Bones Spoilers for Season Six: Big Changes, Time Jump Ahead!

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Last month, the Bones cast said major changes were ahead on the show's fifth season finale.

They were't kidding. (Warning: stop reading right now if "The Beginning in the End" is sitting unwatched on your DVR...)

On this week's shocking episode, Brennan left for a year-long research project in the Maluku Islands; Booth headed off to Afghanistan; Angela and Hodgins jetted to Paris. The whole gang split up - and while we'll be seeing them again in September, producer Stephan Nathan says some major time will have gone by in their lives.

“The start of the season will have Booth and Brennan meeting [12 months later] at the coffee cart, and the series will start again... though on very different footing,” he told “There will be big changes.”

Choices, Choices

Such as (gulp!) new relationships for Booth and/or Brennan? These two will meet up again, but "perhaps not alone," Nathan teased. He added:

“There’s a potential for a new recurring character or two next season.”

After multiple seasons, the producer said: “Our intention was to really shake things up, so that we don’t just come back with the same dynamic.”

Mission very much accomplished! What did you think of these developments? Are you worried about the show? Or, to cite one of last night's Bones quotes, are you taking the attitude "here's to change?"

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will Zack ever come back


I didn't watch much of this last Season and was shocked by the Episode tonight with them all going in separate directions. That said, I stopped watching it because I saw an interview online with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanal at least 2 Seasons ago and when asked if and when their characters would get together they said, NEVER because they've learned from other T.V, Shows that it's a definite killer to a Series so although there would be teasers of the possibility of it happening,"It Won't!" Which is why I lost interest in the show. I even entertained the idea of it MAYBE being worth watching if they showed at least MORE of the teasers of the possibility of them getting together but they keep driving them farther and farther apart. Although I like the plots of the show I've definitely given up watching it. I think they've made a BIG mistake. {:-(


I missed the last few eps of season 5, after Bones told Booth she couldn't be with him I sort of lost interest (and I've been watching since season 1). The fact that he is going to have a new girlfriend for season 6? No, that doesn't make me want to watch either. You'd think after 5 years they'd be getting them together, the whole will they or won't they has just become boring and frustrating to me, so I am not DVRing this season. And I am SO glad I haven't bought the DVD's....


My wife and I just started watching Bones in July and are almost done with Season 5. We were unhappy with the change in Bones and Booth relationship after The Part of the Sum of the Whole. It was very heartbreaking. It really kind of takes the fun out of the series. Hopefully this new direction with Booth in a relationship won't last long. However, I also think that the story, as it currently stands, ends when Bones gives in to her feelings for Booth. We just liked things the way they were :(


I am an bones junkie!!! I watch new and old episodes. I agree with the previous comments. It's kind of interesting that they haven't gotten together but realize that they should, at least on Booth's part. I don't think I would continue to watch if B/B don't get together. It's been a wild ride but I would like to see them as a cople eventually. I was disappointed when she refused him in the last season.


There is no way that B/B aren't going to get together! If they each are with other people its going to take the show in a direction non of us want to see.


I agree. They will push veiwers away if they come back w/ other lovers. If they do, they can't make them in a serious relationship, but only to make them realize their feelings for one another. I hope they come to a conclusion, before they get cancelled like Crossing Jordan!! What a let down!


I dunno, pretty high chance of jumping the shark if they actually get together. I bet one of them will come back with a SO.


Anybody know when the new season starts? I loved the end of the 5th , and can not wait for Bones and Booth to return to meet face to face! The love between them is quite contagious to those who see! is impossible not to like what exists between them, I think that the rationality of Bones and Booth that conveys emotion, makes them the prefect couple. Because opposites attract.
Who says that reason and emotions do not mix, we are completely wrong!


I have not watched broadcast TV in several years, but the cover of the Bones DVD at a local store caught my eye. I bought the first season and was hooked, I returned and bought seasons 2,3,4 and then
downloaded season 5 from itunes to my ipod Touch. I think that each season has been an improvement and built on each previous
season and I agree with most people that B/B relationship needs
to flourish.

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