Smallville Season Finale Sneak Peek: Clark vs. Zod

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Next week on Smallville, Martha Kent and Perry White return.

After that, it's on to the May 14 season finale, during which Clark and Zod will "face off in an epic battle for the control of Earth," according to a CW press release.

Want an early look at this confrontation? You've got it! Below, these enemies come face-to-face in a wet and wild showdown that features a dagger made out of blue kryptonite. Be careful, Clark...

Finale Showdown

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the producers are talking about darkseid and the apokolipse in season 10, so they have to end the whole Zod storyline thats been happening for a few seasons this season. But if clark faces darkseid, the greatest foe (next to lex for the sake of arguement) he HAS to fly and wear the suit....just saying. for this season, I think its almost convincing that Martha kent is the red queen as well.


The last time Clark lost his powers was in Pandora. We don't need to see that again, but I hope that Clark and Zod start their battle with powers and then down to human level through Blue K. I hope Lois doesn't give the Book of Rao and Blue K dagger to Zod over Clark because that would destroy her character in one fell swoop and the world would be imperiled as a result of her actions.

Matt richenthal

@none: May 14 is a Friday.

Jennmo13 gg 3

kison why would you think that Clark looses his powers again?


doesn't Smallville air on Fridays why change it to Wednesday?? or am i just confused


So, as the season ends, Clark will loose his powers yet again?

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