, Cooper and Pete drinking together. LOL.


The ending song was "Follow Me Back Into The Sun" by The Rescues. I agree about the song, it was fantastic.


I will tune back in when I see they reunite Pete and Violet. They are my reason to watch.
I love them. They have this magnetism and draw between them when they come together.
I can't stand Pete and Addison. They freaking bore me to death, and make me turn the channel.


does anyone know the ending song on private practicee as i realllyy likeddd itt? and all the way forr petee and addison theyy r adorable together violett better n ot mess it up but i think shee will its gonna be greatt. loved this episodeee thoughhh


Does anyone know when the next episode airs??? I couldn't find a preview online, and I didn't think this was the finale.


This is a vast improvement of the last episodes. I was all for Pete/Addison but now, I'm not so sure. I'd love if this had happened pre-Violet and pre-baby. I dislike Violet in all ways but now that she's back and wants to get involved in her son's life, this yells heartbreak for Addie. Sad face. Thank God Vanessa is done. Talk about timing. Sam and Addison is so happening! I actually enjoyed Cooper tonight. But he needs to tell Charlotte what he told 'really old guy'. More Sheldon please! I love him! Maybe Violet can go to the sad people practice (Naomi, Pete, Fife...) and let Sheldon stay in Oceanside Wellness. I'm torn on Little Shep. I'm happy that she called Addie on everything and that she is a person that Addie can talk to but does Derek have a sister that actually likes him? Everyone seems to be on Team Addison. I lost respect for her when she hid the affair for Addie. Not cool. Also, what did this meant? Mark and Addie started their affair before the ONS when Derek caught them? Or was she talking when Derek left for Seattle? This is confusing. All in all, really great episode.


I'm so relieved Violet is back. I can only hope she gets some screen time away from Addison. I'm ready to see Pete and Violet deal together on the fall out from the violent crime and Violet's choices on how to deal with it afterward. I can't wait to see her bond with her kid. On the other hand, Addison has gotten so desperate and pathetic. She can't not have feelings for a man, preferably 2 at the same time. She needs to see Meredith's therapist. Her feelings for Sam are just stupid given the history and her so-called friendship with Naomi; her settling for Pete just to have his kid and distract herself from Sam is just sad. Just before it was a married man, a man married to one of her patients. Keep going back all the way to Mark, her husband's best friend, and she can't stop herself from picking inappropriate men. It's gotten so bad she's fishing from the same pond again. Charlotte and Cooper are entertaining. Sidney and Fife are a breath of fresh air.


I adored little Shep, especially how she called Addie on her crap. Addie is settling, and it was time someone told her. Addie should fight to be happy and the only reason she is trying with Pete is that it's easier than going for something with Sam (though now that Violet's back I don't think she will view it as simple anymore, because no matter how little Violet says, Addie will know that even if Pete chooses to stay with her, there will be a part of him that longs for Violet), plus she gets to play mommy for Lucas (but now his actual mom is back and ready to be a parent). To be honest, though I think Addie and Sam would make a cute couple (and I think eventually Naomi will find a way to be okay with it), it won't bother me if they don't make it, because I think Addie's happiness will lie in getting her OWN kid (whether it's a biological miracle or her adopting). Charlotte was just fantastic, as always and I really, really like how good a friend Sheldon is to her, despite her using him for sex previously. I really hope they can find a way to make Sheldon happy, eventually, cause I find myself liking him more and more. Another guy I'm really starting to like is Fife, especially how even though he got that other woman's number he chose to wait instead. Pete, you should learn from Fife! Have some faith that eventually things are gonna work out. Speaking of which, that last scene so broke my heart. It upset me so much that we only got that one scene (though I had a feeling that was gonna happen). You could just tell how much it had taken for Violet to go there, and how choked up she was just seeing Pete again, and to then have her witness, not only Pete being with Addie, but Addie holding her son as though she was the mom... My heart broke for Violet, and I was so proud of her for accepting what was in front of her and not make a scene. She only asked for the one thing she still has the right to ask for: seeing Lucas again. I don't doubt for a second that Pete is not gonna be so sure about moving on now that Violet is back, also I don't really see Addie as someone who would want to stand in the way of a family. She hasn't done so in the past, at least, even when she was deeply in love with the guy, which she isn't with Pete. You don't describe your relationship that way Addie did to Amelia if it's true love. "I can't have kids and Pete has Lucas..." Seriously, Addie? That is not something you say if you're in love, then it shouldn't matter if the guy has a kid. I think Addie's just in love with Lucas and the idea of being mommy, and that is not her role to take. Lucas is Violet's son, not hers, and I think Addie will realize that she has overstepped.


I'm now completely TORN!
Pete/Violet. I LOVE them. But... there's just something in the back of my brain screaming at me, "ADDISON AND PETE!" -.- I hate you weird voice in my head.
Pete/Addison. They had chemistry. HAD. But... all I want is Addison to be happy! She can't have babies, her love life is so screwed up (two guys tell her that they are in love with another girl) and she can't seem to find any happiness! With Pete, she's happy. Or at least, happy enough. Pete loves her but not as much as he loved Violet. Loves, Violet.
Addison/Sam. They have a friendship. They have an amazing friendship. They fell in love with each other. When with Sam, Addison is happy, too. She wants to be with Sam but... she can't do that because of her best friend. It's not right to do that. She CAN have happiness with Sam but she's not allowed to.
I hope this resolves soon cause the darn voice in my head is screaming at me again. :P


yayyyyyy so happy Amy B is back, she rocks!!! The last scene was pretty intense and painful but I love it, every single second of it! Can't wait to see Violet full back next week!
Sadly Pete/Addison never work for me, I mean in first season it was all right but now, I don't like the fact that they just seemed to be together because they can't have the one they really want!
I really hope that in time Violet Pete and Lucas could be an happy family!

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