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We've been debating who is involved in the big Grey's Anatomy breakup and hookup for weeks - and we now have the answer to one of the two without an episode even airing.

Sometimes, we think it'd be more fun if they were less liberal with the spoilers. Don't you want to watch things unfold? Why the obsession with leaking every detail, Shonda?

Still, we post them because as the #1 Grey's Anatomy fan community, we want to hear your thoughts on all developments, past, present and future. So here we go ...


Mark's McSteamy ways are about to return ... but with whom, at what consequence?

  • The breakup is, sadly, the one you're all assuming ... and we'll leave it at that.
  • The hookup is Mark and Reed, and Lexie is not going to hide her disapproval.

This includes taking little jabs at Reed in front of patients. Clearly, Lexie is not over Mark ... but rather than a deal breaker, this could be the catalyst for them reuniting.

That makes sense, and many fans of Mark and Lexie will surely be happy if it comes true. As for the couple splitting up, there are still two prime candidates out there.

How do you feel about this? And do you think the breakup is Callie and Arizona or Cristina and Owen? Share your Grey's Anatomy thoughts below!

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Mark and Reed?!!? wtff?
This hookup BETTER bring Mark and Lexie together!! They are the best...they need to be together!


Reed & Alex definitely DID NOT sleep together!!!!


The inference was there that Reed and Alex did sleep together


I'm sorry you call yourselves fans and clearly don't listen to the show at all. Alex didn't sleep with Reed. He was moving on and when he realised that she just wanted to sleep with him to get in on surgeries, he ended up telling her, if she wants sex, ask for it, and if she wants surgery, kiss an attendings' ass. ;)


Mark and Reed! You gotta be kidding me! How low can Shonda Rhimes go? To me, this could probably be a way to get Lexie and Mark back.
Even if I'am an Owenstina fan, a very BIG fan, I think Owen and Cristina would be the one whose going to break up. I have to be realistic about what's happening. I mean come on...The Owen we knew in Season 5 is very different from the one in season 6. The Owen that loved Cristina so much in Season 5 now is doubting himself over Teddy (Damn her! I curse her every episode I see her!)...Cristina...well...she's being Cristina. When she was with Burke (Yes, I was a Burktina then) at least he never doubted his love for Cristina (until the end). Either way...if Cristina and Owen will break up (Crossed Fingers) I wish they will get back together soon. (And not make Owen and Teddy sleep together).
And one more wish...Fire TEDDY!!!
Callie and Arizona might be also in the break up because of how Arizona reacted... Either way...I'm looking forward to watch the episode on Thursday!


Mark and Reed! That's got to be a BIG mistake!
Shonda Rhimes is really losing her touch. This is not the Grey's Anatomy I was better when it was season 2 or 3 but now...seems like she's just making the story longer. We all know by the end of Season 7 or Season 8 (maybe) Grey's Anatomy will say goodbye...
In my opinion, Season 6 wasn't that good...with the economy problem...the merger...the strange hook ups...Sigh...I miss the old Grey's... not that was Good...
Anyway... the couple i think will break up and it breaks my heart to say beloved Owenstina. Owen changed this season...I don't see the Owen I saw in Season 5, really in love with looks like his tempted to Teddy (DAMN HER!) and his making Cristina look like a fool...Cristina...well...being CRISTINA...she just plain too addicted to surgery.
I'am a Owenstina fan but got to be realistic... its the end for them...Just hope they'll get back together soon...


@Jill I can't take Mark seriously either.


If someone's going to break up i'd rather it be C/O than C/A (sorry C/O fans!). im not sure i can handle any more C/O angsty drama anyway...i actually rooted for them in S5 but lately it seems like they can't get through a single problem without yelling at each other . I can tell they love each other and all, but no matter how hard they try its like they can't seem to get each other. I love Cristina and i think Owen's a decent man, but in retrospect it seems like Burke was a better match for Cristina (okay they weren't a perfect match but still...). As for C/A: the baby thing is a pretty big issue, but i'm really hoping that they'll be able to work through this. they have such a beautiful and loving relationship it'll be a real shame if they split up. I was never a huge fan of Callie but i found myself liking her a lot more this season..she's displayed so much more emotional growth ever since she started dating AZ. Arizona has made her a better person and i think that's a really beautiful thing. Not sure how the relationship has affected AZ coz she seems so together most of the time, but i have a feeling this baby drama will really bring out some of her vulnerabilities so i guess we'll see As for Mark...i liked him with Lexie and i liked him with Addison but im really not liking S6 Mark. It's hard to take him seriously anymore. He talks the talk but his actions tell a different story. He needs to stop sleeping around and just get back with Lexie...simply put, he should really learn to just grow up


Alex and Reed didn't sleep together. Charles stoped them.
End of Episode 6x11 Blink.


Alex and Reed didn't sleep together, did they?! They were joking about it, but as far as I know it didn't really happen...

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