Gossip Girl Season Finale Review: The End of the Beginning

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OMG ... or would WTF be more accurate?

No one can take this away from Gossip Girl's third season finale: It delivered the shocking twists and that fans of the ongoing emotional roller coaster have come to expect.

But were you turned off by the cliffhangers and scandalous developments of "Last Tango, Then Paris," or that much more intrigued to see the saga continue in September?

The episode basically tore down everything about Gossip Girl that had been created up until now, a bold move that's sure to be polarizing among the show's fan community.

There are two reactions, basically:

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Chuck and Jenny?! WTF! Chuck shot!?! WTF again!! You killed Chuck (possibly in more ways than one)! OMG I am so DONE with this show!
  2. Wow. That was intense. Talk about cranking the drama up to a new level! I didn't see any of that coming, and can't wait for Season Four to find out what's next.

Which camp are you in?

Bluck Bickers

Chuck and Blair: The saga continues this summer.

Some aspects were a bit over the top, but the more we think about it, the more we find ourselves leaning toward category #2. No matter how painful last night was to watch.

Having Chuck and Blair thisclose to a fairy tale ending, only to be torn apart once again, was heartbreaking. That's the point. Sometimes you can't tie everything up perfectly.

There will be another chapter, too. Mark my words, "Last Tango, Then Paris" was not Chair's last tango. He was shot (trying to recover Blair's ring), but he will live. So breathe.

Chuck getting shot in Prague may feel cold, a cheap move by the writers. But perhaps only an event that serious can finally bring Chair together for good, even if it takes time.

Rather than being the end of Chair, and of Gossip Girl as we knew it, last night was merely the end of the beginning chapters - and maybe the next ones will be even better.

Not only does this plot set the stage for a dramatic reunion in Europe, it adds a new component to their relationship: Will Chuck facing his own mortality change him - or Blair?

A couple this epic is going to have to face obstacles, especially with the kind of baggage Chuck carries. Whether they overcome them is the question, and I'm inclined to say yes.

That said, we can't let Chuck, Jenny or the writers off the hook entirely.

The thought of him turning to Jenny at all, and her cashing in her V-card, was nauseating and seemed out of character, even for the mercurial Chuck Bass and Jenny Humphrey.

That Chuck would do that to Blair, or Jenny would do that after Season One, seemed unlikely. But maybe it was the only thing unthinkable enough to set future events in motion.

(While we're being critical, why would B not text Chuck to say she was running a couple of minutes late? Clearly she didn't miss him by much. What was it, 7:08? Just asking.)

Little JH

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, J.

You have to admit, though, it was compelling TV. Right along with Chuck, you wanted to forget about J as soon as B walked in, to begin anew as you intended from the start.

You hoped it would somehow never come to light, even if you knew it would, and painfully. It made the reveal, courtesy of a Dan Humphrey right hook, hurt that much more.

After this stunt, a spinoff entitled Everyone Hates Jenny Humphrey doesn't seem too far off, especially since she's been barred from Manhattan by Blair (awesome scene, BTW).

This happened after she tipped off Gossip Girl about Dan and Serena in bed together, too. That was some move. Perhaps it's good J takes her runny raccoon eyes and leaves.

If Blair doesn't take her down, someone else will at this point. It'll be interesting to see when - and why - the girl does return next fall and what sort of fireworks that sets off.

Speaking of other relationships Jenny ruined, Serena and Nate are done following the Gossip Girl blast, as (we think) are Dan and Vanessa! It was too much for N and V to take.

Pissed, Nate double-crossed Dan by forwarding the pic to Vanessa in Haiti. They made up later, which was great (they're guys, that's what they do), and they're both single now.

Dan and Serena aren't together, despite their obvious feelings for each other, and in all likelihood won't be. Serena's "working on herself" in Paris, after all ... that should be fun.

Even more ridiculous than the fact that she spent the episode dressed as an '80s prostitute is her ongoing list of reasons for breaking up with guys. How will she get it together?

Blair has an idea: Go to Paris. Since S is perennially unemployed and unenrolled in school, she decides to come along. What awaits them there - and back in New York after that?

Sparks in Disguise

Georgina Sparks: Perennial finale troublemaker ... and Dan's baby mama?!

Again, not a reunion with Dan. Something about the package Georgina brought him may make that tough. We knew something was up with G, but we did not see that coming.

Dan’s fathered her child? Why did she go to Blair and Chuck for help? Why did her hair change? Is it really Dan's? Nothing Georgina says carries any credibility, which is awesome.

The excuse for bringing everybody together last night was Dorota. Watching her become a mom was really sweet, even if all the characters showing up there was a big stretch.

It was far from perfect overall, but we give the show credit for rebooting itself if nothing else. This is Gossip Girl, right? Without shocking, OMG twists like these, why watch?

Okay, we wouldn't mind a happy ending too ... at some point.

We turn it over to you once again. What did you think of the Gossip Girl season finale? Did you love it? Hate it? Tell us why by voting and comment below!


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It's not Dan's baby.. If it is, Gossip Girl has taken a wrong turn. As for the Chuck and Jenny hookup? I'll take it if the dumb bitch lives off the island of Manhattan!!! Blair and Chuck will come together.. I'm not worried.


OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! here's an interview from mondag with leighton meester. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... What does she say at the end? permanent end???!!!!


I dont get it, why Chuck and Jenny sleeping together makes Blair a victim? C and J were both single, Chuck thought Blair didnt love him. CJ only had sex because they were both really depressed, their intention wasnt to hurt Blair. And didnt Blair have sex with Chuck's uncle when she was "sad and depressed"? Why did she make a big deal of it? It's not like Chuck was cheating on her. Im just getting really tired of this show making Blair a victim, instead of making me care about her it's just making me dislike her.

Kimberly anne

Worst finale ever.
I even liked season one's finale better than this.
First off, nothing pretty much escalated between Nate, Dan and Serena. They are all trying to approach the issue but in the end got no where. So Nate is bad now? Yawnnnnnn
Woo! This is what Georgina has been hiding? She is pregant with Dan's baby? I'm really interested to see how this would play out but of course something tells me the writers and producers would probably mess it all up.
The whole Jenny's and Chuck's sleeping together really did in fact appear to not be such a big deal. I'm just thankful they showed almost no scenes of them getting it on. But I'm stil pissed it happened. Worst mistake of the episode.
Aww Chuck was going to propose. Stupid Dan, stupid Jenny, stupid Humphrey family. One thing I did not like was how things ended with Blair and Cameron. Come on, the guy was hot so at least give him a proper good bye.
And by the way, when I said that Chuck getting shot may be a good idea, I didn't mean it like this. I thought that he could get shot in New York, and Blair would take care of him in New York and then they would get closer together. I didn't mean him getting the ring robbed and left alone in some dirty alley in some country that sounds like plaque. I hope he will be okay. Plus I am still holding onto the idea that Blair will find out and will take care of him, but this time in Paris ;)
I am excited for Serena's and Blair's trip to Paris. I just have to say one last thing; I can't fucking believe the writers are ending season 3 without bring Chair back together. That is fucked up because Chair will be apart the entire summer. Son of a bitch!!!


I LOVED this episode, finally some jawbreaking drama. Yes it was depressing, but yet again the most interesting episode so far! It had everything that I love: Chair moments (good and bad), Cyrus, Dorota, and Georgina messing everything up! What could be better?


I CANNOT WAIT. If GG gets cancelled before next season or something, I am going to cry.


I agree with #2. Season 4 is hopefully going to be better than ever. So many possibilities!! Chuck could show up in Paris (with no memory(??), or is that too far-fetched?) and Chair would have a whole new storyline. They could begin anew and the fireworks will continue to thrill us. Oh my goodness, the epicness of it all. Although the part where J is involved is revolting. Her crashing with Nate in the same bed?? Then Chuck? I thought Jenny Humphrey is supposed to be a savvy, mature for her age vizen. Not a complete slut?? Dan and Serena should definitely have more screen-time together. Yjey're so good to watch, together.


totaly agree with you. i lovee chcuk and blair and that episode broke my heart! i lovee them but there has to be heartbreak and happyendings for them, its what makes them intresting. i wanted more dramam and im glad i asked for it because it makes them 'the' couple with the drama. we all know chuck and blair are endgame! the point of this episode was to get people emotionaly attached and they dont realize that it made an impact on them and myself!


Obviously the show is doing a great job shaking things up if people are legitimately having emotional reactions to this episode. i myself thought it was the best of the season and way better than last seasons finale. people are so butt hurt over blair and chuck, but it was the same people who were complaining a few months ago that the same couple was dull and boring. i for one think gossip girl is stepping it back up to par.


Ok i'm shocked at how many people hate Jenny, saying it's all her fault. WOw... And Yes, for the Chair epicness and whole love story, Chenny kinda ruins things for a while. But please, J and c were both single and we know how self destructive Chuck is, he really didn't think Blair loved him anymore. Also, Blair was a total bitch to J, she has the right to be mad at Chuck, because they just got back together, but Jenny didn't sleep with her boyfriend, she slept with her EX boyfriend... and Jenny is a confused little girl that felt more insecure than anyone else. I feel bad for her, more than anything.

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