Gossip Girl Round Table: "Last Tango, Then Paris"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our illustrious panel reflects on the events of the shocking third season finale, "Last Tango, Then Paris."

Below, DANdy, Gossip Guy and Mister Meester offer their take on Monday night's top lines, dubious moments, OMG twists, and what's to come next season ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?

DANdy: Cyrus' plea to Dorota while pushing: "Not enough!!!" We needed some light-hearted Cyrus moments in an otherwise dark episode.

Gossip Guy: Definitely Dan genuinely asking if Vanessa was Serena's friend. At this point, nobody can keep up with incestuous relationships within this group.

Mister Meester: Blair laying the smackdown on Serena: "First of all, S., you didn't go to school this year and you haven't had a real job in months, so life is kind of like summer for you." LOL. Thank goodness someone else notices these things!

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2. So, last night ... OMG or WTF?!

DANdy: Georgina's random return and pregnancy? WTF. Chuck bedding Jenny? OMG. Dan pining after Serena again? Eh. Chuck getting shot? OMFG. Jenny being shipped away? Sucka! So, to recap: WTFOMGEhOMFGSucka!

Gossip Guy: A little bit of both with OMFG.

Mister Meester: OMG in a good way ... mostly. The Chuck and Jenny hookup was obviously pure pain to watch, but that was the whole point. Serena and Nate's breakup was painful in a different way, in that it seemed illogical and hastened. But wow. Just wow. Talk about shocking developments - ones I didn't see coming and should open up a whole new season of stories to tell.

3. Hardest to believe: The entire cast witnessing Dorota's delivery, Blair not texting Chuck at 6:59 to say she'd be late, or no one mistaking Serena for an '80s hooker?

DANdy: The lack of a Blair text. I know all logic goes out the window when ogling a newborn, but come on. Blair texts in her sleep, pretty sure she would have dropped Chuck a "OMG, Ds h2o broke. Will b l8."

Gossip Guy: Obviously Blair was trying to be as true to the 1957 classic as possible... before there were cell phones. And Serena could actually be a '80s hooker at this point and I wouldn't be shocked. More just curious what she'd cost for tonight. Kidding. Unless she really is. Then call me. Uh I guess that leaves pretty much the most ridiculous use of a supporting character since V first got promoted to series regular. Yeah, that's right, all V insults are back on.

Mister Meester: Blair could have called or written Chuck, but chalk her lack of communication up to a flair for the dramatic. The hospital rendezvous point for the whole gang, though? I realize they sometimes need to manufacture ways to tie their separate lives together at times, but why would the Humphreys and VDWs be there for the birth of the child of the Waldorfs' hired help?

The End of J's

Gone ... but for how long?

4. Who will return to New York first, Vanessa or Jenny?

DANdy: It's a trick question! Jenny is remaining in New York! Where do you think Hudson is?!? You can't fool me, Round Table!

Gossip Guy: This may just be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping V will never return.  Therefore? J will win by default.

Mister Meester: Because there is no standing death threat in play should she return, you have to assume Vanessa. Anywhere in Florida's Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade counties, on the other hand? Stay away, V. If you ever set foot there, Gossip Guy will know.

5. Is Dan really Georgina's baby daddy?

DANdy: No, Gossip Guy actually knocked her up. Sorry to out you, bro.

Gossip Guy: Well the timing definitely works, but there's no way Georgina can tell the truth about anything. I'm guessing this baby bump is faker than Julia Louis-Dreyfus' on Arrested Development.

Mister Meester: I love the utter lack of credibility that accompanies Georgina Sparks. Anything she does or says you assume is a scheme or lie. That said, it'd almost be more shocking if Dan DID put a baby in that. So yes. His boys can swim ... but how will he wriggle out?

6. Chuck obviously doesn't die (breathe, people), but given his newest obstacle, how will he and Blair cross paths next?

DANdy: In some sort of of heavenly vision Chuck has. I don't see him waking up from a coma any time soon.

Gossip Guy: Well clearly their paths will cross in Europe. With no known surviving parents and having slept with his ex-step mother's step daughter, he'll probably be short on emergency contacts. I'm guessing they'll move on to call Blair pretty quickly.

Mister Meester: Chuck will recover from his non-fatal gunshot wound and learn that Blair is in Paris. He will hunt her down and propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Wishful thinking? Absolutely. But don't think it won't cross his mind - or he won't at least show up.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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And I really hope Georgina isn't really pregnant to Dan because teen pregnancies always ruin everything (entire shows sometimes) and make the characters to start acting like 40 yr olds. They're already losing their youthful spirit, don't destroy them more = (


Does anyone else feel a little annoyed (more then a little) at what Dan said about the whole Jenny fiasco (Chuk and her) all beginning and ending with Chuck, and punching Chuck. Come on it takes two to tango, Chuck was drunk and depressed, and Jenny is a major slurry!!! I mean how is it Chuck's fault? I get why Blair is upset but the others can't all blame Chuck! And when will Chuck ever get to punch anyone (beside his uncle?) At least he pushed that guy in the end, that was something. And what's with Eric telling Dan, I mean I know that he felt bad for Jenny (though I don't understand why, you reap what you sow after all) But what happened to him and Chuck being tight??? All the first and second season construction of that sorta family rltshp was totally abandoned, what happened to brohtherhood Eric??? = (. Why does everyone abandon Chuck, he's so awesome??? I hope Chuck gets to propose to Blair properly next season, hopefully on the Empire State building or somewhere as romantic like he obviously planned, and not just on the street because ChAir is far too epic for that. So sad that they took the ring = (


i'll miss Serenate:(


new future producer for gossip girl? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... no but seriuously... when will they get it, IT WON'T BE BORING IF THEY MAKE CHAIR LOVING AND HOT, they tottaly dumped the sexy part i season 3!


Nate deserve better storyline in season 4!!


maybe, just maybe, chuck was already in paris (following b & s) when he was shot and somehow their paths join up...


@Sara. Of coarse G's stomach looks fake. That's because it is. She didn't actually get pregnant for the show, that's taking the whole method acting thing a bit too far.


I pretty much hate all of the characters except for Chuck and Blair. Serena is annoying and her problems really are starting to get old. I like party Serena. Nate has been pretty boring throughout the season. I would like to see him get a better story line. Dan has always been boring, and too self righteous. Jenny is terrible. Words can not describe how much I hate her. Vanessa is almost as bad. I hope Vanessa hooks up with a million different guys in Haiti and comes back a skankerama. As for the parents, their story lines have been okay to fill in the extra time. I was really hoping for a spin off of young Lily, like we previewed last season. OMG I love Chuck. He is so twisted, but you can really see his emotions throughout the seasons and the way that he cares for Blair. I can not believe that he slept with Jenny, that is twisted even for him. Chuck knows that Jenny would be a deal breaker, and I really do think he did it to hurt Blair because he thought she didn't meet him. I think that it is completely reasonable that Blair did not call or text, it would have taken all of the romance out of their meeting. Back to Jenny, I think that she knew exactly what she was doing. I think that she knew that this would hurt Blair, worse than Blair hurt her when she told her the truth, that she would never fit in and that noone loves her any more. That was very satisfying for me when she said that. Now, I could understand that Jenny would be upset, when the reality of what happened sunk in afterwards, and I could almost feel a smidge of compassion for her. What I don't understand is why she told her whole family. I think that was the most unrealistic part of the episode. It's like she wanted them to feel sorry for her so they would love her again. What is completely unsatisfying is that they all seemed to fall for it, and they sent her to Hudson with their best wishes. Even MORE upsetting, is that she said it was her decision this time. B*tch, no it was not. Blair banished you.I think that it is very likely her return will be Serena inspired. As for Georgina, it was totally a WTF moment for me, but after reading some of the comments on here it makes total sense that she is plotting again, and that she is using a fake belly because she overheard Dan and Serena talking in front of the babies at the hospital. I think that she really does need help with something, and she knew Dan would help her. Poor Chuck! I hope he not only survives but he gets his ring back, it obviously was sentimental for him, and he was still hanging on to the hope that he would get his true love back and have the chance to give it to her! I hope he still gets his chance!!!


they probably made Jenny take of the sheets so that we wouldn't have to speculate all summer if it really happened


just saying, didnt georgina run off to find rufus and lily's love child. so i think that she seduced him when she found him, and that's his baby, not dan's, and it will technically still have partial dna match to dan... so thats what i think..

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