90210 Caption Contest: Volume IX

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In light of the disappointment expressed by most 90210 fans over how this season concluded (i.e. boringly), we've awarded this week's top prize to "Emily."

That user got inside the head of stars Trista Wilds and Gillian Zinser for her entry, which is posted underneath the photo. Harsh? Yes. Accurate? You decide.

Thanks to everyone that played and remember to do so every week. God luck and enjoy!

For Caption

Tristan: Another love triangle Huh?
Gillian: Yeah the Department of Good Ideas cranks out another one.

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dixon;silver who you staren at im right here silver;your girlfriend ivy;make that his ex dixon;ya whatever you spoiled brat


Silver: Do you think she knows? Dixon:No,I don't think so... Silver: Ok,so let's just continue speaking with each other with our mouths closed...


Dixon: You know Silver, you looking pretty fine all up in here
Ivy: Um, I'm standing right here you know?


DIXON: Meet me at the top of the empire state buling by 7:01 or I'm closing my heart to both of you tomorrow.
SILVER: Seriously? Affair to Remember? CHUCK AND NAVID did this already...THERES only so much viewers can take.
IVY: Yeah seriously Dixon no more gossip girl for you!
DIXON: But IM gossip girl! theyd never suspect im a boy and live in california! its genuis!
SILVER: Yeah okay!?


IVY: Seriously Dixon, I gotta tell you something.
SILVER: So do I!
DIXON: Ladies ladies, you know I love you both but I can only give one of you the rose...
IVY: Don't get all "Bachelor" on us!
SILVER: The truth is dixon, i like ivy....alot
IVY: I like silver alot!


ivy, silver, ivy, silver- who should i choose? oh life can be so hard!

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.