The Amazing Race Review: "Dumb Did Us In"

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This week’s episode of The Amazing Race certainly was not one of the most dynamic legs we’ve ever seen, but it was definitely one of the angriest.

Check out some of the quotes from this week:

Brent: Ladies get their way.  Bitches don’t.
Carol : They U-Turned us because you’re prettier than she is”
Brandi: She’s on You Tube for a reason.
Carol: Get a good long shot of that bitchy mug

Well!  Certainly sounds like somebody is pissing off some players on the race. 

Brent and Caite Read the Clue

As it turns out, this was a battle that had been brewing since the very beginning of the race when Carol and Brandi insulted Caite for her colossal public embarrassment during the Miss Teen USA pageant in 2007.  Brent and Caite (rightly) took umbrage with the humiliation from Carol and Brandi and have had a vendetta against them ever since.

From the beginning Caite has talked frequently about how much she wanted to U-Turn “the lesbians” as Carol and Brandi have been labeled on the race and this week they finally had the chance to do it.  The first time there was a U-Turn, Michael and Louie nailed Steve and Allie before Brent and Caite even had a chance to exact revenge.  Not that they would have been able to, anyway – that was back during their arguing days when they floundered in the back of the pack with Jordan and Jeff.

The current iteration of Brent and Caite is a force to be reckoned with!  Don’t believe it?  While it might be hard to considering some of their earlier performances, Brent and Caite have been very effective the last few legs.  Were it not for Dan and Jordan taking the Fast Forward (more on that later) Brent and Caite would have won this leg of the race, easily. 

For the dating models, they could not have picked a better leg to be out in front of the pack.  They were the first team to the U-Turn and penalized Carol and Brandi with more enthusiasm than any team has done before. 

Most teams are contrite after putting another team’s picture up and often say something into the camera along the lines of “I’m sorry [Player X and Player Z], but you’re too dangerous not to.”  Brent and Caite?  A big fat “eat it, Carol and Brandi” in to the camera upon putting their picture up there.  No debate, no words of sympathy, just giant smiles.

I’m certainly not a Brent and Caite fan, but I do feel the move was warranted on a number of levels.  Whether their portrayal was fair or not, Carol and Brandi did not seem to be having a good time on the race.  Most of their interactions with other teams seemed professional at best and often was bitchy or manipulative.  Here’s the easiest way to put it: if Jet and Cord don’t like you (and they didn’t after interacting with them in the third leg of the race) you’re probably not a nice person.

The thing I don’t get, however, is Carol and Brandi complaining that Brent and Caite’s move was dumb because they’re not a threat to win the race.  Really, they’re not?  They’ve finished in the upper half of almost every leg.  They were more of a threat to win than Brent and Caite and I probably would have put them in third place, just behind Louie and Michael in terms of favorites to win the race.  U-Turning Carol and Brandi was smart for any team on the race.

Carol and Brandi Eliminated

One team that identified that immediately was Louie and Michael.  What an incredibly sneaky and very brilliant move to feed Brent and Caite’s fire (and trying to stoke Dan and Jordan’s) for U-Turning Carol and Brandi.  I even liked the way that CBS sold the move, by not telling us what their motive was during the bus ride with the younger teams until later in the episode when Louie and Michael revealed their master plan in a confessional.  By keeping the heat on Carol and Brandi, it would stay off of them.  Quite the Cirie-esque Survivor move from the police officers.

For the majority of this race, Jet and Cord have been my favorite team, far and away.  Simply put, I’m not sure I’ve ever met, encountered or seen two nicer people.  They’re real, down to earth and super nice – hard not to root for.  While they’re still my man-crush, Dan and Jordan are now running a close second after their emotional leg this week.

First off, I appreciate it when teams are diligent about reading everything on a clue and being rewarded for not rushing.  Dan and Jordan had exactly that happen to them at the beginning of this race and reaped the rewards ten-fold.  The clue instructed them to search the outside of the theater grounds.  While two teams rushed inside, they calmly found The Amazing Race Asia’s Allan Wu and thus had first crack at the Fast Forward.

What a great scene with Dan and Jordan on the observation wheel.  We may have been treated to the quote of the season from Jordan while watching his brother maneuver across the observation wheel while 541 feet in the air.  Jordan: I could have run this race with anyone else, it never would have been the experience I'm having with my brother.

Dan and Jordan Go For the Fastforward

Maybe this gets to me because I share a wonderful relationship with my brother and can relate to such emotions.  What I take away from it, however, is that Dan and Jordan are running the race for the right reasons – the experience.  Sure, they realize there’s $1M at the end if they finish first, but from the beginning they’ve maintained a great attitude about the race and with each other. 

Their approach to almost every situation has been very light, resulting in Jordan providing us with the bulk of the best quotes of the season.  You simply have to appreciate a team that is able to run the race and in the process enjoy every minute and gain a larger appreciation for their partner.  It’s certainly more enjoyable to watch than Carol and Brandi complain their way through the entire race.

What we’ll be watching for next week:

  1. With Carol and Brandi out, who will become the object of the remaining team’s hatred?
  2. Louie and Michael dodged a bullet this week courtesy of Carol and Brandi’s U-Turn.  Are they slipping back into their pre-Europe days?
  3. Brent and Caite appear to be gaining steam.  Can they challenge the three all-male teams remaining?
  4. There’s so many likeable teams – who’s your favorite?
  5. Who’s the favorite to win The Amazing Race?


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@finn totally agreed , caite is ugly, and who said she's pretty? she never pretty and never will plus she doesnt know how to control her emotion. really stupid people like her and her boyfriend can only be around of stupid people too, or maybe they only attract stupid people attention .


If you are homophobic for referring to them as "the lesbians", does that mean you are "cowboyphobic" or "policephobic" for calling the other teams the comboys or the cops. Most people who bring up sexism or racism or other phobias normally have a bigger issue with it themselves, you are just looking for a way to make your own point.

Mr probst

@Javier - I couldn't agree more. To me, her combativeness about her Miss Teen USA pageant screw up only proves how unintelligent she is. Certainly her actions on the show have only reinforced that belief.


Caite needs to get over her pageant screw up. Everybody made jokes about her and they are not mean. She has proven everybody right that she is dumb not only on this race but the other reality show she did 10 months ago where she tried to remember answers to pageant questions and couldn't. Carol and Brandy were very funny and brilliant. I got their humor. Carol was racing on an injured leg and still completed nine legs. Congratulations! Good luck on whatever you do.

Mr probst

@Finn - I certainly agree that, in terms of removing the best team, Jet and Cord are the favorites and if that is your sole motivation for using the U-turn (as it likely should be) it should have been them. Certainly Brent and Caite's decision to U-Turn Carol and Brandi was motivated a good amount by spite. However, I'd argue that if Carol and Brandi were not as much of a threat to win as Jet and Cord, they were real close. They were definitely strong players this season. What I like to see most out of the racers are those that seem to enjoy racing together. I'm not particularly sure why, but that's why Jet and Cord and Dan and Jordan are my favorites right now. With Carol and Brandi, the annoying spats they had bothered me. It's certainly not specific to them - Brent and Caite have been as annoying with the same issue - or this season - we've seen these types of couple arguments in past seasons as well. Sounds like you suspect that the producers of TAR edited the show in such a fashion to play up Carol and Brandi as the bad guys and Brent and Caite as really disliking them because it made for more interesting television. Definitely a possibility and I can certainly see your skepticism there. I hope you're wrong because I agree that such an edit would be disheartening.


I never got the impression that Dan or Jordan had a problem with Brandy and Carol. As a matter of fact, Jordan remarked how Brandy was like his lesbian aunt that he always wanted. When Brent and Caite said they were going to u-turn the lesbians, the brothers looked taken aback and Jordan asked “why because they’re lesbians?� And whether or not Carol and Brandy were fun to watch definitely depends on your interpretation of fun. I enjoyed watching them. Their comments were smart funny as opposed to just funny or stupid funny. Remember “You’re a dummy.� “You’re a dummy.� “You’re a freaking idiot.� You’re a freaking idiot.� While mildly amusing in a “what are you forever 12� kind of way, many of Brent and Caite’s remarks left me shaking my head in annoyed amazement. Brandy and Carol, while seemingly prone to biting exchanges, these back and forth remarks were short and certainly never heated like those I’ve seen between many contestants. I think editing played a major role in giving credence to Brent and especially Caite’s homophobic/misogynistic witch hunt. I think it looked like good TV so they edited it in such a way as to justify lesbian bashing. I saw Brandy and Carol’s clip when Phil asked everyone on the race who they would like to see eliminated. The pair came off nothing like they had been depicted through editing. They said how they liked everyone and wouldn’t want to see anyone eliminated but of course it’s a race. They mentioned how the cowboys were strong. Interestingly enough they never singled Brent and Caite out for any remarks at all. They just said they liked everyone. I wonder why that clip never got air-time? As far as the cowboys, they looked uncomfortable and disturbed interacting with Brandy and Carol and the disgust they seemed barely able to contain when talking, both to them and later about them and their lack of warmth, seemed out of proportion to the simple question the lesbians asked. And as far the cowboys’ feelings about the brothers I haven’t seen any interaction between them at all. But the reason I put homophobia along with misogyny is because I think there are people who are more comfortable with gay men than with lesbians (and I know the reverse is also true) and in the case of lesbian hating I think misogyny plays a role. Anyway the whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth and I don’t know if I will be able to watch Amazing Race anymore or if I will just feel too uncomfortable now that I know what they are capable of promoting.
Thanks for your response though.

Mr probst

@Finn - I agree with your point about Carol and Brandi seemingly receiving unfair treatment about their remarks about Caite when Jordan and others did so as well. However, based on what we've seen of them, how can anyone say they've been fun to watch? It's not just Brent and Caite that do not like them - no one seems to like them, even Dan and Jordan. What are you basing Jet and Cord being homophobic on? Their one interaction with Carol and Brandi when the two asked Jet and Cord how they passed the other teams way back in the third episode? All Jet and Cord said was that they did not get a warm feeling from the pair. Isn't that what everyone has said about them? Also, if they were homophobic, wouldn't we also have heard comments about Jordan? As far as I remember, not a single negative thing has been said about Jordan.


I'm sorry I just don't get this at all. One of the brothers did an imitation of Caite's answer to her pagent question and Carol remarked that now she knew who Caite was. Neither Carol or Brandy ran off to tell Brent and Caite the brothers were being mean to them. But people couldn't wait to tell Caite what a horrible thing one of the lesbians said. All Carol said was "is she wearing her sash and her tiara for the race?" Really! compared to what other people have said that's hardly enough to get so angry that you speak about both parties with such hatred and continually call them the lesbians in voices dripping with an interesting combination of homophobia and misygony. I don't agree it was rightly so and I don't think it is certainly not enough to take humbrage over. And if all that you didn't get is why Brandy and Carol think the move was stragically dumb, then you just aren't paying attention. That move just might cost Brent and Caite a million dollars. They will not get another chance to get rid of the cowboys (who's homophobic/misogynistic attitude toward the lebians was duly noted) or the detectives. Who I am really annoyed at is The Amazing Race who allowed this type of homophobic misogynistic hatred to get air time. They gave credence to this type of behavior.

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