Private Practice Spoilers: An Engagement, Another Happy Ending!

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As the show's third season winds down, most Private Practice spoilers have centered around which character dies. Now here are some slightly more uplifting teasers.

According to TV Guide, one couple gets engaged before Season Three ends, but it sounds like there will be more than one happy ending on tap at Oceanside/Pacific.

"Almost everybody gets hooked up," Amy Brenneman (Violet) says.

"But not necessarily with who you think they might get hooked up to," she added. "It kind of reminds me of a Shakespeare play in that sense."

"Almost everybody is holding somebody's hand by the end."

Addie Montgomery

Any thoughts on who that might be? We've seen indications that Addison is happy at the way things turn out, but we still don't know if that's true ... or with who.

Share your theories and comments below!

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I want Addison with PETE!!!


As far as the unexpected death goes I say Dell because everyone thinks he is ok only with a hurt arm. I think he will collapse and have some kind of internal bleeding. Maya or her baby will be to predictable to die and william dying despite the meds won't be a big deal. If it were my decision the engagement would probably be Charolette/Coop but in Shonda world it might be charolette/sheldon for a shocker. Violet/Pete are obviously still stuck on each other and Addie is clearly still in love with Sam & vice versa. But 1 more thought comes to mind, it seems as cooper & violet are actually made 4 each other with the way they share everything and know each other so well.


Uh, hello?! William will die! Naomi will go running back to Fife. Coop and Charlotte are a sure bet for the engagement. Done.




I have a comment involving an episode from about a month ago. There was a scene for a brief moment showing Addison and Peter in bed with Lucas. Since they were all awake I'm sure this is fine. However, here in the Milwaukee area, which is where I am from, co-sleeping has become a major problem and has caused several infant deaths. Television has a responsibility to not give people any reason to do the "wrong thing". Thank you for your time.


@Corazn and Sid I totally agree Addie is only with him because of Lucas and thats all


@ Sid: I totally agree! I can understand that some people might still like Pete and Addie from season 1 (though I didn't even like them back then), but this season it's SO obvious that they aren't even in love, that their relationship is fake and that Addison would have run away a long time ago if it wasn't for Lucas!
I hope this gets resolved before the finale, so that they can concentrate on Addie and Sam!


It is really amazing to me how many people here want Addison and Pete together. Are we watching the same show? Pete is using Addison. He wants a babysitter with benefits that's all.
He doesn't love her. I say down with Pete and Addison and bring on some Addisam.


Shonda promised great surprise for Charlotte/Cooper fans. It has to be them.Also on the picture from season finale Charlotte wears engagement ring.


It's Violet and Pete. Paul Adelstein said there is something major that comes between him and Charlotte. And that Cooper may not live to work it out with her. There was a picture in a magazine spread, of Violet and Pete, and it was titled Engagement. Also, in another article it said that Violet and Pete come with an interesting/surprising way to fix their custody issue.

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Having a conscience is brutal.


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