Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr: Still On!

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Are Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr still together?

Reports surfaced in early April that he dumped her following her cheating (or at least flirting) with a close friend. Reps for the stars denied the report, however, and that was it.

For the most part. Other sources said they remained estranged, although little was confirmed one way or the other. Until perhaps this week, when they were seen out and about.

Though the couple didn't attend the Met Gala together (which led some to think they were on the outs), the two Gossip Girl cuties looked happy together at the Grove in L.A.

See below ...

Ed and Jess at the Grove

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When i read that v must die and that she has not fans,i just do not care becouse i know she has...seasch at google and see them..we adore her! Get a job haters and bitters.. P.s like i respect the others characters,i wont to respect mine favourite! Grow up! And jed are hot,jess is cute with her hat.


wow.. the person who said they hope that jessica gets shot in real life.. is that really necessary? you're talking about a real, live, human being, not some character on a tv show. think before you speak


I mean she isn't ugly, but I am not a Szohr fan, I really am not.




Boooo cheater!!!!
I hope she gets her karma this time
hopefully next time its Ed's turn to cheat with someone far better than her...I thought Ed would look cute together with Demi Lovato but too bad she's already with Joe Jonas :(


They make a cute couple, glad they are still together.


GRRR!! Ed you deserve so much better!


Why would they need to split up and reunite for publicity? They were already being pap'd on a regular basis. Absence makes the heart grow fonder... maybe Ed's decided to give Jess another chance. Yes, the CW has a lot of fauxmances going on but I lean towards believing Ed really cares for Jess... I'm just less sure of her feelings for him. In interviews when he moved to NYC, he's come off as somewhat naive and very non-h'wood savvy. Perhaps the CW got lucky that Ed liked Jess and Jess liked the idea of being linked to an up-and-coming actor who happens to be hot and nice. Have to say though, they don't look as chummy in the newer photos as before the rumors of a split - but it takes time to rebuild trust. Doesn't mean it's fake. At least, for him.


Regardless, the pictures just look too fake to me.
And, on a side note, he is just looking so fine lately. He is definitely not the chubby bunny he was last year/after season 1. ugh. he is definitely making that t-shirt and jeans look good.


maybe Leighton is really dating Sebastian so there's nothing they can do about it :(
And Chace already had people talking by dating Carrie Underwood
I dunno maybe they really date each other but I'm conviced they'll go their separate ways when GG is over!


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