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Why arent the episodes on ituneas yet????!!!!!!


does anybody know why the episode isnt on itunes?


there are two sneak peeks of the season finale on youtube.


I'm a French fan and I am actually going insane !!!!!!
But I would be so disappointed if Blair came to Paris without CHUCK !


I'm a french fan and I can't wait!!!!

I honestly hope that B isn't going to think that it's Chuck who slept with J...


Please, no more Derena? I don't wanna be bored to death again! Vanessa, Serena and Dan have the same mumbling-expressionless-thing going on and as soon as you throw Serena together with Dan or some random ugly guy she becomes booooring again! Can't she sleep around with millionaires for a while? Wasn't that her life goal from "Hi, Society"?


I moaned for months about Darena but in tonight's episode I loved it! How strange... and will Blair meet Chuck? Absofuckinglutely! They're Carrie/Big!, Rhett/Scarlett!, Bonnie/Clyde!, Anthony/Cleopatra!, they're IT.

Plus if they spend the summer apart I will shit a brick.
And then throw the brick through JW's window.


Can't Blair phone Chuck to tell him that Dorota is going to give birth so she is not able to come?


I didn't get the "affair to remember BW" could someone please explain?

The "meet me at the ESB" is a central plot point from the movie An Affair to Remember- that's why when Chuck told her to meet her there, Blair said "You can't Affair to Remember me!"


6. Will Blair meet Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building?
Gossip Guy: Yes. Because Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz would be fearing for their lives if they kept Chair apart over the summer.

Yes. That is correct. :)

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