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In addition to what MerDer4EveR said,

If anyone has a place to judge Cristina or her relationships is Meredith, just as Cristina has done about Meredith.

IF Meredith had acted and said something it'd be a different story and both would be at fault for being unprofessional but Owen was acting on a personal fear that Meredith was going to say something when he clearly didn't knew either.

IF I was on Hunt's position, I wouldn't even had talked to Derek in the first place. Hunt doesn't seem the person that rambles about his relationship with his friends, so this kind of behavior is expected more from Mark than from him, and it makes him a coward to drag along Cristina, and now Meredith with Derek for something he isn't willing to admit.

Owen doesn't get a free pass this time. Derek was naive to spill that info to Mer (most likely, he didn't think it was a huge deal), but Owen is the only one at fault here.


Meredith never was unprofessinal to Owen. She made that face, when Teddy talked to him and he didn't say anything of course because he was lying! She didn't made any sarcastic comments or she was rude to him. Nothing! He was unprofessinal and a jerk when he kicked her out of the O.R! He was mad because of his guilt and was taking his anger on Derek because he inoccently told Mer and mostly on Meredith because, she is Cris bestfriend/sister, and now Cristina will know sooner!


I dont' believe Derek will get shot. Burke was shot already and the finale shows something that's never done/shown before.


Okay, think about this people.

Pretend you're Owen. You give a professional and confidential opinion to the chief of surgery and he ends up telling it to his wife, a resident. Okay, fine, no big deal. But then the next day, she looks at you with a snotty little face that indicates 'I know your little secret.' Obviously, if Mer were to jump to conclusions that Owen still has feelings for Teddy because he lied (and this is only apparent to us as viewers, not the characters), I don't see why Owen can't do the same.

I know Meredith is Cristina's best friend and all but it's really not her place to judge. She has to know the difference between keeping things personal and professional. Plus, she has to think of the consequences that would subject to her husband's reputation.


i think the most heartbreaking scene of all was the last merder scene. when all she can say is i love you. and of course he says it back. but you can tell derek is having a really hard time and it is so sad to me. i hate seeing him like this.


Is anyone else sick of Grey's younger woman, older man relationships?
Lexie and Alex is way more appropriate than Mark, way more interesting too. Get to watch them develop into surgeons and adults, unlike Lexie and Mark's weird paternal relationship.

Similarly, Cristina and Jackson would be WAAAY better together than she and Owen. She's a strong woman who actually needs a sensitive man (because she's so closed) and an equal (unlike Owen who points out he's her superior at every step). Jackson finds it attractive how awesome she is.

Why can't Grey's show independent women, who have normal relationships with men their own age?


Okay I am so pissed off at Owen. he is one mother F er.

I didn't find the fact that Cris choose Owen over Mer as bad. I thought it was okay but partly pissed me off because Owen is hiding something. Also it pissed me off that Meredith didn't confront Owen and told him off.

It also pissed me off that Derek need fucking quit. Derek needs to learn that being Chief is not about feeling or people is about what has to done and most time it doesn't involve f ing feelings. Until he learns that he not going be a good chief. Why shouldn't Derek share his day with wife, why does he has to watch what he says. Is not like Meredith is telling everybody all the secrets that involve his job.

Owen was pissed off because Derek told Meredith, it Derek had told Richard or Bailey he wouldn't be pissed off. The fact that Meredith know this piece of information make the chances of Cristina finding out greater.

All in all the episode was good. Alex and Lexie are growing on me..


When I saw the break-up scene I wrote down the lines, Just for fun:) And even if this scene breaks my heart I kinda can't wait to see how they r gonna handle this, and if they r getting back together, when?

Arizona: Hey! We scored! My cousin says we can use theire time share. So, Fiji, we could either go at the end of this month or we could save up for three weeks at time and rearregnge our surgical schueduals and go at the end of next month...

What's that? hah...

Callie: It's this cute girl's phone number. And I can't get i off. nd, mm, I'm not gonna use it, I don't wanna use it. Bit I, I can't stop wondering if maybe she want's a baby... one day.

Arizona: "Sigh"

Callie: I Love you, hm. Everything about you. But there's this one thing that I need and I can't change it, and I can't ask you to change. I don't want you to change

Arizona: Honey, I can't be the one to keeps you from having a baby.

Callie: "Sigh"

Arizona: "Sigh" ... I Love you too. And we can keep going...

Callie: But I don't know where we're going...

Arizona: Come here...

Callie: God, What I'm I gonna do!

Arizona: Well, I'm gonna get my stuff together

Callie: Huh... Nonono! And what? we'll just...

Arizona: We'll se each other at work

Callie: I'm so sorry! I Love you!

Arizona: Me too, me too.


@ Cconklin

I agree Derek should of anticipated Mer would want to help Cristina out. I'm still trying to figure out why Meredith didn't say anything about Owen kicking her out of the OR. She knew why he did it.

I'm still pissed that Meredith didn't pull her "force of nature" behavior out of the woodwork and kick some a$$. Seriously, I can't believe she was alone at the end of the episode. How depressing... and it isn't like Meredith to not say something.

Ever since Owen has been in this series he has changed Cristina. She thinks isn't letting him take "pieces" of her but he still is.


this is the first time that a cristina storyline has every made me cry. and i cried TWICE. once when she was telling that cute girl about losing a parent, then again when she was sobbing saying "i miss my dad"

amazing preformance from sandra oh. bottom line.

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