Private Practice Sneak Preview: "War"

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"War" is a foreboding episode title, but it appears fitting for this week's all-new episode of Private Practice, in which Violet and Pete square off over custody of Lucas.

As we saw last week in "Second Choices," Violet is back in L.A. and back at work, and wants Lucas back in her life as well. Too quickly for Pete's liking, it turns out.

In the sneak preview below, she pays a visit to Addison's home to see Pete and try to resolve things amicably, but he doesn't seem willing to negotiate on this one.

Is he in the right? She left, then she sued him. On the flip side, she is the boy's mother. Is he punishing her, as she suggests, or just doing what's best for Lucas?

It's a very fine line, to say the least ...

[video url="" title="War Sneak Preview"] [/video]

Follow the jump for the short promo which aired after last week's episode for a few more snippets, then leave us a comment with your thoughts and opinions ...

[video url="" title="War Promo"] [/video]

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@Lyzj That is total true thats why to me it will probably be naomi or pete because i believe there was something about death never coming close to the character that dies so that rules out violet and Sam


@Micasnova: it would be really cliché if the incoming crashvictim is 'dunk'- maya's husband, and he dies, wouldn't it? That would be SO george last season!!!


I don't care what happens to Addison. As far as I'm concerned she's just kidding herself. She's not even a real player in the Violet/Pete/Lucas family. Pete is in love with Violet, and that kid will have both of his parents in his life, probably sooner rather than later. I agree, he's totally punishing Violet, but he'll get over it. They'll move past it. Can't wait to see Violet/Pete/Lucas be a family!


I can see both sides and eventually they'll work it out and will both be in Lucas's life. However, I have to say, when Violet first told the baby daddies she was pregnant, Pete turned his back on them. He didn't fight for Violet and the baby until the end. Also, he lectured her time after time about cutting a parent out, and how wrong that is. He's a bit hypocritical with this one. I do think he's punishing her, which is ridiculous, he loves her.


In my humble opinion... Violet is nutso and still needs to wait a while before she can be trusted with Lucas. She isn't stable! I am torn because Pete and Addison raising Lucas is cute and good for the kid, but Addison and Sam are meant to be together because they are in love. I don't believe that Pete and Addison and in love, and that is the key difference in the relationships. I wish that Pete and Addison could be together raising Lucas, but I also want to see Addison with Sam! At least you can say that this is a very good plot twist/love triangle and has made this season even better. The icing on the cake, since I feel that Season 3 has been the best so far. This show is a lot more mature than some would give it credit. It was nice to have a new episode last week since Grey's was off for a while, and even nicer we have another new one this week! The somewhat low profile of this show I believe may have benefited its creative process. It just keeps getting better :)


I think that Pete is completely in the right. He is trying to protect his son from what could happen. He has every right not to hand over his son to violet. I just want addison to be happy agian. She deserves that much


“The End of a Beautiful Friendship� – Maya and her unborn baby are fighting for their lives on the operating table, and Addison, Amelia and Fife try everything humanly possible to save them. Meanwhile, Sam operates on an incoming crash victim and later makes a grim discovery; Cooper makes an ill-timed but valiant effort with Charlotte, and the staff’s world gets rocked by an unexpected death, on the Season Finale of “Private Practice,� THURSDAY, MAY 13 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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