Gossip Girl Casting Chuck's Mystery Girlfriend

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Last week, The CW released some very early, brief but juicy Gossip Girl Season 4 spoilers.

“Season 4 will open with a radiant Serena and Blair enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris," a press release from the network regarding the 2010-11 season reads. "Until Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity.”

Who is this new, mystery girlfriend? We obviously don't know yet, but we're going to find out.

This week, producers began the process of casting the recurring role of Eva, an utterly gorgeous female in her 20s or 30s who boasts a warm heart and an authentic French accent. Shooting begins in early July in both New York and Paris for the new season.

Any thoughts on who should play this new Gossip Girl character - or what her role will be?

Why do you think Chuck arrives in Paris, and has a new girlfriend? Discuss below!

A Reflection of Success

What will Season Four of Gossip Girl hold for the great Chuck Bass?

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Ugh, totally agree with what Miuccia/M are saying. Why does everyone forget what an ass his character was turned into?! He used to be lovable, but now it's just sickening. The only thing worse than his character now is how Blair still "pines" over him. We get that they're supposed to be in love, but WHEN did we ever see that? When they were teasing each other in a love/hate friendship thing, or in a DEAD-BORING monogamous relationship with no spark? Chair had the opportunity to be epic but it all went flat by 3x01. The writers suck and always will. ^ AGREEDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MEGAN FOX as C's girl, Eva!


Chuck really needs a break.


I think Chuck's mystery GF should be Isabel Lucas!!


I agree that the writers only using Chuck to create more drama!
He and Blair aren't supposed to be the leading actors on GG...thats Serena and Nate!
Serena and Nate are supposed to be like Rachel and Ross - in the sense that both are the leading actors among the group...while Chuck and Blair are supposed to be like Chandler and Monica - they are the main characters but not the leading ones...get what I mean?
So those dramas are supposed to happen to Serenate not Chair...Chair must get together sooner and live happily ever after without much problems just like Monica and Chandler!


ITA, Jack/Blair is worse than Chuck/Jenny? Why the writers made such a big deal of CJ but not of BJ? I am also getting tired of the writers only using Chuck to create drama. Give the guy some peace and happiness


Now that I think about it, why is Blair's character centered on Chuck and her fighting with insecurities by taking over schools? Why can't they give her a more "true-to-life" storyline like actually giving her a skill or talent that does not involve scheming? Leighton Meester can sing, right? Why not make Blair be part of the awesome NYC music scene and have her meet an unconventional guy in the process? Or if Chuck does not remember her due to memory loss, have her do something spanking cool that will somehow knock some of those memories back like her pin? Please give Blair a nicer, cooler spin, something that will have her wear better clothes than those we've seen this season. I'm giving out crazy suggestions because the writers of this show have redefines the entire definition of the word. As of this finale, EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN.


I love Chuck and Blair.
It's ok to have some drama between them as long as they end up together. Schwartz make it happen as soon as possible please. Chair fans want them together!


i love gossip girl, its like my tv bible so to say! i especially love the blair and chuck combination...best thing to have happened such a perfect couple KIND OF. for them to be apart for now is acceptable BUT THEY HAVE TO GET BACK. jenny and nate should be together to spice it up a bit!! serena and dan should try again BUT OTHER THAN THAT I LOVE THE SHOW! GOSSIP GIRL FOR THE WIN! i watch it on tv and have also bought the DVD SETS! awwww i love it so much! just bring blair and chuck together again, even if it means a few more obstacles such as a new girlfriend or whatever1 blair will figure it out and they will be back together I HOPE! :)B


I agree that they made blair and jack sound ok and jenny and chuck ( in the same situation) sounds like horrible. But tv show it´s always like that, in friends ( comedy) they make ross married emily, they always break up the couple then bring they close again.

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