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After a week layoff, Gossip Girl returned in a big way tonight with the first of three new episodes leading up to the May 17 season finale. Did you like "Dr. Estrangeloved"?

The arrival of Serena and Eric's father, played by William Baldwin, has been much anticipated, as he's been talked about for so long. But did tonight live up to the hype?

Moreover, do you like where this and other story lines are headed?

TV Fanatic will post its official "Dr. Estrangeloved" recap and review ASAP, along with Gossip Girl music, quotes, our Round Table Q&A, news and Gossip Girl spoilers.

For now, it's all you, the web's #1 Gossip Girl fan community. Weigh in on the events of Monday's episode by leaving comments and voting below ...

Serena's Dad

This week's Gossip Girl episode, "Dr. Estrangeloved," was ...

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Kimberly anne

This wasn't exactly the episode I was hoping to come back to. It didn't wow me at all.
The whole Serena and her dad was kind of touching at some point because come on, she hasn't seen him in 14 years, Overrall, I was kind of bored though with this love triangle thing Lily, Rufrus and William are in.
Dan and Vanessa are fight over the weirdiest things. A writing contest? Really, that was the best the writers could have came up with for them. Yawnnnn.
I guess the love triangle is over with Nate, Serena and Jenny seeing how Jenny got burn big time at the end. They were boring anyhow considering Serena wasn't even part of it half of the time. What happened to Carter? This guy needs to make a grand entrance and a grand exit. He can't just come in and walk out whenever.
*tears* This episode was sp disappointing with the lack of Chair. I loved how the picture Blair threw away was the promotional picture of them for season 3. I wanted to hit Chuck when Blair said to him she will move on one day or something like that and all he did was stood there. He needs to do something!!! Stop being sorry!!!
By the way, the fact that Blair is getting all buddy buddy with Dan is grossing me out. These two cannot hook up or it would be the worst thing ever to happen on the show. I can't even stand them being friends or whatever they are now.
Anyway, I absolutely love the flashback of when Blair was dancning for Chuck at Victrola. That I think was the best scene which is kind of sad for the show itself because it was a flashback, but of course good for Chair cause they always steal the show. I feel like I would have rather Blair kiss that random guy because now she is looking to be in something serious to get over Chuck.
Theres two more episodes left. Please don't fail us now. Chair Forever.


Not a fan of Serenate and used to like Jenny and Nate togther, but I think it is time for Jenny to move on. Nate is sooo lame, Jenny is too cool for him. Serena and Nate deserve to live happily ever after in boring land.


agree with some of you the Chair flashback scene too!
hopefully Blair not throwing away the box means there's a chance for Chair reunion
I dont understand why the writer destroyed them, they are so meant to be together!
now I wonder how much longer they'll give us the Chair interaction until they both move on with someone else...then there will no longer be CHair :(


this episode was pretty fraking good, but it would have been upgraded to amazing if vanessa would have stayed out of it every second she's on the screen its pointless. the moment with chuck and blair at the art party was really good though and i'm glad she decided to be the bigger person and not make out/hook up with some random guy, unlike chuck, having a 3some with 2 skanks. though he's still entertaining and still hope chair reunites. as for lily and serena's dad getting together i honestly couldn't have cared less.


dan humphrey is an idiot.he bored me during watching this episode.most of the scenes were almost his.and I didn't like this episode.I couldn't stand that dan thing.I want my chuck and blair back.its been 2 episodes they broke up but its like a torture to me watching this show without them.sorry gg sucks without chuck and blair relationship.I hope the writers get it and fix chuck and blair s relation ship ASAP.otherwise there is no way for the show to be cancelled.Do you think that dan idiot going to save the show or a dan blair relationship.come on don't be naive.everyone is watching for chuck and blair interaction not for moron dan.


That's a pretty good theory, Jaysta85, that it is CeCe who William VDW is talking to. I mean, who else could it be? It has to be someone we know, right? They could have made the cancer thing way more dramatic though! They didn't even mention what it really was or how it was affecting her


I thought it was pretty boring, but it had its peeks too! The Victrola flashback was simply epic and the last scene when Blair and Chuck talked...god it was heartbreaking! I hate seeing that sad look on Chucks face. But like Chuck said, no one could measure up to what they had and we all know it :) I actually liked Jenny and rooted for Nenny, up until this episode! She was sooo embarrassing it almost made me blush. I hope she's done with her scheming now. And I don't like the fact that Jenny and Chuck has formed a bit of an outcastpact. Well, even though I don't like Nenny anymore I'll never be able to stand Serenate. Uueueehewww. Lily and Rufus makes me sleep. Lily's cancer was brought up in a very strange way and it felt very unrealistic. But I like Dr VdW even though he seems to be a jerk!


I am pretty sure the person William VDW was talking to is Cece!


I love how everyone's posts say they wanted more drama, when what's more dramatic than finding out a main character is suffering from Cancer.. or that she's really not and her ex-husband is drugging her so she feels sick so he can "cure" her and win her back away from her husband.. Sure Lily and Rufus aren't Chuck and Blair but they still add to the show. Not every episode needs to focus on teen drama.


The Chuck and Blair flash back was definitely the best part of the episode! Their scenes are the reason I watch the show! So glad Jenny's plan backfired! I actually like Nate and Serena together. I wonder also who William was talking to! Who else could he be scheming with??


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