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What I found the crulest moment was when Gary Clark pointed out that he bought the gun just in a supermarket. When do Americans wake up and see that this is a invitation for desperate minds. You always have to be afraid that someone else is carrying along a gun. Maybe it works for Americans though I don't get it how you can live like that. Wake up people! You can buy such a destroying weapon in the supermarket! I knnow that many of you won't understand what I mean because it's daily life for you but to me it was important to share my feelings on this. No offence intended. These are just my personal thoughts. I just watched it and my emotions are all over the place :) To me this season finale was nothing but cruel. I couldn't watch half of the time and I feel very sorry for Meredith. I love Christina and Owen and I hope they can work it out. he is way better for her than burke ever was! I liked the season as a whole and hope that season 7 will be as good as this one if not better. Greetings from Europe


I have been a Greys fan from the very beginning, however last nights episode was the worst I have ever seen. I think the writer Shondra Rimes should be ashamed of herself. Yes there were deeper issues at heart, however the horror and the gore displayed were just too much. Especially the scene where Dr Reed is shot, like something straight out of a horror flick. I think most of us love Greys because it is so


Where do I start well first of all Michael O Neill deserves an award for a stellar performance with great conviction. He was so scary!

Lexie/Mark/Alex - I do think Lexie loves Alex but she thought he was going to die he had lost massive amounts of blood. My heart broke for Mark when she said it but I still don't think Alex is THE ONE she loves. (i'm still holding out for mark and lexie) Alex is so not over Izzie all he ever did was block the pain out as much as he could never dealt with the whole thing my heart broke for him when he thought lexie was izzy and spoke his honesty!

aww god love Jackson apart from him being damn fine! couldn't understand why he was the only one to point out that Cristina could fix Derek! He looked at her with great pride, conviction and utmost faith that she was the one for the job. I love Cristina love her but really really hate her with Hunt I hope she doesn't just go back to him because he "chose" her at the end she should be with Jackson! Hunt doesn't deserve her he is selfish and thoughtless when it comes to her doing only what he thinks is right! He should be with Teddy I think people will love his character more I think she would bring out better things in him!

callie and arizona story line was lovely the whole way through glad it ended well! can't help but think teddy and mark will have another thing but only because there loves chose other people and they will just need someone to fall back on for a while!

I was so scared when he pulled Miranda from under the bed her face! She is such a wonderful actress amazing definitely one of my favourite characters by far and each scene with her was brilliant loved the bit when she thought there was a leak so rare was it for her to cry.

The character of April definitely came into the fold last night! Think this experience will change this annoying character into something more in the next season. You could see why her and Reed were best friends though was kinda glad when Gary Clark put a bullet through her annoyingly rude head!

So much to say about Derek and Meredith but if i'm honest what I love most is the love and friendship between Cristina and Meredith can't wait to see the shooting aftermath and the scenes between them all with the greatness of what Cristina achieved! So sad when Meredith lost the baby but its opened the baby door you could see she was gutted at the end!

I really hope the period of Derek being the interim Chief is over I hated what this turned him into and found myself disliking his character who was head under water with his new employment role! And the best of all until last is I hope this means we have the Chief back in his rightful place. I love Webber loved how this season they showed us even a strong man like him can be down on his luck at times and showed us his rise back up! He stepped up to the plate last night to get his hospital back. His scenes with Gary Clark last night were brilliant it was the only scene in which there was no fear of the shooter. I was shouting don't drink it oh please don't drink it when he had the flask in his hand and when he poured it out I knew he was back to being Chief!

great episode can't wait for season 7!


Good news Lexie and Mark fans!! Per soapcentral spoliers for season 7:



everyone is annoyed that lexie chose alex and meredith had a miscarrige, but it wouldn't be grey's if everything went the fans ways, plus they need to leave the izzie storylines behind and open up new stories and i think the lexie/alex/mark and mer/der baby will be two main themes next season.


he shouldn't have had the chance to kill himself. he would have deserved to suffer for the rest of his life for killing so many innocent people. it was a dick move to talk him into killing himself. the easy way out!


I think the reason they didn't get Mexie back together was because their needs to be a love-triangle going on in season 7. It wouldn't be Grey's anatomy without that kind of drama!

Talking about drama's, last night was mind-blowing!!! You go Shonda, you did a great job, the same goes for the cast! I would be extemely happy if MerDer try to have kids and if, after a while, Mexie get back together. I would really want to see them together again, becasue they complete one another


BEST episode EVER!!!! All I kept saying was OH MY GOD!!! I had chills the entire time!! It felt like a suspense good!!


I can agree with most of you. I thought the show was amazing except for Mer losing the baby, and lexie telling alex she loves him. I can't believe it! And poor mark, i hope he doesn't start seeing other people, and give lexie a little more time until alex is all better, so that she could tell him that she was feeling gulity, and that she doesn't love him. Then everything will be fine then.


When Owen walked into the OR and told Meredith that Cristina seemed to be fine, and April started sputtering about "the real doctor" being there (the acting was great, but she REALLY annoyed me...)...I thought for SURE Owen was going to walk into the OR, give an Owen-esque, romantic speech about how he loved Cristina, and then fall on the floor bleeding because he had already been shot.

Shonda's way was better though. :P

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