What's Next For Jenny and Nate on Gossip Girl?

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Last night's Gossip Girl, "Inglorious Bassterds," gave us a glimpse of the bond between Jenny and Nate, and the lengths she's willing to go to get what she wants.. What's next for them?

According to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the executive producers who yesterday sought to assuage fears about Chair, there may be feelings that are more than platonic:

"I think one of them may feel that way," Josh said.

Well, yeah. Gotta be Jenny, right? Stephanie then chimed in with this little tidbit: "We do have a really fun story coming up in this last run of episodes moving toward the season finale."

Fun for who, though? Doesn't sound like Serena!


Both these girls have eyes for Nate ... but who will win out?

As for another couple some fans have predicted will get together at some point - Vanessa and Rufus - don't expect that to happen. Even Gossip Girl won't go there, apparently.

"We understand there are all kinds of couple fans, Nate-Serena fans, Dan-Serena fans, and even Vanessa-Rufus fans," Schwartz said. but we want everybody to know that they are talked about in the writer's room all the time, except for the Vanessa-Rufus fans."

"They're the only ones who we can tell you are barking up the wrong tree."

Probably for the best there. But who belongs with Nate? Discuss!

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i think Nate should go for a run with jenny for a while and see how it goes he try ed all the other girls but her, and i think they would be good for each-other in the long run i do not think jenny would take Nate for granted like Serena does. and i think Serena should be with Dan. they were always cute & wasn't Dans first time with her no matter what they will come back to each-other. & last but not least chuck and Blair do belong together but maybe they need sometime alone to square things away and clean up their acts. they would be perfect to say the least.


Excuse me..... Nate and Jenny don't seem to be going too well at the moment, I know, but hear me out.
Chuck may be gay in the book but his personality on the show fits Blair's perfectly. Now that he's betrayed her though, they'll have a rough patch before they'll get back together for good. She'll probably hook up with someone else in the mean time. Blair likes to play games, she has a fun childish personality and Nate can't handle that. That was proven when they broke up after going out for so long.
Serena left Nate, right at the very beginning and she treats him horribly. She takes him for granted and whether you guys like it or not, she gives into he intuition sand feelings. That goes with her wild personality.
Yes, Jenny is a bitch. Yes she's been horrible but if she can turn back into the girl she was in season1, when she wasn't corrupt, and she looked a lot less like a slutty whore, which i hope happens, then she and Nate will be perfect for one another.
If Jenny gets rid of the make up (gotta lose the mascara and eye liner, gets her golden hair back and gets rid of the fringe, she'll be that sweet girl once again.
Also Nate and Blair: broke up because they were tired of one another- Blair slept with Chuck, Nate slept with Serena.
Nate and Serena: Serena left Nate even though Nate chased after her. Serena takes things for granted.
Nate and Vanessa: Vanessa was the reason Nate and Jenny didn't even start. They eventually broke up and for a reason.
Nate and Jenny: up til the last episode, nothing that Jenny or Nate had done had separated them. Then Jenny did something really stupid but if she wasn't Gossip Girl's little bitch, I don't know why the writer's are doing this to her, they aren't even giving her a chance, and she was the old sweet jenny, if she changed. then it should be Nate and Jenny.
He's always looked out for her and always liked her.


kym shut the FUCK up! You have no idea what you are talking about! and bitch you better not be talking about me you ugly dumbass! nate and blair are the perfect couple and nothing is out of the question for them Kym aka astupid dumbass idiot! lso you must be VERY boring and bland if you ship Serenate or Chair or just plain weird and sick if you ship Nenny! Nate & Blair 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NATE+BLAIR=GOLDEN COUPLE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER WITH SO MUCH CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Huh. All the talk of Blair+Nate is kinda pointless, considering the 2 of them already ran their course in season 2. Their relationship reached all that it could ever achieve, which was that of a high-school "Prom King and Queen" couple, and I think both of them accepted that and moved on.


OMG jenny GET OUT OF GOSSIP GIRL, YOU ruin everything.... you are just nothing compared to SErena wahhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. No bad remains unpunished! Love Blair and Chuck and Serena and Nate - they are perfect for each other.


Jenny and nate FOREVER!♥ i always loved them♥___♥ since season 1! serena should be with dan(:
& Blair and Chuck♥


Jenny get off of my screen BITCH! -.-' SERENATE If I think about Jenny and Nate f...ing... PUAJ! Jenny out of Gossip Girl, you're only the bitch. Do somenthing for the world and go back to your school... -.-'


"angel" youve got to be kidding me serena and nate is sooooo supid. they are horrible togther. nate should be with blair especially ow that chuck is FNLLY ot of the the pocture for once!!!
NATE AND BLAIR 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeesh is mean, come on! NATE AND BLAIR ARE THE GOLDEN COUPLE!!!!!!!


jenny should just leave nate and serena alone!! they're finally together!! they cant let little jenny humphrey ruin them. you should see how happy they are with each other!!!


can people stop talking about serena and nate or jenny and nate or the always disturbing talk of Chair. the GOLDEN COUPLE that really belong together are BLAIR AND NATE they are they best couple. Blair with Chuck is the stupidist thing the writers came up with(I mean seriously, Chuck is THE GAYEST thing in the Gossip Girl novels)! And Jenny with Nate EWWWWW! Also, Serena and Nate just dont belong together, not even in the books they dont match at all. The GG books are all about BLAIR + NATE! So fans forget about these DUMB couples and start thinking about Blair and Nate I mean come on, they are THE GOLDEN COUPLE, destined to be together perfect together because they love each other and writers, BRING ON THE NATE AND BLAIR ACTION!
Serena+Nate= dead relationship and totally incompatible
Blair+Chuck= freaking polar opposites (the writers were probably drunck when writing aout their ridiculous "relationship")
Jenny+Nate= dont even freaking get me started(that relationhip is like a crime and they are HORRIBLE to gether)!!!!!
NATE+BLAIR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS NAIR is the best thing that happened to GG and are destined to be together! Writers PLEASE resurrect this perfect couple!

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