Ugly Betty Review: "London Calling"

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Ugly Betty was jam-packed with entertaining and meaningful story lines.

We kind of fell like we are on the Titanic - the end is near and there is nothing anyone can do about it except enjoy the last couple hours of this brilliantly creative, heartfelt, and funny show.

In "London Calling", the Suarez ladies were off to London to celebrate Hilda's bachelorette party and attend Fashion Week. Amanda accompanied them and they met up with their good old friend Christina. Nothing says reunion better then a girls weekend away! 

In London

Of course, there has to be a snag and Betty is spending more time at fashion shows then with the ladies. When she finally sets free for the night and meets up with them, after a drunken dare she flashes Gio!

Was it just us that thought perhaps this could be the rekindling romance in Betty's life?! Gio was definitely on our list - and we are happy to say it wasn't him! His character got the ending it deserved - he met a baker who makes great rustic sourdough bread for his sandwiches. And the lived happily ever after.

At least Gio was able to knock Betty with some reality and made her see what she was becoming - someone very different from what she started out to be. We are happy that Betty declined her job offer (as much as we would have killed to have it!!!)

Poor Bobby - he just couldn't understand why Justin was blowing him off for Austin. Thankfully the episode ended with Bobby knowing the truth. Do you think that he would tell Hilda - after he gave his word to Justin that he won't say a single thing to anyone?! We hope for the sake of their friendship, he will not!

Wilhelmina is living up to her devilish ways better than we expected! Tyler is like that ridiculously handsome guy that just doesn't have a brain - beauty yes - but no brain. We really do hope for the sake of his relationship with Claire and Daniel he will wise up to Wilhelmina's scheming ways.

One last thought - Betty drunk dialed Henry!? What the H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks! Does this mean that the show will end with the two of them getting back together?! Ugh! We didn't want that!

We can't believe there is only two more episodes left! We are so sad to see this show go! What did you think of last night's episode?

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite Ugly Betty quotes after the jump!

Betty and Hilda: Suarez sisters are going to: London! | permalink
Daniel: Is this one of the times you ask me a question when you already know the answer to? | permalink
Amanda: You're like a big, fancy designer in London, and I'm a big-shot stylist in New York. Well not in the sense that I have any clients, but I do get to combine all my favorite interests: criticizing people, shopping, and promoting world thinness. | permalink
Wilhelmina: Slip-ups are inevitable. And it's okay. I certainly know how tempting a perfectly mixed cocktail can be. I can almost taste it right now. It's like a warm hug going down my throat. | permalink
Hilda: Justin doesn't walk. He's told me a thousand times: 'Shoes are fashion — not for function. | permalink


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I jumped up with joy when Henry showed up. Then I realized that Betty invited Daniel instead. I would love to see Henry in a tux.


I doubt Betty will go with Henry.. I saw on the promo that Henry shows up with his son. Betty needs to go with Daniel.. if not him then Matt... and if not any of these two, then she better stay single!! lol jk


It was a great episode for all of the characters. I will be happy no matter who Betty ends up with (if anyone), as long as she achieves her dreams. I would prefer Henry, but that's before I've seen what they plan to do with his character--I remain wary.


Henry? I can´t believe this. No, no, no Betty can´t stay with him.


I liked this episode until Henry showed up at the end, urgh! I hate him, she cant end up with him, no way! by the way, I am betting that matt will return aswell, it would be quite interesting to see how he feels about a half brother.
But Daniel should win out!


Daniel to betty: I hate it that you know me. Yes Daniel she know you so well cause your her lobster (ohh wait that was a different show :-P) you are soul-mates!! it's time to wake and realize it or heaven help us Silvio might execute his threat and have Betty end up with Henry - I knocked up my girlfriend and then left only to come and haunt you Betty- what ever is last name is. Go team Detty

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