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I've got a problem with Kurt.

I loved the episode "Theatricality." I was moved by Rachel and Shelby's reunion, I've already purchased their cover of "Poker Face," I laughed out loud at the Lady Gaga costumes, and I thought the Twilight/vampire references were hilarious and brilliant.

But let's talk about my problem with Kurt first.

He's a great character (played by a great actor), yet he was totally in the wrong last night. Yes, Finn crossed the line when he used the word "faggy," and I agreed with every word of Burt Hummel's speech regarding it. Still, take away that word and let's look at the fight that led up to it:

Finn was forced to adjust to a new family and a new living situation. He was sharing a room with someone attracted to him, which would be uncomfortable whether Kurt was gay, a girl or simply much older or younger than him. Finn had every right to be upset. So I wish the show had let Kurt realize the error of his ways for a change.

He's flamboyant and he's proud of being different and that's admirable. But Kurt is not always right. He's proud of being his own person, but he doesn't let others be who they are. His father is as understanding as can be, yet Kurt got mad because he took Finn to a baseball game. This week's episode concluded with Finn in a dress, coming to Kurt's rescue.

But why couldn't Finn be an athlete and a singer? Why couldn't he be someone absolutely accepting of Kurt and his lifestyle, yet want no part of it for himself? Sometimes, I wish the show would be less focused on standing up for the insecure minority and more focused on creating layered characters that break free from their stereotypes.

Simply put, Kurt owes Finn a major apology and I hope it comes next week.


But enough with my complaints (except this one: no Sue Sylvester?!?). I enjoyed this Lady Gaga-inspired hour thoroughly and here's why:

  • The outfits. Simply amazing.
  • Puck's serenation of Quinn and their baby was as moving as anything Glee has done. I was just like Quinn when it was over: speechless (but with fewer tears running down my cheek).
  • Tina to Will, regarding Figgins: "I think he thinks vampires are real." Will's response: "Me too." HA!
  • Also: Tina's mom thinks Kristen Stewart is a bitch.
  • The reunion between Rachel and Shelby was handled perfectly. It would be great if they met and instantly hit it off, but it would also be unrealistic. Instead, we get to see this relationship develop and, if we're treated to any more duets like "Poker Face," it will be an incredible journey.

What did you think of the episode? Enjoy the following Glee quotes from it:

Puck: While Jackie Daniels is a great name for a power boat or something, it's not great for a baby girl. | permalink
Kurt: What is your problem? It's just a moist towelette! | permalink
Finn: We live in Ohio, not New York... or some other city where people eat vegetables that aren't fried. | permalink
Brittany: You look terrible. I look awesome. | permalink
Rachel: When I was little and I was sad, my dads would bring me a glass of water. It got to a point where I didn't know if I was sad or thirsty. | permalink
Kurt: She changes her look faster than Britt changes sexual partners.
Brittany: It's true. | permalink
Tina: I know who I am and I'm not allowed to show it. It's like Communism. | permalink


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I don't agree with everyone here saying Kurt was being creepy. I think he's just THEATRICAL which was the whole point of the episode. So, to everyone who thinks Finns actions and words were even slightly acceptable, you might not be as open minded as you think. Finn showed solidarity with Kurt at the end. He wasn't changing who he was - he was just proving that he isn't afraid to be lumped together with the other Glee kids. Think about it - when Finn was caught putting on his Kiss makeup, he didn't fight back because some part of him agreed with the other two kids - that being in Glee made him "bisexual." Think about who this show is geared toward - the UNDERDOG. The "freaks" and the "geeks." Of course there will be many storylines about Kurt. I think this was the PERFECT end to a story arch about his father's acceptance of his sexuality. To those who just find it annoying to focus on the gay kid, you are missing a larger allegory. And you might be a little homophobic.


kurt's father's reaction was right, finn was acting like a proper jerk, and i get that everyone thinks that kurt is a drama queen and that he is a coniving little bitch, but the whole moving thing was also kurt's way of acknowledging that he will never be with finn, so he at least want him as a brother. the whole arabian thing was kurt's way of trying to understand how to build a platonic relationship with him. finn comments about his fear of undressing in front of him were hurtful, and if i had been kurt's father i would have kicked him out immediately without any explanation. finn has been really annoying and unappealing this last couple of weeks.
glad tina is getting more screen time and that santana is finally singing
all the baby drama was boring, quinn and the other guy have no chemistry whatsoever it's depressing
oh, all the kiss parts were useless


I really don't like Kurt. Ergh. He's just so annoying and creepy. :|


The argument between Finn and Kurt was not played out well at all. Kurt has been creepy ever since he orchestrated his dad and Finn's mom dating. This climatic scene totally made Finn look like an evil guy and he's not. His whole life is being turned upside down and he's being pursued by someone he's not interested in. That by itself would be bothersome; but to find out you're now going to live with that person and share a room with him is too much. Yes, saying faggy was disrespectful. But he didn't call Kurt a fag, which would have been much worse and I think warranted the dad's wrath. But Kurt has gotten away with manipulation after manipulation. As a gay man, I was excited to see how Kurt's character was initially being portrayed. Now he's nothing more than a conniving and manipulative stereotypical gay guy.


You're right. All of them have improved their acting so much. O'Malley is amazing, such depth. Lea surprised me last week but she's getting better and better. But am i the only one who thinks that Cory has improved sooooo much since the beginning of the show?? Now he transfers much more feeling, he really got to me :)


I agree with much of what has been said here. I have to say, though, has anyone taken notice of Mike O'Malley's acting? As far as I know the guy has been almost strictly a comedian. I am continually blown away by him on this show. Whether you agree with the way things have been handled on the show recently, I can't help but notice how amazing he has been in playing this character week after week. A job well done, sir. Aside from that, I definitely think the Rachel/Shelby storyline was handled almost perfectly. More realistic than what you'd expect it to have been. Lea definitely shined last night. And Puck. The scene with him serenading Quinn was surprisingly moving. Part of me wants things to actually work out with them. I have heard that the birth scene has been done and both actors did an absolutely amazing job. Hope this is true!


Right on the mark! I too thought it was wrong to expect Fin to just accept things and change himself. This was a greatly missed opportunity to show people another way and not the way we already know.


I totally agree with this review. Finn was wrong when he used the F word but the whole situation was incredible unconfortable to him.
Rachel and her mom duet was beyond amazing! Really loved , already watched that scene several times , Lea did a great acting job this episode , she was depth, we could feel what Rachel was going through.
I'm really glad to see Rachel subtle changing in the last 3 episode, she 's been more introspective .
I love rachel characther since the first 13 episodes but I like her best these back 9.


i am glad other people feel the same way. i really felt for finn having to share a room with a boy who is attracted him after being told, "surprise!! we're leaving the house you grew up and you have to give up your bedroom and everything is changing! aren't you excited?!" you have to have some sympathy for the poor guy when kurt has done everything in his power to get close finn, even going so far as manipulating their parents' romance. however, i disagreed slightly with kurt's dad's speech when he basically said, "i thought you were different, that you just came into the world this way knowing what it took me 20 some odd years to figure out." it took him that long and he actually has a gay son, unlike finn whose possibly only contact with a gay individual is kurt. finn is a teenage boy in a small town that, unfortunately, isn't very gay friendly. why is finn held to a higher standard of tolerance when it took kurt's own father such a long time to become that way? and kurt's father probably only became so accepting after having a gay son and personally experiencing that situation. if not for this, he may have remained that same person he was 20 years ago. if kurt's dad had had a son who was the star quarterback and extremely masculine, would he still be a gay advocate? probably not. not that i am saying that finn is in the right, but i don't know why finn was expected to be born tolerant when kurt's own father had to travel down a path towards acceptance. i think that kurt's dad should have relayed his personal experiences to finn and tried to actually talk with him about why using "faggy" is hurtful and unacceptable. i think this would have gone further than just yelling at him for not automatically being understanding and accepting of something that is foreign and a little awkward for him.


This was an amazing episode, loved the twilight reference, agree with Tina's mum... Before the whole world starts yelling at me i've got to say i've got gay friends and lesbian friends. However i could perfectly understand Finn, and i was getting annoyed at Kurt as the episode kept going. I mean, we know we girls don't mind sharing a bed or whatever, but boys specially TEEN boys are different, and Kurt was being really pushy on Finn. It's been so obvious Kurt's infatuantion with Finn that even he noticed, so when the feeling is not mutual that's really uncomfortable, imagine having to share a room with that. Finn's reaction was wrong, but the Arabian Nights room was just too much for anyone, and i wish the writers would have made Kurt realize that, cause i really like that character. And Kurt's dad reaction was absolutely normal, it's his kid we're talking about after all...
Anyway, i think Finn was great in his final speech: here i am, in a shower curtain..
It was so touching.. He's good through and through :)

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