90210 Caption Contest: Volume X

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We got a solid turnout this week for the latest 90210 Caption Contest...

... and we also got a submission that multiple users acknowledged as the funniest. Who are we to disagree with them?

Therefore, congrats are in order for "Lana," who submitted the entry posted underneath this photo. Thanks to everyone that played and remember do to so every week!

Annie with Liam

Liam: Okay let's go over this again: your name is not Ariel, I'm not a prince and if you sing "Under the Sea" again, I will strangle you with this rope.

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Annie: Sometimes I forget my middle name


Annie: ahaha
Liam: what are you laughing at?
Annie: At the bad acting i do ever week!


liam: oh darn! This knot won't...KNOT! annie: Haha I don't care ....ohh the sun is sooo pretty! OWW MY EYES! Liam: WHAT ARE YOU ON? and can I have some?


Annie: Liam, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
Liam: yea, well lets see how long that will last...


@lana: sooo awesome!


Wats with all the mean girls references??
its funny but odd


Shenae Grimes: Falalalala! I'm so happy, I'm gay!
Matt Lanter: We know that...


Liam: Naomi is the devil.
Annie: Naomi!? dude, once she punched me in the face...it was AWESOME!


Liam: Annie can you hold this for me.
Annie: Wait! I am getting my tan


Liam: You know annie you could help me here
Annie: Liam just loook, look at how my face is glowing

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.