Tonight's Gossip Girl: What Did You Think? 04/05/2010

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Let's get right to it. Tell us what you thought of tonight's much-hyped Gossip Girl.

We now have the answer to the eternal question - What Would Chuck Do? - and get the strong feeling that the fallout is not likely to be swept under the rug anytime soon.

While the producers would have us believe that Chuck and Blair are going to be alright, there's certainly a lot to discuss now, as well as with J ... don't even get us started.

TV Fanatic will post its official recap and review as soon as possible, along with Gossip Girl music, quotes, our Round Table and any news and spoilers for the coming week.

For now, we leave it up to you, the #1 Gossip Girl fan community, to weigh in on Monday night's dramatic episode by leaving comments and voting below ...

That Chuck Basstard

This week's Gossip Girl episode, "Inglorious Bassterds," was ...

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TGPfuturewriter wrote: "He is EXTREMELY insecure about his uncle. I mean, i'm sure he feels like Blair will choose Jack over him, leaving him alone, and the hotel would be the only constant in his life and it would be some kind of strength proof for his DEAD father." I think you hit it exactly! The whole bit with Jack and his "Mother" (real mother?) just pulled the rug out from under Chuck. He's drifting, grasping, and he went back to the old techniques he was good at before. He knew Blair was a temptation for Jack, and he knew he could manipulate her, and either way Chuck could get to some outcome he could live with. If Blair betrays him, at least he gets his hotel and has some weird proof of himself for his dead father. If Blair doesn't betray him, then he can finally put to rest the hurt he felt last year when she slept with Jack (which made no sense at the time, but ok, at least the writers are solving that one now). Now, the result is that Chuck both has his hotel AND has the proof that Blair really loves him. I expect his Mom to show up again and something to be resolved there. Anyway, if that isn't enough to get Chuck back into shape, I don't know what is. Now it's time to see what he does, once he's woken up to the fact that Blair really is the best thing he can imagine. How is he going to prove to her that he's worthy? I think the "Real Mom" storyline would be enough to get Blair back in his corner, and then he has to propose or something. They can spend Season 4 engaged and planning the wedding. Drama.


chuck i still love you. and i llovee CHAIR.
not this episode not any episode could ever ruin chair. they have a history and the best chemistry between characters. so for those people saying their 'starting to hate chuck' sorry for my language but thats bullshiit. yes he made a mistake and it think he realizes that. he didnt want to hurt blair he lovess her! he just didnt want to dissapoint the father. so pleasee people do not hate chuck beacause remember in the first season where chuck and blair had a thing and nate liked blair again.. then at the ball blair just wentt with natee?! its called drama you guys, their creating heat between them two. and we all loved the chase wich will bring that again for CHAIR! this is whatt the fans wanted, poeple said them being a couple made them boring, well this is what will heat it up! the producers gave us what we wanted. I hope all the chair fans will realize this, and stop saying "omg chuck is such an ass" when all the characters aree too sometimees!


why would you wnat to vote the epidoe as badd??thiss was the best epsiode of season 3 thus far! chuck is a little 'bassterd' and he doesnt think before he does anything. he is the bad seed in the beggining of the show, the bad boy. this did show some chaarcater bringing it back in this episode. Yes i will agree he was never this mean nor do i think he will ever do that to blair butt chuck was only thinking of himself and i think he got that at the end. all his life he was trying to prove to his dad what he could do and not be what his father thought of him. it all went to his head. it was not a stupid storyline but whatever its your opinion. i just needed to say chucks character was not runined. hes an amazing actor and i already explained chuck to you. anyways i loved this episode!!
did anyone actualy belive jack was the nice guy here? he didnt try to use blair, he told her the truth before he slept with her. he could have if he wanted to but he didnt. for the ending with chuck and blair i almost cried it was soo sadd, but chuck needs to make it up to blairr so much that was horrbilee. i still love chuck!! this is what gossip girl needed. a GOODD story linee to cause more drama and bring the scandalous showw to a new plott.


I cant believe no 1 has mentioned how awful V , is lying to Dan abt Tish ( she always does repulsive stuff and gets away ) i hope he leaves her nate always seems to be there for jenny regardless, if he was just being friendly with J , why didnt he call S to say he'd be late ... she is his gf ... rude or defensive ?? whats all these comments abt blair taking J down ?? i think S should do her own dirty work for once. Blair is always there for her but S just goes with whats easy for her... as for CB , i loved em , they made this show !! i cant think of anything chuck can do to redeem himself... he obv knows blair is a schemer, she woulda been able to pull it off had he asked


I think people often forget that Chuck is 19, not 49; he doesn't have a lot of experience in real life--only in fantasy. Fantasy is how he survived growing up as Bart's son. Escapism, hedonism, self-medication, etc. Chuck also has little experience in dealing with emotions, their complications, and the consequences of screwing with the emotions of someone you love. It's one thing to f*ck over some one-night stand or use some random person for something you need/want--who cares? The same thing cannot apply to someone you love, and he may just have learned that the hard way. Chuck saw the Empire as proof to his father that he WAS capable. To Chuck, losing the hotel was proof to his father that his father was right--he was a weak loser. He HAD to get it back because it was so tied up with his view of himself. He'll get Blair back--but not until he goes through some kind of trial-by-fire, most of which will be of his own making. His own self-doubt, his own guilt--these things will put him through more hell than Blair ever could.


Anyone have the link for next week's promo ??


omg this was the best episode of season 3 yet! amazing acting and a great twist!! chair are not going to get together in the next episode because wiki put as the spoiler information for the season finale that "chuck raises the stakes to get blair back"! they may kiss but i hope blair makes him work for it caz i felt so bad for her :( As for the serena/jenny/nate not as interested in it but i think that serenate have only been together for like 2 weeks and jenny shouldnt break them up yet. However, sereenate arent as interesting as i thought they'd be..but jenny still kind of annoys me! but i tune in for the chair not them so watever :)
WILL SOME1 PLZ POST A LINK TO THE PROMO FOR THE NXT EPISODE? season 1 and 2 were amazing because i love the whole chuck and blair games! i think that when they finally got together it got slightly boring and blair became more of a weaker character but hopefully now they will go back to be a more interesting couple!
btw i think the writers are amazing and although you may not agree with the storylines, the writers have a bigger plan for the characters that im sure we will love in the end! GO GOSSIP GIRL


OMG that was the best season 3 episode so far! So much happened. God I was nearly crying when chair ended it :'( So sad so sad

Oh lah

OMG Effing Amazing! Best episode this season, finally we get true drama and the Old!Chuck back. As a Chair shpper I am devistated, but an all around great episode. Heart wrenching and def kept my attention which has been hard for GG to do troughout the season.


I felt the need to vote WTH was that crap? simply because the Chuck Bass that we have seen develop as a character would not have done what he did in that last episode.
I feel as if an entire season of developing Chuck's character into a respectable and arguably the most solid and dependable character on the show has been entirely wasted.
Granted I understand pty's point about Chuck doing what he did in an effort to prove to himself that he could be the shrewd business man his father was; however i can't believe that he who would go against his best friend whom he has known from childhood, to simply rent Blair out to his uncle. For me this whole Jack-Chuck-Blair scenario was a stupid, stupid storyline


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