90210 Season Finale Review: Confessions, Fire... and Rape?!?

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Over the last few weeks, many 90210 fans have grown disenchanted with a show whose storylines muddle along, always focusing on relationships that aren't grounded in any kind of realism or pacing.

So, did the season finale change that point of view? Did "Confessions" leave you yearning for the September premiere to arrive ASAP? Let's analyze the state of various characters and gauge reader opinion...

Dixon and Ivy: These two remain cute together, but my head is spinning trying to keep up with the state of their relationship. Last week, they started the episode as a couple. They, they broke up over an Australian trip. Then, they made up. Then, Dixon confessed that he kissed Silver. So they split again. Then, he apologized (in grand fashion!) and now they are together... again. That's A LOT of back-and-forth over the course of two weeks.

Let's hope 90210 just keeps this pair together and let's viewers actually form an opinion on Divy (or Ixon?).

Teddy and Silver: Snoooooze. These two also broke up and got back together about 17 times in the last couple episodes. There's no chemistry between the actors, there's no reason for us to really believe they're in love. Seriously, can anyone say they care about Seddy (or Tilver?).

Seeking Comfort

Adrianna and Navid: They are back together. Yay! And the reunion was live, for all to see on their West Beverly TV screens. Romantic! But Javier is apparently gonna stick around and try and woo Ade. Boo! Please, 90210, just let a couple remain happy and steady. Is your only source for storyline tension to continually place pairings in jeopardy?

Jasper: Seriously, if he's on the show still next season, we may abandon ship.

Ryan: I really hope the show does give him more room to shine in the fall. All we've really seen of his downfall is Laurel offering Ryan some pot, and that caused him to fall off the wagon. But Ryan Eggold is a quality actor and a custody battle with Jen would provide him with solid material.

Annie: Is her hit-and-run sob story finally over? This never found momentum, as the show would focus on her pain/nightmares one week, only to seemingly forget about them until it was convenient some other week. I'm sorry to say, but Shenae Grimes is a horrific actress, especially when she tries to cry or be serious. Let's hope her confession frees her from this burden and Annie smiles a lot more next season.

Liam: The previews for this episode teased an actual explosion and a few lives in the balance. So I was disappointed to see that no one was on the boat when it was set on fire. But I cheered Liam's every punch across Jasper's face. I've said it for weeks: make him a bad boy again!

Naomi: I'm torn on this cliffhanger of a conclusion. On one hand, fans have begged the show to depict a storyline that's actually engrossing and suspenseful. Rape would definitely qualify. On the other hand... rape?!? That's very sticky territory for a show to enter. There aren't more sensitive issues out there. It's ironic that a series often criticized for boring angles would jump straight ahead and take on the most gruesome crime there is, really.

I'll reserve judgment until we see how 90210 handles this in the fall. But was it enough to hold your attention until then? What did you think of the season finale as a whole?

Debate it now and check out the following quotes from the episode:

Debbie: You don't have a job, we don't have savings. And we don't love each other anymore. | permalink
Ivy: You're crazy, Dixon.
Dixon: Crazy about you. | permalink
Jen: My baby doesn't need a public school teacher as a father. | permalink
Ivy: I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done. | permalink
Naomi: When is Obama gonna outlaw gym class? Guantanamo Bay? That's great. But phys ed? Seriously. | permalink


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I think it would be awesome if next season matthews actually remembers seeing cannon and naomi in the school and tells jen and jen actually breaks down that emotional wall of hers to help naomi get that asswipe cannon. I think the jen vs.naomi thing is old and they should just be on the same team again - they need each other. Then I think that turd jasper should confess to killing his own uncle and leaving him for dead and go to jail never to return or at least let him, get arrested for setting the boat on fire- something please. He is seriously so annoying. As far as silver and teddy goes - they suck together something hassss to happen with that because watching them is worse than watching another commercial. is dixon gonna get expelled from school when he gets home from austraila now??? Is liam gonna get sent away again by his stepfather (obviously not - but how are they gonna play that out ) ?


i like silver's style now, it's more quirky and upbeat and reflects her strong personality. i liked the season finale.


Oh and for everyone saying that Naomi can just go to the hospital and get a rape kit and all that... It's not as cut and dry as that. If Cannon goes through with his assault, I'm sure the last thing she's gonna want to do is go to the hospital all by herself. She probably thinks that she's getting what she deserves (which is totally wrong, of course) and so she'll just go home and not say anything. I really hope someone else comes to her rescue.


I can't believe people are mad that Naomi didn't "fight" enough... What Cannon told her must have frightened her beyond belief, enough to stun her. I know I'd have that "Oh, shit!" look on my face if I were her. We don't get to see what he does to her (maybe next season if the writers plan for her to get away in time), so how are you supposed to know what she ends up doing? And besides, quit judging her for how she's reacting. Everyone reacts differently in that situation.


How do we understand from the final episode that Annie didn't kill Jasper's uncle? How do we realize that someone else killed him? How? I read on Imdb that she discovers a shocking twist which is that she didn't even run over Jasper's uncle, and that someone else did (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt16.... Where the hell was that in the episode? Pls someone expain.....


Come ooooon! I'm sure you have the mind to come up with something really interesting..... Season 2 (especially the finale) was reaaaally predictable . . . And please throw Jasper out of the story.. he is totally irrelevant, pointless and such a fake character..pleaase! We need something new and real.... Grazie;) PS: Why girls always were high hells and super duper oua oua make up in the show.. It's too exaggerating or it's just my idea. . ?!?!?!


To 90210 writers.... this is in fact one of the worst season finales ever.... Mr. canon raping Naomi? realllly??!!!! please make up a better story line and stop adding stupid dramas that are totally NOT believable! it's obvious from the beginning that annie wasnt the one who killed jasper's uncle, because if she did and confessed she'd go to juvie and that wouldnt be a "90210" thing to do. I think the writers just dont know what else to do with this show and decide to put in anything random that comes to their mind...... In any drama or movie it's always nice to see a character growing throughout the story. We see, for example, Naomi did change (for like 1 episode) when she came clean about accusing Mr. Canon sexually abusing her, but that doesnt last at all!!! she goes back to her STUPID SELFISH SELF and towards the end of the season she loses her bf and her evil sister comes back to ruin her life (seriously?!!!! again?????? move on please......) and now Mr. Canon is about to rape her and she doesnt even FIGHT>!!!>!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? it really pisses me off because it all doesnt make sense!!!!!! it's not believable and in the real world that will never happen!!!! MINUS 200 Then, you see Liam... who changed alot through out this season.. opened up to his friends and fell in love with naomi and wants to actually do the right thing now..... he ends up beating the shit out of Jasper!?!?!?!?!?! WTF!?!?!??!?! MINUS 100 Harri and Debi Wilson... i loved the two of them from the beginning. Good parents and good role model... now just because Rob Estes is leaving the show they have to make up a RIDICULOUS storyline to break the two of them up...!!?!!?!??!! MINUS 100... the only thing that i'm glad about this episode is Navid and Adrianna getting back together. But seriously that camera live-feed is sooooooooooooooo predicted!!! and used tooo many fucking times..... please come up with sth more interesting? MINUS 100 Mr. Mattews..... POOR GUY!!! he deserves a better storyline!!!!!!!!!! or just take him out of 90210!! if his character doesnt get better it wont make a difference if Mr Matthews is in it or not.... This episode is by far the worst........ I'm really disappointed and I hope next season the writers come to their senses and create a better storyline for everyone! I started watching 90210 because the first couple of episodes of the first season was actually very interesting!!! i got to know the characters and wanted to know more of them... but now i'm not sure anymore.


This finale was not good at all/ After a good season the past 3 eps have been garbage.


Loooved it ♥


Man, that was one boring finale!
I hate Siver&Teddy and couldn't care less what they are doing. Besides they'll change their minds five minutes later again anyway. The boat explosion could have been potentially exiting, but instead was boring (though I enjoyed it making Liam act out again). Annies confession was only half-finished, which means we will have to deal with its outfall next season... I really hoped that storyline would be over already!
Still like Dixon&Ivy, but they keep jumping around a lot lately. Am I the only one who thinks that dating Dixon turns originally confident girls with a fun attitude in boring characters without personality? Silver is a long way from her original spirited ways and Ivy is getting insecure and indecisive as well....
But hopefully that was just a shor phase!
Naomie's storyline could be good, but we'll see if AnnaLynne can pull it off.
Oh, and wasn't Jennie Garth supposed to have one last appearance? Or did I miss it during all the crazy exiting storylines?

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I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done.


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