Blake Lively in Vogue: Surfing, Sizzling

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is featured in the new issue of Vogue, which would make the third time in under two years, if we're not mistaken, and she looks gorgeous.

That's pretty much obvious when you're talking about Blake Lively pictures, of course. It's pretty hard to go wrong (and easy to see why Vogue wanted her yet again).

Follow this link for Vogue's surfing-themed feature on the stunning California girl and click to enlarge the images of the Gossip Girl actress from the magazine below ...

Blake Lively Vogue Cover Picture
So Swell
Smoking Hot Blake Lively Picture
Black and White Blake L.
Blake Swimsuit Pic
Surf is Up Man
Skin Tight
Blake Bikini Pic
On Board

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wow, gorgeous. my husband just met and hung out with her and penn in new orleans. he said she was a total sweetheart.


How can you say she is HIDEOUS? Someone who is hideous is, idk, someone obese, with pimples all over his body, who doesn't wash and have pieces of crips in his head. You cant say about a girl like Blake that she is HIDEOUS. Please. Just say you don't find her attractive.


#1 girl crush right there :O


Blake is a goddess.


God,she is so beautiful!

Gossip de la girl

I only wish. Kay, she's beyond stunning. And really down to earth.


I just bought it 2day :)
She is just so perfect...And I want her body... :P


i actually think she is hideous.
i don't understand what is pretty about her.


How can someone be possibly soooo perfect!


Gorgeus and sweet.. That's definitely the perfect combination :))


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