The Weekly Gossip Girl Reality Index

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It's time once again for the Gossip Girl plus-minus reality index from New York Magazine. Their insightful, absurd Tuesday rundown is never to be missed.

Some excerpts from their analysis of "Dr. Estrangeloved" below ...

  • It’s been a while since the Gossip Girl intro card made us smile. “Palm Bitch” has a nice teenage celebrity gossip blogger ring to it. Plus 1.
  • Come on, even Nate Archibald would know that it was weird to have his friend's boobs hang out in the same shirt as Serena’s. Minus 3.
  • Even Jenny Humphrey would know she has to wake up in the same house as Serena and this losing battle is likely a bad idea. Minus 2.
  • Willa Weinstein is a meddler who doesn’t wash her hair. Plus 3.
Rily Pic
  • Rufus looks younger every episode. Plus 2, because that’s what happens when you are a kept husband and you start going to Botox parties.
  • No way Blair would not have at least kissed Cameron. He is too cute. Minus 2.
  • Jenny went from zero to blackmail in 60 seconds. And it worked. Plus 1.
  • Can anyone have a fight that doesn't require them to walk out? Minus 2.
  • Wait, is Blake Lively acting? Even crying? Plus 5.
  • Dan gets rejected from Tisch. Plus 2. Then Vanessa tells him right away that she took the spot, which is realistic but so unlike how things actually happen in the world of Gossip Girl. Normally she’d engage in some sort of subterfuge involving pretending to be busy when she was at all her Tisch classes so Dan would eventually think she was cheating on him, and then the confrontation would make everything worse, because how could he think she would ever, except she was kind of lying to him the whole time. And then: ping! Georgina Sparks blow jobs on a roof and we’re back at square one.
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chuck and blair photo - cut out from the cast photo - minus 5......


why did they give willa plus 3 for being a meddler and not washing her hair???


nothing made sense last night!


How was there no mention of Blair's wonderful comment to Cameron: "I have a friend who goes to Columbia, I don't think he attends many classes"---- such a subtle reference to something fans have noticed all season!!

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