Brothers & Sisters Season Finale Review: Sifting Through the Wreckage

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On the season finale of Brothers & Sisters, the Walkers finally uncovered the mystery of Narrow Lake, finding fortune on a road trip. Unfortunately, they also found tragedy.

"On the Road Again" was an episode that tied up some loose ends while opening plenty of new doors for our characters - those who survive last night's events - to explore.

As the show seeks to re-boot next fall, reportedly with the help of a time jump, one has to wonder if Robert, Saul and/or Holly will be there for the Season Five premiere.

There are times when Brothers & Sisters is so melodramatic, it's hard to take seriously. There are times, though, like Sunday, when that melodrama leaves one near tears.

As Rebecca and Justin ran toward the scene of the car crash, we knew what they'd find there - Robert, unresponsive. But it didn't lessen the emotional devastation one bit.

The accident was the convergence of many characters and story lines.

Saul Holden Picture

Saul (Ron Rifkin) played a critical, sad role last night.

Robert and Kitty were the first to hit the overturned truck, followed by the rest of the crew coming from Scotty and Saul’s new restaurant. Rebecca and Justin got a late start and were spared, but Rebecca was on the phone with Holly, who had major news.

She, Nora, and Sarah had struck water at Narrow Lake. That's right, Nora had paid for more digging and the company found an aquifer - one of the deepest ever found.

Ojai Foods? So 2009. Ojai Water Co.? Bring it on!

But Rebecca was disconnected from Holly, which was another of those ominous moments. A celebration of what should have been a joyous moment cut tragically short.

The same was true of Saul, a glue character whose story line was perhaps the most moving last night. A gay man growing up in a different era, he'd never been tested.

At the urging of Kevin, Scotty and Nora, he finally tested - negative - for HIV. But a shocking twist came when Kevin rushed to the aid of his bloodied uncle after the crash.

“Don’t touch me! You can’t!” he exclaimed.

Drawing attention to HIV, and to older gay men who never experienced the relatively tolerant life Scotty and Kevin do, was a plot point you'd only see on Brothers & Sisters.

Ron Rifkin is always terrific as a supplementary character, but we've really enjoyed him these past few weeks as something of the family patriarch, but with unique baggage.

Meanwhile, Sarah, Scotty and Nora appear to be fine as we sift through the wreckage of the awful crash. Holly was trapped in the car, and Justin tended to Kitty and Robert.

One of the most powerful moments came when Rebecca screamed for Justin to come help Holly, and Robert told Justin to go. Do you think that Robert knew he was dying?

It appeared that by telling Justin to help someone else, he could have died saving them, a heroic death befitting of his character. Holly is in bad shape, but should survive.

We hope.

Sen. Robert McAllister

Sen. Robert McAllister (Rob Lowe) went out on top.

Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart both killed what will be their final scenes together. Kitty had told Robert that she loved both the hero and the vulnerable man he's become.

As he sat there dazed, he told Kitty that he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Evan, but Kitty, so strong and loving, absolutely would. Then, he went silent.

It's a little dusty in here even as we write this.

It was subtly perfect, tragic and real. When someone you love dies, how do you even react? Not like you see on TV or in the movies - typically. Maybe the way we saw here.

Kitty didn't yell for help as he slipped away. Perhaps this was her own way of convincing herself it isn’t happening, and perhaps we can just never prepare for such moments.

As Nora yelled Kitty's name, you knew it was all over. But you also knew that the mother who butts heads with her over so many things would comfort her like only she can.

Also marvelous last night was Sally Field. For all the times she's a nagging mother who sticks her nose where she doesn't belong, Nora is always, always there for her kids.

With Robert gone, will the potential scandals unearthed by Stanton - and his wife's campaign - die with him? Will Kitty move on and win the U.S. Senate seat, or stop running?

What did you think of the Brothers & Sisters season finale? Are you sorry to see Robert leave us? Where would you like the show to go next? Comment below!


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je trouve completement absurde d'avoir supprimer robert , je trouve que son role dans la serie est important parce que sans robert , holly , rebecca et scotty , la famille walker toute seule , ne ressemble plus a rien , et les histoires sont de moins en moins credibles ...


this sucks, why did robert have to go :l quit killing off all the good characters


Again, I am saddern that Rob Lowe is gone from the show. I hate to see it, he was the only sensible and calm family member. He completed Kitty. I really dont like losing Robert (rob Lowe)Tommy and Emily (Rebecca) These are wonderful and great actors. Please DONT let any other actor/actress leave, You are killing the show. Each and every one of them makes the show perfect, even have ken (Olin) makes the show-losing any of them is a real sadness. I definetly look forward to the comming of he show and have it on my calendar. I had purchase all the season's already.
This show was my life saver in 2006 when healing from serious surgery. it brought laughter and kept me alive unknown I was going through a life matter.


i was so sad that the killed of robert i started to cry. it sad to c your love one died in front of u. i cant wait for the next season to c wat happen


OMG my heart sank when I realised they were were killing off Robert I am still shedding tears. So not fair!!


I will miss Robert. Robert and Kitty story line was great, their relationship. So sad he has gone.


i am soooo sad rob is gonee
i was cryingg !
why did they take his part away?
what happened to saul?
does holly survive?


I am sooooooo sad to see Robert leave! I cried! I his character and kitty's and the way they were together. What will happen now with kitty? She's already been put thru so much and new her husband is dead? and holly i like her and all but she has caused the family so much pain and i do not want to see justin and rebeca separate they are perfect for each other. i love this show and i will continue to watch it but i really wish rob lowe had not decided to leave......


It was a great season finale! Well, Robert died, and even if I can't wait to see what they are gonna do know I do feel bad for Kitty. And I almost started cry in the last scene, and when Robert said that he would wait for the ambulance.


I loved it. Total shocker with Saul... He played it off so well in front on Nora. And yes, I am sorry to see Robert go... I really like he and kittys story line. Kept the show centered on how it started... Idk where I want it to go next... I like the surprise... Good season finale!!

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