Bones Episode Stills: "The Boy with the Answer"

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As previois Bones spoilers have revealed, a couple will get married on the May 20 season finale; while producer Stephen Nathan says developments between Breenan and Booth will be “the next logical emotional step after what happened in the 100th.”

Before we get to those mysteries, however, the show will air a new episode this Thursday.

It focuses on the Gravedigger's trial, as Brennan and Angela testify and the remains of a child may provide evidence that puts this killer away.

Watch the official promo for "The Boy with the Answer" and get a look at scenes from it via the following photos.

Brennan as a Witness
Doing Research
Important Bones
Courtroom Scene

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Wait to see the episode, it is kind of special and it leaves you with a what the hell just happened at the end between Booth and Brennan, it is a lot emotive and frustrating.


yup it's Daisy & Sweets


A couple will get will be Daisy and Sweets.


I don't believe a couple will get married in the season finale. I believe that wedding we heard about was Angela and Hodgins last week. Hart never said it was in the finale, no one did, it was just coming up, and it has.


Bones Quotes

Sometimes the best things in life happen against the odds.


Booth: You know, when I say heartbreaking you say the heart is a muscle, so it can't break. It can only get crushed.
Brennan: Isn't it heartcrushing?
Booth: You want to go to his funeral?
Brennan: Yes, I would. Then she won't be alone.
Booth: You know what, Bones? Sometimes I think your heart muscle is bigger than people give you credit for.

Bones Music

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Fearless Fearless Cyndi Lauper iTunes
The world is The World Is... Matthew Ryan iTunes
Song Rain Or Shine Matthew Perryman Jones