Gossip Girl Casting Chuck's Mystery Girlfriend

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Last week, The CW released some very early, brief but juicy Gossip Girl Season 4 spoilers.

“Season 4 will open with a radiant Serena and Blair enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris," a press release from the network regarding the 2010-11 season reads. "Until Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity.”

Who is this new, mystery girlfriend? We obviously don't know yet, but we're going to find out.

This week, producers began the process of casting the recurring role of Eva, an utterly gorgeous female in her 20s or 30s who boasts a warm heart and an authentic French accent. Shooting begins in early July in both New York and Paris for the new season.

Any thoughts on who should play this new Gossip Girl character - or what her role will be?

Why do you think Chuck arrives in Paris, and has a new girlfriend? Discuss below!

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Blair sleeping with his uncle when she was sad and depressed is worse, IMO, than Chuck sleeping with Jenny when he was sad and depressed, but the writers made it look like Blair/Jack was something ok and forgivable while Chuck/Jenny not,UGH), Dan punching him, the disapproval look everyone gave him. And Jenny came out like a victim, when Chuck didnt force her to do anything. I think the writers want us to see Chuck as the villan and that Blair deserves better. But I love Chuck and Im tired of the show only using him to create drama. Let other characters be the bad guys too. This is so true...


i just don't get it. chair is by far the juciest couple on gg but the writes are keeping way to typical. chuck and blair are way to good for the old, "oh your cheated on me. i hate you. i love you again," storyline. the writers need to amp it up.


I think Chair would be great as a couple, but gg writers are just stupid, they dont know how to put two interesting charactes as Chuck and Blair together. Instead of watching them being sexy, evil, funny together, we had to see Chuck act as a 40 year old and Blair as an annoying 5 year old in the first half of the season. Then, in the second half it was just like they changed their roles. Chuck became a jerk with no heart and Blair suddenly grow up. Chair had the potential to be an epic and amazing couple, but the writers just ruined. And as much as I love chair, I dont think I wanna see them together again, the writers will find another contrived and stupid way to ruin them even more. I honestly lost all my love for gg.




I see that there are a lot of mixed feelings about Chair. But lets face it; CHUCK AND BLAIR SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN COUPLE! The "Victor/Victrola"-episode was the best episode in the entire history of Gossip Girl episodes, but they should have left it at Chuck being infatuated with Blair, and Blair wanting to get over her crush on Chuck in season two. Chuck should have never said "I love you", because that is not who he is. Of course the writers have a say in who Chuck is more than I do, but for them it has been a marathon of trying to get Chair to be the epic lovestory of the show when then real epic lovers are Dan and Serena; How will they manage to stay away from each other, when they are step-siblings? The show has lost every single character that the writers have build from episode 1 and I am sure that the fourth season will be the last. Josh Scwartz has, with all due respect, a way of ruining a great show and this time he (and Stephanie Savage) did not ruin it by killing of a major character like in "The O.C", but by creatinbg a huge orgie where all the characters are swingers in a swingers club! There is a past going on that the audience cannot follow and that will be the end of Gossip Girl. There's no story left to be told.


Chair can be epic. Chuck and Blair are (were) such interesting and complex characters. They could be like Heatfcliff or Catherine from Wuthering Heights or Bonnie and Clyde or Scarllet and Reth from Gone with the Wind. And I would say they were following the epic path until season 3. But the writers just changed their dynamic and characters in Season 3. I really dont know why they did it. I guess they are really stupid or they just love Twillight, because right now Blair and Chuck are more to Edward and Bella than the epic couples they were supposed to be like. I hope that season 4 we have epic Chair again. I would like to see them being evil TOGETHER (not against each other), sexy like they were in seasons 1 and 2 (I really dont understand why we didnt get one sexy scene in S3). Ed and Leighton are the best actors in this show, give them good material, and not the crap they are getting. I want good drama and an epic love story, not stupid, lame OMG moments that only make me wanna stop watching GG.


I think it could be great to see blair jealous of chuck's new girlfriend and then she would feel that she still cares about him! So I love the Idea! plus, seeing blair trying to ruin the poor french girl could be soooooo funny and so back to the old blair of seson one!!!!!I have an idea for chuck's girlfriend if they want a french actress I'll go for chiara mastroianni or louise monot they are pretty and could almost compete with the beautiful leighton!


elisa sednaoui! not that she'll ever accept this role.


Ugh, totally agree with what Miuccia/M are saying. Why does everyone forget what an ass his character was turned into?! He used to be lovable, but now it's just sickening. The only thing worse than his character now is how Blair still "pines" over him. We get that they're supposed to be in love, but WHEN did we ever see that? When they were teasing each other in a love/hate friendship thing, or in a DEAD-BORING monogamous relationship with no spark? Chair had the opportunity to be epic but it all went flat by 3x01. The writers suck and always will.


They should just give Chuck a French boyfriend.

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