Glee Review: "Laryngitis"

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Who is Rachel without her voice? Who is Puck without his edge? Who is Kurt without his... gayness?

This week's Glee episode tackled these questions, as "Laryngitis" forced characters to look at themselves in a new light.

Rachel, of course, couldn't begin to see herself as anyone worthy of anything unless her voice worked. Who would have expected Finn, not typically the most profound, intelligent student at William McKinley, to have the solution to Rachel's problem: a paralyzed football player that truly knows what it's like to lose a lot in life.

Lea Michele was magifiicent in every scene with this character, evolving from awkward and silent to comfortable and full of teary-eyed song.

Kurt and Father

Puck's storyline was more a source of humor, and it paid off in every way: Mercedes referring to herself as a popular, "steaming mug of hot chocolate;" Puck trying to woo her by explaining the history of blacks and Jews; Puck comparing himself to a "sex shark."

All great stuff and all resulting in a pair of great musical numbers: "Lady is a Tramp" and "The Boy is Mine." Both are available in our Glee music section.

Meanwhile, would anyone object if Mike O'Malley joined the cast full-time as Kurt's father? Incredibly, this is the comedian's first real dramatic role - and he nails every scene he's in.

Kurt's struggle to bond with his father was emotional and well-done, but I'm sorry. All that resonates with me from it is the hilarious idea of Kurt trying to hook up with Brittany, beginning with this line from the dim cheerleader:
Brittany: You're pretty much the only guy in this school I haven't made out with because I thought you were capital G gay. But now that I know you're not, having a perfect record would mean a lot to me. Let me know if you wanna tap this. | permalink

There was very little Sue Sylvester this week, but Brittany made up for it with a few gems.

Overall, the storylines were once again a mess (so... Quinn is living with Puck's family now, not Finn's? But her and Puck aren't exlusively dating? And didn't Jesse break up with Rachel last week?), but loyal viewers don't tune in for logical plot developments.

We want fun, heart-wrenching singles and funny quotes. This episode provided both, the latter of which we've listed below:

Sue: I'll have to take to the mic and deliver a diatribe. Probably something about immigrants. | permalink
Mr. Hummel: If things get serious, use protection.
Brittany: Does he mean like a burglar alarm? | permalink
Kurt: I need you to respect my privacy. Brittany and I were just having sexual relations. | permalink
Rachel: I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live. | permalink
Sue: I'm gonna make it a habit to not stop and talk to students because this has been a colossal waste of my time. | permalink
Puck: I'm a sex shark. If I stop moving, I die.
Mercedes: Me and you would not work out. You're top 40. I'm rhythm and blues. | permalink


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they never realyy explainde the quinn puck relationship..when did it end and why? they're all of a sudden not together anymore! that pisses me off because i loved them as a couple! I want more quick or puinn time!


I'm so dissapointed with this episode! I was totally confused with Puck/Quinn storylines! Jeez, what's wrong with the writers???!!! In "bad rep" eps, Puck/Quinn holding hands, even Tina said that Quinn is Puck's GF, n now Puck said they're not dating. Argh!!


I got bored...
week episode, sorry.


I agree about enough with the Kurt storyline, although Mike O'Malley is fantastic. Kurt is really starting to irriate me, your Dad is great, what do you have to contantly whine about? Puck just kills me-the writers must love writing his lines and Mark Salling is just so good and man, can he sing!! I usually object to manwhore characters but he is just so sexy and funny. Great Ep, music was strong but I fast forwarded through Kurt's showtune song, bleck. Lea Michele is such a good actress and nails every scene. Didn't miss that grosso Jesse one little bit. I just don't like that Santana girl, she gets on my nerves! The cast is so excellent, can't wait for NGH and the Joss Whedon ep next week, I'm a total Buffy the Vampire Slayer geek so I'm thrilled.


Personally, I want to see more Artie/Tina storyline and chances to sing! I also want more Quinn storyline and singing - and when is that baby going to come out? What's her plotline going to be then? The baby can't stay there forever - is she going to keep it or not? So many questions; no answers yet!


Is anyone else tired of Kurt's story, which is constantly rehashed over and over? I mean I thought that it was really good in Episode Two, but now I'm sick of it. He comes off as needy and manipulative. Last Kurt centric ep he manipulated his dad and Finn's mom together for his own purposes, then got angry with the results, again needing reassurance from his father. Maybe I'm on the outside but I want Kurt's daddy issues laid to rest.


when are we going to see Quinn and Puck together?they are perfect for each other, i mean they have a baby together too and the only thing we get to see is Puck fooling around with Rachel,Santana and Mercedes.for gods sake when they are going to be TOGETHER?


Meh, ok episode! Kurt and his daddy issues been played out over and over so I think i've had enough of the angsty scenes followed by Kurts father reassuring him! Someone get him a boyfriend stat so we can move on! In saying that, I loved his solo on the stage! Incredible as always! I loved seeing shameless Puck too and I think I almost melted with his rendition of the lady is a tramp! Yum! Too many things though are just being skimmed over and left at a loose end. Finn confessed how much he liked Rachel in a brilliant solo yet she barely flinched. The Quinn story is also left hanging with a miniscule insight into where she's been hiding! We need more!


I was really impressed with all the singing in this episode. I liked hearing Puck sing and finally getting to hear Santana. I am still waiting to hear Brittany sing now.


It was called Laryngitis for a reason losing part of yourself from something u can't control w/ rachel it was actual laryngitis feeling that w/o her voice she is nothing but in the end realizes it was not.Puck had the belief that it was the mohawk but glee was starting to change peoples perception of him which was out of his hands & thought he could get back by using Mercedes in the end didn't work he is starting to see the change & didn't look 2 sad abt. it. Kurt is seeing a father & son relationship develop between his father & Finn which he can't stop & is a part of his father he can't change so he tries. His father realizes what he's doing & has the little talk of I can't & don't want you to change & the MAN!!! stuff he wants 2 do & wont force him 2 he does w/ finn @ the end it was him accepting his dad for what he was a STRAIGHT MAN.

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