Glee Tease: Jonathan Groff Confirms Jesse is "Up to Something"

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We thought we had Jesse St. James all figured out.

This smooth singer was clearly planted by Vocal Adrenaline, tasked to get close to Rachel and spy on New Directions as Glee moves toward its season finale and accompanying Regionals competition... right?

But then Jesse broke up with Rachel on last night's episode, even telling her to ignore him at ballet practice. Not exactly a move made by a mole, is it?

So, what's the deal with your character, Jonathan Groff?

"He's certainly up to something, that's for sure," the actor told E! News. "My reasons for being at the high school are surprising. I was surprised. He has some surprises up his sleeves, none that I can reveal right now."

That's what we were afraid of.

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Groff, who starred on Broadway alongside Lea Michele, had more to say about his new co-workers:

"The great thing about Glee, truly and honestly, is that everyone in the cast is incredibly grounded, incredibly humble, incredibly hardworking and really nice and open. They're very, very welcoming. Arms wide open, accepting and embracing."

But back to Jesse: our guess is that he's actually getting close to Rachel in order to learn more about her... on behalf of her birth mother, Shelby Corcoran! What do you think of this theory?

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jessie is hott :P


Bet it'll turn out he's Mr Schue's son!


It is almost spooky how much Idina Menzel and Lea Michele look alike. It never occurred to me that she could be Rachel's mother! She was the reason why Jessie was "transfered" to her school. He is a spy. I kind of suspected that Jessie was up to something, but I think that he really is surprised that he is developing feelings for Rachel. That was not his intentions. I just LOVE Jonathan Groff as Jessie! I pray that he will be back next season. I was so bummed that he wasn't on this past week!!!!!


Wow, who cares if he is undercover or not. Good or bad... they need to keep him in Glee or I dont want to watch anymore. I loved the "Hello" duet, ESPECIALLY when he sings, "Or is someone loving you???" and the emotion he expresses in his song... the power and flirtation, and that underlying bad boy. Glee has created a character that EVERYONE will swoon after!! Bring us more Jesse St James!


Still hoping that Jesse becomes a main stay in Glee. He could be a great addition to New Directions


Lol. Wow. I just extended your theory. Sorry. D: But I agree (with some extending)


The resemblance between Idina Menzel and Lea Michele is like uncanny. o.o
So, Shelby sent Jesse to spy on New Directions but Shelby wanted Jesse to spy on Rachel. That's why she told him to date Rachel. Jesse fell in love with Rachel and then he broke up with her to spare her of heartbreak if she ever found out that he was working with Vocal Adrenaline.
My theory. :)


What if he's there for someone who isn't Rachel?
But yeah, the theory you presented is quite possible.


watching glee episodes is a great fun. My favorite episode was Power of Madonna.


Hm... "Most of the show choir directors I make out with are gay." Rachel has two gay dads. Coincidence? I think not.

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