Treme Music: "Right Place, Wrong Time"

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The latest episode of Treme wasn't exactly uplifting, but we don't watch this HBO drama for its optimistic message.

We watch it for its incredible acting, attention to detail and, perhaps above all, musical selections.

Using songs to showcase New Orleans and its residents in a post-Katrina world, the series delves into a universe with which most viewers are unfamiliar.

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Check out a complete list of the singles played in our Treme music section and browse the sampling below, all courtesy of "Right Place, Wrong Time."

  • Lucinda Williams - "Lake Charles" Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Lake Charles
  • Coleman Hawkins - "Think Deep" Coleman Hawkins - The Hawk Flies High - Think Deep
  • Dr. John - "Right Place, Wrong Time" Dr. John - The Essentials: Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time
  • Dr. John - "My Indian Red" Dr. John - Goin' Back to New Orleans - My Indian Red
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Lake Charles was playing in Janette's restaurant when Toni first found out that LaDonna's brother used to work there. A couple episodes later Toni found out that the cop who pulled over LaDonna's brother abandoned his police cruiser in LAKE CHARLES.

Treme Quotes

The flooding of New Oreleans was a man-made catastrophe. A federal fuck-up of epic proportions.


I'm this close to getting a new water heater. Think you could float me a loan?


Treme Music

  Song Artist
Lake charles 1 Lake Charles Lucinda Williams iTunes
Think deep Think Deep Coleman Hawkins iTunes
Right place wrong time Right Place, Wrong Time Dr. John iTunes