Behind-the-Scenes Drama Minimal on Grey's Anatomy

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With cast members coming and going more frequently these days, and contract statuses becoming a frequent topic of discussion, what's the mood on the Grey's Anatomy set?

Apparently quite normal.

According to E! Online, things seem to be quasi-tame behind-the-scenes on the series now, part of which may have resulted from the departure of she-who-must-not-be-named.

Perhaps that's why the Season 6 finale was so darn amazing? Returning the drama to where it belongs - on-screen? The ratings have held steady, let's hope the cast follows suit.

Listening, Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo? You have to stay! Well, at least we know we'll get two more seasons minimum - but how many more do you think it will run total?

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Good on KH for leveraging her talent. It's good to remind ourselves that TV and Cinema are businesses and what we fans are doing is watching millionaires (some multi) on our fave shows each week. And it's not just the likes of KH. What about the 16 yo boy on 2 and a half men?? He earns $250,000.00 per show!! Awesome. I wish KH all the best and hope she makes many movies and guest stars back into GA in the future. What about a storyline around her daughter who had a bone marrow transplant?? Love GA . . .


Please do not defend Katherine Hiegl. She said she left the show because she needed to bond with her daughter. Which I would believe if she wasn't out pumping out movies (which I'm boycotting) left and right. Ellen Pompeo actually gave birth and managed to appear in every episode. Out of respect for her fans she should have at least stuck around long enough for the writers' to give her an adequate send off. If she had said I need time to bond with my daughter but I will come back for a couple episodes toward the end of the season or next season to be written off the show, I (and many others)would have understood. She didn't want to be tied down to GA and miss out on oppurtunities in her movie career and she is using her daughter as an excuse. Plain and simple. Katherine Hiegl wouldn't have a movie career if it weren't for GA and you'd think she'd show a little more respect for the show and its fans.


TeamMerDer13, I doubt that her decision to leave Grey's was an easy one. And even if it was, I think she's entitled to feel left out of something she was a part of for so long.


What makes me mad is I watched a video on this site and it was showing KH hearing about wat happened on the finale for the first time and she said freaked out and was all like "wow i feel really left out" that made me angry it was her choice to leave and be left out of all that.


Wow another KH debate SMH. I totally agree with noelle on this topic nobody knows KH in real life and what she's like unless they have acutally met her. People make decisons based on their families or even themselves and that's on them. KH adopted a child and was working on movies and GA which to her was too much to take. She made the decison for her daughter and I believe it but KH empasizing it in interviews isn't helping her much. But so many people don't believe it because they can't get past the media. I don't know what happened on the GA set or what happened with SR and KH but now it doesn't matter anymore because KH isn't on grey's anymore and from what I see isn't coming back full time (she may make a guest apperance who knows what SR has in store) I just wish ppl would give it a rest already


It really made me angry at first when I found out MerDer had few story lines this season, and it was because Ellen had a baby and she didn't work as much nor wanted to be at work because she wanted to be with her child. Although, you can't blame her at all, I would probably do the same thing even though I would be the father not mother. The writers let her work part time so it was their call. I just hope Ellen sticks it out long enough to get us more MerDer story lines.


@ Noelle Don't worry no offense taken i wasn't upset about your comment i was upset because i thought that i was misunderstood hence i had the impression that i offended you somehow without having the intention to :):).... But i get it you are so upset by all the feud that's been created coverning her departure and as an fan you're upset i totally get it but you know with celebrities these things happen they are most of the times missunderstood could be in her case.... but you know you shouldn't be surprised 'cose these things sell if they right it or make a buzz so it's a natural thing to people on the spotlight.... Now i'm happy that we cleared the air :) so don't worry about it it's hard to get the right impression when we're only writing 'cose voice intonation and physical language can help convey the right idea unfortunatly this isn't the case in written conversations so i totally get it i hope i didn't sound harsh yhis wasn't my intention at all just wanted to clear the air nothing more :) Cheers :)


@joan Definitely wasn't jumping your bones or saying your opinion was wrong. I also must have misread the intent of your posts and I apologize, however, the vibe that I am getting from really anyone that badmouths her is that they think she's worthless and her saying she wanted to leave the show because of her daughter was crap, etc. I think she probably mentions the show because she DOES miss it. I think a lot of her complaining was meant to be as a joke, and people took it too seriously because of all the supposed drama. Like on Letterman when she talked about the 17 hours and being worked so hard.. it was an attempt at a joke, and everyone took it as her seriously complaining. Please don't take anything I said as an attack on you. I think you might need to re-read my own post and see I was not angry at you, one bit. I was merely upset at the myriad of people who bad mouth everything she does/says and then this site has to add more fuel to the fire when they mention stuff that happened months ago, you know what I mean? It's almost like they WANT to see the comments. I, for one, do not. I don't know KH, so I have no idea what she's like in real life. She could really be all the horrible things people are saying. But I honestly don't think that's who she is, but unfortunately from the situations she's gotten herself into, she's been perceived as those things, and it's hard for her to get out of that hole she dug herself in. And that sucks. Again, I'm definitely not trying to argue, and I'm sorry if it comes off that way. You can't really understand tone with a medium such as this.


@ Noelle Please go back to my posts and read what i wrote carefully before jumping my bones... I never judged her for leaving the show or for her parenting ways nor have i or anyone the right to do that and if you read carefully i said it's her choice to leave and i respect that i never judged nor i have the right to judge her choices so please don't put things in my mouth that i didn't say or mean... The comment about Ellen going back to work was not to slam KH it wasn't aimed at KH but it was to make a point that sometimes fans me included get upset(few MerDer scenes)without taking facts into consideration which in this case Ellen cutting back her working hours so it wasn't at all a criticism to KH and i agree with you every mom has to decide what to do when she have a baby regarding her work and every mom has to do what is best for her and her baby so all i ask you to do is please go back and read my post and you can see that i wasn't aiming KH about the maternity leave she has every right to take all the time she needed to be with her daughter and i respect that... I respect her decision to leave the show it's her right but i have a problem with her saying now that she feels left out after leaving the show so saying that after 3 years of constantly asking to leave so they finally accepted is a little bit hard for me to beleive( i read it in a Q&A interview so it wasn't an inside source or anything) As for how she is using the show all the interviews that she gave recently whether on TV or written interviews most of the times without even being asked she mentions the show and we know that she's doing those interviews to promote her movie with Ashton Kutsher so i wasn't even thinking about commercials of her movies during the show 'cose that's pure marketing and that's a clever step of her part and her team and as long as ABC doesn't have a problem with it why should i that's a brilliant step so again i wasn't referring to commercials but to her interviews and again that's my impression and i'm entitled to my opinion and your entitled to yours i never used a disrespectful word or slammed her and if you feel that i did and because it wasn't my intention and as a fan of hers you felt offended i apologize it wasn't my intention.... Now that been said please chill there's no need to create a feud you have your opinion i may not agree with it but i respect it so please i may be wrong in your eyes but please respect mine... Sorry again didn't mean to offend :) Peace :)


@joan How is KH using the show to promote her movies? If you're talking about the commercials for her movies showing up during the show's commercials, she doesn't control that. If anything, I'm sure the people who determine what commercials show figure KH's fans still watch Grey's and figure they'll want to see her movie. Furthermore, parenting changes people in different ways. Ellen came back, and that's great, but we don't know her reasons for coming back. I'm sure it wasn't because she had no problem leaving her child. She is probably aware that as the main character, not being there a lot would cause some issues with the storyline. I have no clue. No one will. But please don't assume that KH could have stayed, or that her reasoning for leaving because of her child is not true (as others have said that and you've agreed with their statements). Mothers feel different ways about work after they have children, and this applies to every day people, not just celebrities. Some feel they can still work, and others feel they just can't do it. Working on movies AND working on a TV show would have left Katherine barely enough time to spend with her daughter. She had to pick which career she wanted, and she chose movies. This is in part why I hate when this site posts stuff about KH. They add more fuel to the fire, and everyone bad mouths her, and they don't know everything that went on. She left the show, let's leave it at that. You don't see any postings about TR Knight after he left.


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