Desperate Housewives Season Seven: The Official Synopsis

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Desperate Housewives concluded this season with two major teases:

  1. There was a baby switch at the hospital years ago;
  2. And Mark Moses is back as Paul.

We also know that Vanessa Williams will be joining the cast in the fall (hooray!).

So, what else can fans mull over this summer? ABC has released a statement regarding season seven. It doesn't reveal any major storylines, but it hints at various developments:

After losing her business, Bree begins the process of rebuilding her life by telling Gaby a secret that could end their friendship; Lynette and Tom face a rough road ahead as they welcome a fifth child to their ever growing brood; and Susan and Mike's financial woes have forced them to rent out their house and leave Wisteria Lane. But when Paul Young mysteriously returns to the neighborhood as the new tenant, suspicions will rise.

Bree with Gaby

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rwanita and celia for sure because gaby is so sexy and the kids are elfhants


It can't be Andrew and Zach because Zach is not really Paul youngs son remember he is mikes, so that wouldn't make sense. Mj is too young as the secret has been held for ages, before he was born, i'm guessing. Either Sam and Andrew or Danielle and Julie. But i can not wait to find out!!


It's only one of the families on Wisteria lane - leaving only two options.
1. A new unknown character will have to enter or 2. Sam and Andrew were switched. Sam lied about so many things, he could have lied about his age as well. Also, it would explain why Rex was so eager to talk Sam's mother into letting him get sole custody of the boy. He must have found out somehow and tried negotiating before telling Bree and possibly losing Andrew. They didn't exactly wrap up the blackmail storyline last season, and this would tie everything together quite nicely, leaving plenty of room for drama. The only thing wrong with this theory is that it leaves the drama unbalanced - a little too heavy on the Bree side considering everything that is going on already with her character.


Regarding the mix up at birth, what about JULIE & DYLAN(the first Dylan); The girls were the same age. julie and katherine both redheads.


has to be Zach and Andrew, why else would Paul Young be back, he really has no other reason to be back his families gone...


I think it is Bree's son and her step-son!


i don't know who it is, but i have a feeling its MJ & Paige Dash (Dave's dead daughter)...and if its not one of them then i think it could be one of Lynette's kids. but then it could be Gaby because in series 2 she got told she couldn't have kids, and even her egg was denied when they found a surrogate mum, but if she has two kids it might not be.




Surely it can't be Zach and Andrew... cause Zach was from Utah if I remember right? And as for a child being switch with a child of a different sex... surely when it's born and the whole "it's a x" is played out, someone would have noticed the difference? xD Though I do think it could be MJ... which is a shame, because if they end up casting a new child and they take over MJ's role within the family... I think I'd miss MJ! ):


HEY! The switch is andrew and zach......because they were born at the same time.....the storyline of paul is bought in because zach! it makes sence if any one would have noticed .... it could not be Mj because the nurse was carrying the secret for years....mj was not born at the switch!!! any other questions let me know