Private Practice Spoilers: Someone Dies, Addison is Really Happy

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Sorry, that headline sounds awkward. Addison is not happy about the fact that someone dies on Private Practice (which happens!) ... these are independent developments.

As for who kicks the bucket, we don't have much to go on there (we leave it to you to offer predictions), but we can pretty much guarantee it's not Addison Montgomery.

Not only is she the first-billed star of the show, but considering what else happens to her in the season finale, we can't see Shonda Rhimes being so cruel as to kill her off. 

Addie M.

This season of Private Practice may actually end well for Addy!

“You’ve watched her get really beat up all season,” Rhimes tells EW. “I wanted to sort of see her have a chance at really being happy ... to finally get the guy and find peace.”

No word if the guy is named Pete or Sam ... who should it be?

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Dell dies a drunk driver hits Dell and Maya and Dell gets a brain bleed, and by the time Amelia is there to fix it it is too late Dell dies on the table!! :-(


I think it's Charlotte, and the 48 year old male in the ambulance is Sheldon. Maybe Charlotte died at the accident scene, so there was no need to bring her in. Sam makes the grim discovery of Charlotte's death while working on Sheldon.


ITS SHELDON.. The grim discovery is that SHELDON hit dell and maya and then sheldon dies. 48 yr old male is on a stretcher and watch the last scene.. its SHELDON for sure!!! (or Maya's baby) but I am almost positive its sheldon


THE PERSON WHO DIES IS DELL. He is not returning next season. Otherwise, it's going to be Sam and Naomi's daughter. In the preview, there are people standing around in the waiting room...who is the guy next to Cooper??


I really have NO idea who's going to die. It could be any one of them! (except for Addison...) I just hope Sam's the guy Addison gets and that it will be for good!




Violet is the wallpaper on Shonda's twitter this week for the first time. This is the last week of filming. It's a close up. I take this as her tribute to Violet/Amy during her last week on the set.


I hope it's Violet. I really can't stand her and have to FF her scenes. Too painful to watch. Nai is one of my guesses, especially now that Amelia is there (replace the bff) but Audra is just too good and Nai is too vital to lose. Bottom line: I think it's Pete. I like him, a lot, but this way they clear Sam/Addie to be. Dell has barely been around this season, is he still a regular?


I hope it's Addison. Never liked her. As long as it's not Pete/Violet. Pete and Violet are why I watch. Violet is too easy, plus, people either LOVE her or HATE her, and a character like that is too essential to a show.Besides, she's the on Shonda's twitter background for God's sake. She's not going anywhere. I actually this it's Dell. He asked for less air time this past season. Now he has gallery devoted to his photography, that just opened. I think he's ready to move on.


I love CharCoop so as long as they are okay I will keep watching.
I think it is Violet. Amy Brenneman has been sick. Then I think it is Naomi cause of the commute and missing eoisodes lately. Then Dell.

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Having a conscience is brutal.


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