90210 Caption Contest: Volume VIII

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As expected, this edition of the 90210 Caption Contest elicited many jokes about Teddy's real age.

We loved them all!

But we can only award one winner per week, and that honor goes to "Vonn" for the caption posted underneath this photo. It was simple yet hilarious.

Thank you to everyone that submitted and entry and remember to do so every week!

Silver Caption Pic

He almost look believable a high school student from up here.

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Silver: Father? Really? You look more like brothers to me.


Silver: Whats you're son REAL age?
Spence: Guess
Silver: 30
Spence: Close
Silver: 35
Spence: Closer


Silver: To be honest,I really don't know if your son is my boyfriend... Teddy's Dad: To be honest,I really don't know if he's my son...


silver: see the hot blond guy on the court? thats my boyfriend!
teddys dad: i do! thats my son!


Silver: Stare at my hair
Spence: Ok then


Yes, my son is amazing. Unfortunately, I'm only interested in young women when they're trying to get in my pants, not his.


Silver: You know how I know my boyfriend isn't a vampire. Vampires don't age in looks and he is looking like he could be your older brother.


Silver: My jacket is like a mullet. Party in the back. Business in the front.


My smile, like my relationship with Teddy, is forced.


Mmmm...Do you see how firm his butt looks from up here?! Wait, what? what were you saying?

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