Gossip Girl Season Four Press Release Confirms Paris Trip

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Consider Gossip Girl's ticket to Paris booked. First class, of course.

The CW released a statement confirming the start of Season Four in the French capital, which we reported earlier this week. Here's what the network had to officially say:

"The CW’s pop culture phenom Gossip Girl is leaving the Upper East Side behind and jetting off to Paris to kick off Season 4 in the City of Light. Series stars Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick will be filming on location in Paris in July for the first two episodes of the season.

In the season four premiere, Gossip Girl will find a radiant Serena van der Woodsen (Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Meester) enjoying a grand and romantic summer in Paris. However, Serena and Blair will be in for a few big OMG surprises when a friend from home mysteriously appears."

Still the Queen

Blair Waldorf is bound for France this summer!

“Paris has always been the ultimate extension of our Gossip Girl world - the home of high fashion, Michelin star restaurants, chic night clubs, and Blair’s favorite sweet (macaroons, of course!),” says Gossip Girl executive producer Stephanie Savage.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share with our fans that this fall Gossip Girl is going to Paris. We hope they’ll come along with Blair, Serena and Chuck for the first two episodes of Season Four."

Somehow we don't think fans will have a problem coming along for the ride. Or stalking Blake, Leighton and Ed if they are fortunate enough to reside in or near that beautiful city.

Gossip Girl airs Monday nights (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) on The CW.

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the mysterious friend is obviously chuck. Didn't you read that Lively, Meester and Westwick are the one going to Paris


think Dan is the mysterious friend.
He search "airfrance.com" after S told him that she's goining to go to Paris, right?!
But i also don't want that Chuck's dead!!!! Ow, but I also want to go to Paris.
Maybe I can do something to go there in the holidays. ;)
Beautilful city.


OH MY GOOD... I'm relieved, cause this means, Chuck doesn't die after all... :D


I'm thinking it's someone new we haven't seen before. They said "mysterious friend", not that "a friend shows up mysteriously". Georgina appears in the finale, so it's not her - but they wouldn't refer to Chuck as a 'friend' in any case - so I don't think it's him... Would make sense they'd kick off Season 4 with a new plotline - they do that every year.

Kimberly anne

I hope with all my power that Trindy is right about all that she said, but possibly minus the part where Blair doesn't listen and leaves for Paris without Chuck.
I am very excited for the new season to start off in Paris. The beginning of season 3 was a little show for me. And I am guessing that "friend" that will show up in Paris will be Chuck to win back Blair.
But I cannot go through the entire summer knowing that Chuck and Blair won't be together until season 4 in the fall.


Easy Jenny have sex with Nate, but Dan thinks that was with Chuck tha's why he punch him in the face (in the preview), and B dump him (Chuck) and run away to Paris, without listen the truth... Tha's why he appears later...! Oh, and Serena goes too 'cause Nate dump her...(for the pic)! Ps: Sorry my grammar, i'm from Colombia (Spanish language only)


I will be in Paris in July soon, but Im in London, so will be going by eurostar. But i am only there for 4 days, so hopefully it will be when I am there, could some one keep us updated on where they will be filming in Paris. I have a feeling they will go to Laduree (it is the most famous macaroon place in the world, and they made the macaroons for the film Marie Antionette, and they have several patisseries in Paris, if not they prob go to Pierre Hardy, who is a french chef know for his macaroons)


do you know, when are they going to film 4. season?


i think its dan .. tells serena he broke up with vanessa and want to be with her!!


What if its Georgina?


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