Taylor Momsen Loves Music, Hates Pants

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Taylor Momsen is not a fan of pants. For that, we can't blame her.

The 16-year-old actress, who plays Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, really wants to be a rock star more than an actress, and we're starting to appreciate why. When you're a rock star, you can get away with things like going pants-free.

Momsen and her band, the Pretty Reckless, are set to drop their debut album this summer and have recently released their first single, “Make Me Wanna Die.” 

Here's an interview she gave to Entertainment Weekly about it:

EW: Your band has a song (“Make Me Wanna Die”) on the Kick-Ass soundtrack.

Taylor Momsen: It’s a tragic love song. It’s Romeo and Juliet. Can’t live without your lover so you die. It’s the Pretty Reckless’ first single. We just shot a video for it, but I don’t wanna say too much. It fits the song. It’s very dark.

A T-Moms Pic

EW: How’s the album progressing?

Taylor Momsen: It’s coming out this summer. We wrote it as a record, so every song is part of a bigger thing. I don’t know. I just want people to hear it!

EW: Who would you say is your biggest musical inspiration?

Taylor Momsen: The Beatles did everything first, and they did it the best.

EW: You’re often compared to Courtney Love.

Taylor Momsen: I don’t wanna be Courtney Love. I wanna be Kurt Cobain. He’s brilliant and his songs are genius. The Hole records are great. Everyone always compares me to Courtney Love because they think we like dress the same and we both have blond hair, wear lipstick and dresses. But I’m sorry, don’t a lot of girls dress like that? I look at Nirvana. I don’t look at Hole.

EW: How do you imagine juggling music and acting?

Taylor Momsen: I’ve been acting since I was 2. I don’t dislike it by any means, but it’s a job to me. It can never be as personal as music, because you’re playing a character and saying someone else’s words. Music is who I am.

EW: Your fellow Gossip Girl cast member Leighton Meester is also trying to launch a music career. Ever talk about it?

Taylor Momsen: No. I’m not really close with my cast. We’re all cordial and nice to each other, but we’re not really friends outside of the set. And we’re doing a different thing: She’s putting out a pop record, which is awesome.

EW: I heard Jenny is MIA for the beginning of next season.

Taylor Momsen: I’m gonna be on tour. But as far as next season goes I don’t really know what’s going on. I don’t wanna talk about that because it’s up in the air. At the end of the season, you’ll see.

EW: I saw you perform in New York City last year, and you seemed to have forgotten to put on pants. What was up with that?

Taylor Momsen: I don’t really like pants, man. I like tights. I’m not really a pants person.

EW: You’re a rocker now. You can choose not to wear pants.

Taylor Momsen: And I do! I choose not to wear pants.

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To everyone saying Taylor's music "sucks"--okay, fine, you don't like it. It's not your cup of tea. Big deal. There are people who like it and consider it good and your word is not law, contrary to popular belief. Everyone has different tastes, and Taylor's music happens to appeal to mine, and maybe not yours. Why in hell do you think there are so many different genres of music? So you can mock some and like others? I think not. Look at it this way--this girl, at sixteen, is writing and playing her OWN songs. That's impressive. Most of the artists you hear on the radio are using songs written by someone else. This girl puts herself into her music and that deserves respect, even if it's not to your tastes. It's scary as all hell to bare your soul like that. Maybe her songs aren't the most mature, but the girl is sixteen. That's who she is and she's not apologizing for it. I for one can't wait to see her blossom as an artist. She's got some quality stuff going for her, and it's not all luck. :]


Jealous much P? Just because Taylor started out as an actor doesn't mean anyone should begrudge her the chance to grow and change what she wants to do. Big effing deal shes on a major label it just means there was one less girl who had to suck Pete Wentz's dick to put out an album. She writes most of her own music, she plays guitar - that's a hell of a lot more than most other actors turned musician. Is she too blunt and does she stick her foot in her mouth sometimes? Sure. Would it be great if she was a humanitarian and brought notice to causes? Of course - but she's SIXTEEN. How many times did you stick your foot in your mouth and put yourself before everyone else at that age? If you're a normal person the answer is probably "a lot".


Dear Little J, You are not Nirvana and never will be. Nirvana and The Beatles and any other musician "with credit" you so much yearn to be were musicians first and that is what they were known for. They did not have to get gigs as actors first on primetime sitcoms to become well known enough to make music albums. They also didn't have to dress like sluts. Even Debbie Harry knew where to draw the line and she always held herself with class. You, Little J, get more attention for the fact you don't wear anything but shirts with garter bets than for your "music" Plus it's hilarious her album in on a MAJOR record label. She really needs to stop acting so rock and roll and indie because she is not, how can you be when your first record ever is signed on with Interscope Universal? She would never make it within the music world, especially within the independent music world because her music is awful and would never have success without the gossip girl boost. Her songs are bubblegum rock and roll. She should stick to acting she is much better at it.


there's just one thng that buged me in this interview:
"No. I’m not really close with my cast. We’re all cordial and nice to each other, but we’re not really friends outside of the set." did she just mean her and the cast? cz chace and ed shared an apartment for a while and hang out a lot and a lot of the cast date each other... anyway, LOVE her songs! cnt wait for the album!


I like Taylor in a way. Her music is great, her acting too. I think she has a too big mouth for her 16, but what can we do. She doesn't lie that great, and she doesn't hang out with the cast because they have different interests. I like Little J!!


the problem with Taylor is not the fact she doesn't like wearing pants, it's the fact she doesn't even wear skirt either! she goes out in underwear with garters, THAT'S THE PROBLEM FOLKS!! anyway she's one of the best actress on GG beside Leighton, Ed and Kelly so just for that i can't hate her...


I cannot stand hearing about her. I hope when she leaves for a while next year they realize the show is better without her.




I think she is being honest... everyone has their likes and dislikes and compromise at times... so she likes music better than acting... thats her personal choice also if she takes the music way and fails ( hope not) even then its not a bad thing coz in life most people believe that one must do what gets u success but the truth is that one must always do what gets you happiness...to not wear pants does not mean to roam naked... she just likes tights and other stuff more than pants so its not a bad thing either..... and the last time i checked drawing inspiration from great legends was not a crime or to even aspire to be like them... we all do it so why do we feel insecure when another person does it?.... you may all comment against her here and she will probably never read it but she is a human being and has feelings and would be affected esp since she is 16 if she ever read such stuff... its a tough life out there and she is trying to do her own thing... sometimes we succeed sometimes we fail its up to us how we take both things..... so for all who wrote trash about her, think before you type because it does make a difference failure is not bad when u can rise from it and make it ur steps to success....

Al in germany

Well who doesn't hate trousers? Summer's great because you can let the air flow around your legs.

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