Fringe Review: Best of the Season!

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OK, this was really by far the best episode on Fringe to date! 

On “Northwest Passage”, we learned the true identity of the man that has crossed into our dimension... and we must say we knew who he was all along!  We rate this episode our first five out of five stars, it was really that good!  Soon the entire storyline of Peter and Walter Bishop(s) will unravel, and we are so excited to see what will happen next between father(s) and son. 

In this episode, Peter solves a few murders in a small town in Washington.  The two victims’ deaths are directly related to Thomas Newton.  Newton is really always at the center of something bad, isn’t he?  Makes you wonder about those on the Other Side.  Are they all like Newton?

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Newton is able to cut a piece of his victim’s brain to read his/her thoughts.  Honestly, it was a bit too grotesque to watch!  I had to turn away as Newton removed a piece of Krista’s brain, amidst her screaming for her life.  We honestly were a bit surprised by the level of violence in this scene.  What did you think?

Peter then figures out that Krista’s death is somehow connected to him, and makes it his mission to solve the case.  He does so successfully, but without linking the murders to his bizzare theories about Thomas Newton.  It seems everything is going to be alright, until…

Peter then goes back to his hotel and gets a visit from Newton, and his father, his REAL father.  Walternate, from the alternate universe!  We really knew it all along and even called it on our last review of “Brown Betty”!!!

Now to the real questions, especially after viewing the previews to next week’s episode:

  • Why has it taken Walternate so long to locate his son?
  • Will Peter remain in our world?
  • Why do the Observers feel so protective over Peter?
  • Will Peter ever forgive our Walter?
  • Is Walternate evil?
  • How is Peter linked to the end of the world???  Say what?

With only two more episodes left, we are very excited to see what will happen next!  We have the feeling our dear Walter will somehow figure out a way to save the day.  We just hope that includes keeping Peter Bishop on our side, and on our show.  We still wonder if Olivia and Peter are destined to be together, and hope one day they will get their chance!

Fringe is such a fun ride! Here are a few of our favorite Fringe quotes to keep you entertained until next week:
Walter: Do you know what you are putting into our bodies? Death, delicious strawberry flavored death. | permalink
Peter: I'm sorry. I needed to know your blood was still red.
Mathis: What other color would it be? | permalink
Peter: I don't know who I am anymore. | permalink
Peter: Technically I'm from no place you've ever heard of, but let's just say Boston. | permalink


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Is Walternate evil? as evil as pur walter, he also did some horrible things, like what he put olivia trought and the other kids.
How is Peter linked to the end of the world??? Say what? here i hacve no clue


Why has it taken Walternate so long to locate his son? - i think he also went to saint. claires
Will Peter remain in our world? cant say, he belongs on the other side, as much as i like "our" side caracters, he belongs in the other siede
Why do the Observers feel so protective over Peter? - maybe he is envolved in the end of the world, but also is the only one who cant stop it
Will Peter ever forgive our Walter? of course he will, but still he belongs on the other side, maybe at the end he saves both worlds and comes visit
Is Walternate evil?
How is Peter linked to the end of the world??? Say what?