Taylor Momsen on Gossip Girl: It's Done, Dude

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Is Taylor Momsen's future on Gossip Girl up in the air?

Talking to celebrity gossip site X17, Momsen was asked about Gossip Girl and responded, "It's done, dude." Did she mean the show, for the season, or her role on it?

Lately, rumors have been surfacing that Jenny will be gone, or at least largely absent from the upcoming fourth season of Gossip Girl due to "creative reasons."

That could mean any number of things, not necessarily Taylor wanting to leave the show. It could be that a still-developing story line results in J leaving the UES.

Producers say they have something "very big" planned for Jenny's character in the upcoming third season finale of the show... do Taylor Momsen's attitude and recent events with Jenny lead you to believe the "big" thing could be the end of J on the show?

J the Queen
Trashy Taylor Momsen

DUDE: Jenny Humphrey's real-life counterpart is even more risque.

To be fair, she may have meant the above comment in the context of the current season being over, and if there's any official confirmation, we'll be sure to pass it on.

Regardless, it's sure to fuel the critics' fire for Taylor's critics.

This comes in the heels of a remark that she and the rest of the Gossip Girl cast aren't "really friends." They're "cordial and nice to each other, but we're not really friends outside of the set," says the 16-year-old, who prefers to focus on her music.

Taylor's band The Pretty Reckless recently scored a spot on the soundtrack of action movie Kick-Ass. Their song "Make Me Wanna Die" will be the band's first single.

It's where she sees her career going long-term, too.

"Music is where I can be me," she recently told Parade. "I do it really because I love it, honestly. It's what I want to do with my life. I mean, it's my only goal... Music is more personal because you're writing it and you're involved in every step."

Do you want to see Jenny back on Gossip Girl next season? Are you upset that - for whatever reason - she'll be missing at least a bulk of the time?

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wow, some of you crazy biotches on here need to take it easy with the whole Jenny/Taylor should die crap. You're SO obviously jealous because the girl is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and you're just INVISIBLE! Seriously, get over it. As for Jenny's character being evil/slut etc... PLEASE, give me a break. Serena is the REAL slut on the show with her effing annoying face and constant whining! How many dudes did she sleep with? Yeah, I lost track too. And who's boyfriend did she sleep with (during the relationship and after)... that's right, her own BEST FRIENDS! I'm pretty sure she holds the crown for biggest skank. Jenny's character is sooo much better and I hope she comes back because she is beautiful, talented and she keeps the show interesting.


What can they say she brings entertament but some times she fliping annoying can't somthing really bad happen to her and then she will see that serena is better by far mmmmooooorrrreee drrrrraaaammmmaa


TO AL (just AL)
Girl, puh-lease! Stop that typical petty statistics of yours. To begin with, as much as how my statements dont have enough to back it up, yours is honestly a poorly constructed comeback with not enough evidences to back it up. Bottom line, these are opinions.
If you're as good as your statistics (which ironically isnt that good either) then you would have known that these are merely opinions. Stop acting like an empiricist.


I really dont think they should get rid of Jenny. She brings so much drama to what has been a really boring season. I love the way she is coming between Nate and Serena who are all wrong for each other anyway. If anything maybe they should replace Taylor Momson who plays her with someone else, but do not kill her off that would be terrible. If they do I will stop watching the show..


people taylor didn't mean the set itself wasn't friends with each other she just meant the others were nice and cordial to her and she is with them but they and her dont really hang out, which is understandable since she is younger and stuff. she didnt mean that like leighton, ed, penn, chace, blake, and jessica werent didnt hang out within each other they just dont hang out much with her!


ohmygod. PLS GET JENNY OFF THE SHOW. TAYLOR MOMSEN IS HIDEOUS. they should get jenny into a really bad piece of crap and let her die(a horrible death please) ugh. she is so annoying. Rufus and Lily shld divorce, leaving Jenny back where she was, a pathetic girl with no money left in Brooklyn and they shld have Nate seeing what a slut she is and then she gets raped(as Damien's revenge plan) and dies of an OD of Damien's drugs force fed to her and the rape video gets up on gossipgirl and YAY NO MORE JENNY. teehee, if only I was a scriptwriter on GG.


like, omigod! jenny might, like, die!

Xoxo bethany

"They're "cordial and nice to each other, but we're not really friends outside of the set." yeah, maybe not with HER. that's a complete and total lie. blake and penn are together, leighton and seb were together and ed and jess were together. and aren't leighton and ed best friends? yes. they're all friends and they hang out all of the time. jeez.


Personally Jenny annoys me but yet she is in that bad girl bitch role that I would kinda miss if Taylor left the show. I hope she doesn't

Al in germany

ihatejenny/taylor - You have any numbers or proof to back up your claim that there are thousands of suggestions to get rid of Jenny or that the majority of people hate her? Judging by the comments here about half the people have a similar opinion as you, and half would like her to stay. No need to insult people whose opinion differs from yours. Gossip Girl is viewed by 1.8m people in the US at the moment, even if "thousands" of people hated her, that's a very low percentage of the viewership.

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