Glee Clip: Puck and...Mercedes?!?

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Many Glee viewers are on Team Puckleberry.

But will hey get aboard Team MercePuck?

On next week's new episode, we already know that Rachel loses her voice. In an equally disturbing development, meanwhile, Puck loses his edge. How will he get it back? It's simple, the proud Jew thinks:

Date Mercedes. Or, to actually get inside his head (via the clip below) date the "black girl from Glee club whose name I can't remember right now..."

[video url="" title="Puck's Plan"] [/video]

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this video made me laugh each time as if i had NEVER watched it
HILARIOUS! i cant wait for tonight


I don't even think they deserve a nickname, lol.


NOOOO!!!!! I


Lol. YouTube comments said Puckcedes too. :) Couldn't stop laughing at the video. :) Can't wait until Tuesday!


isnt puck together with the pregnant girl anymore? did i miss anything?


Well it doesn't surprise me. Ryan Murphy basically said he would make out with almost every female on the show. Maybe he does a bet with the jocks in how he can nail every girl at the club. That would be very Puck of him. Btw MercePuck is kinda bad. Puckcedes sounds better.


lol. hair-brained and so puck

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[to Kurt] You know, these Mounds bars are delicious, but you have to eat them. If you just hold them in your hand hoping that you might get to eat them one day, they're going to melt and you'll look like somebody just pooped in your hand. Don't let waiting for things to maybe work out with Blaine turn you into the guy who looks like somebody just pooped in their hand.


I just want somebody to love me.