What's Next For Jenny and Nate on Gossip Girl?

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Last night's Gossip Girl, "Inglorious Bassterds," gave us a glimpse of the bond between Jenny and Nate, and the lengths she's willing to go to get what she wants.. What's next for them?

According to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the executive producers who yesterday sought to assuage fears about Chair, there may be feelings that are more than platonic:

"I think one of them may feel that way," Josh said.

Well, yeah. Gotta be Jenny, right? Stephanie then chimed in with this little tidbit: "We do have a really fun story coming up in this last run of episodes moving toward the season finale."

Fun for who, though? Doesn't sound like Serena!


Both these girls have eyes for Nate ... but who will win out?

As for another couple some fans have predicted will get together at some point - Vanessa and Rufus - don't expect that to happen. Even Gossip Girl won't go there, apparently.

"We understand there are all kinds of couple fans, Nate-Serena fans, Dan-Serena fans, and even Vanessa-Rufus fans," Schwartz said. but we want everybody to know that they are talked about in the writer's room all the time, except for the Vanessa-Rufus fans."

"They're the only ones who we can tell you are barking up the wrong tree."

Probably for the best there. But who belongs with Nate? Discuss!

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Al in germany

Screw the Nate/Jenny/Serena triangle. Schwartz said there will be no VUFUS. Spam Tweet the punk! I demand VUFUS!


Jenny needs to GTFO the show


Dan and Serena are so last two seasons ago!
Nate and Serena are the real thing now!
Their sexy scenes give Chuck and Blair a run for their money!


jenny and nate,
serena and carter.
WHOOP WHOOP! or just carter. anywhere. everywhere. :DD


Honestly, it bothers me when people say that Dan and Serena should reunite and that they were good for each other. Um, were we watching the same show? Dan was HORRIBLE to Serena. Maybe not in an overt way, but if you paid attention, you could see how taxing of a boyfriend he was. The problem with Dan (or more accurately, MY problem with Dan) was that he was perpetually Judgey McJudgester. He refused to take Serena off of the pedestal he so clearly put her on. He was always expecting too much from her, shoving all of his insecurities onto her in the form of blame and accusations, and idealized her into a perfect person. So whenever she made a mistake or revealed something less than ideal that happened IN THE PAST, he would jump on it like a starving piranha and look down at her in that condescending manner of his. And the worst of it all was that he clearly didn't trust her. He was always suspicious of her, always questioned her actions, and always valued other people's opinions over her own. Whenever she showed signs of being less than perfect, he would almost unfailingly jump to the worst conclusions. I'm not saying that Serena was the perfect victim here - far from it (she was avoidant, secretive, etc..) - but she at least didn't hold any delusions. She accepted Dan for what he was, accepted that he was human and would make mistakes, which is more than what I can say for Dan. Yes, those two had great chemistry, but he made Serena feel horrible about 70% of the time for things she couldn't even control. If it wasn't about her being rich, it was about her past. If it wasn't about her past, it was about her being rich. It's just, geez, sing a new tune already. Do I ship Nate/Serena? Not really, no. I prefer Carter, but that's not going to happen what with him filming the Captain America movie. But at least Nate makes the effort to listen to her explanations. I'd be surprised if he leaves her for Jenny, because I thought it was obvious that Jenny had always been a proxy for Serena. You can pretty much tell that he's living out his fantasy of saving pre-boarding school Serena from herself by being there for Jenny. But then again, maybe it wouldn't be all that surprising if he left Serena for proxy-Serena. No guy she's ever been with truly loved her. They loved the image they imposed on her - that is, except Carter. It's why I like him so much. He recognizes that she's flawed, sees her for who she really is, and most importantly, he UNDERSTANDS her - which honestly, I don't think anyone ever really has, not even Blair. Ever since 'Hi, Society', I thought their getting together was what the show was building up to. Seems I was wrong. Oh, well. P.S. - And what's with all this Serena-needs-to-be-dumped-for-once-and-not-get-the-guy business? Wasn't she dumped by Dan? Didn't Carter leave her? I'm beginning to think we really aren't watching the same show.




Wow, I hate Jenny.


I liked Serena with carter because its like nate and Serena are both good which is boring but in Serena and carters relationship carter was bad so it was interesting, same with chuck and Blair because chuck was bad.then with nate and jenny its good because jenny's turned a bit bad so nate could soften her up and change her back and also hardly anyone wants them together in the programme so they'd have to go through a lot so it would be interesting :) nate and jenny forever!!!


@renee I wish you'd have sex with something and caught something! wth is wrong with you? or are you just affected by the immaturity syndrome!?



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