Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Hype "Not Exaggerated"

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Shonda Rhimes has a way for hype. Every other episode will "change Seattle Grace forever" or some such hyperbole. But it's looking like Thursday's sixth season finale is no joke.

According to EW's Michael Ausiello, "based on what I’ve seen (the first hour) and heard (much of the second), it’s no exaggeration" that this is truly a momentous game-changer.

The first nine minutes could have told you that. Not only did we learn the identity of the shooter, but witnessed two of our well-known surgeons gunned down (one clearly fatally).

Amazingly, we haven't seen anything yet.

Ausiello: "If you think the first seven minutes were disturbing or shocking, then I strongly suggest you skip the remaining 78-odd minutes, because some seriously dark and depressing $h!t goes down in that hospital tonight, and it’s not for the faint of heart."



We already know one person ... but how many more will fall?

Any theories on what that means? Also, apparently, something big happens in the second hour that doesn’t fit into any of the categories in EW's May Sweeps Scorecard.

In other words, this particular event is not a pregnancy, wedding, birth, engagement, proposal, breakup, death or couple doing it for the first time ... what could it be?

Also ... are you able to focus at all with the finale just 10 hours away?!

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The best finale! I just can't wait for the next season!!! I agree, PLEASE SHONDA - BRING BURKE BACK!!


I was at the edge of my seat. However, I was disappointed that they had Meredith lose the baby, especially after all the killings. They could've of left that be a positive happy ending. I was also disappointed there was no cliff hanger to wait for the new season to start. Now, I guess I really don't have nothing to look forward to because we saw it all happened and everyone is still on the show. Oh, well.


Was it suspenseful? Yes...very. Was it any way realistic...No, not at all. Apparently Seattle Grace Hospital does not have phones, cameras, or more than one security guard...and the swat team there doesn't immediately find the floor the shooter is on and block it off so he can't roam freely...and shoot only to wound when a man has already shot several people killing at least 4. Give me a break...let's not even mention that the swat team can't find the shooter, but an off duty Richard finds him in no time flat...


this was the best season finale ever! thank you shonda!


Does anyone know if there are going to be any changes in the cast? Maybe that could be a clue :)


is anyone else mad that she chose alex? I hope he dies. Lexie needs to be with Mark


OMG! What a gut-wrenching, dramatic, nail-biter!! now THIS is what TV is supposed to do. It was a total emotional roller-coaster that left me exhausted, completely engrossed, and sitting on the edge of my chair all night. BRAVO Shonda! Now if you will JUST bring back Burke, things will REALLY get interesting. Stop punishing that man and let him come back! His character brought so much great tension and competition with McDreamy. Grey's is still a great show but it's suffered since Burke split. BRING BURKE BACK!!


I think this was a great season finale. It doesnt end with a cliff hanger but it doesnt need to. Next season we will get to see how they all deal with the trauma. The first thing that should happen is Apri should be fired or she should quit. Absolutely useless. She really is the reason this all happened in the first place.


I totally think that ben was shot but that we don't know it yet because we didn't see everyone who he shot.... if so poor bailey!


@crankiebitch the summary is the dude who's wife was let go (they pulled the plug) he came back and basically shot up the whole damn hospital. that chatty ass april got derek shot. meredith was preggerz but ended up having a miscarriage (that was stressful as hell youd have a miscarriage too) owen got shot and he picked christina. alex got shot. lexie almost got shot. callie and arizona are back togehter. the white chick reed got shot and the shooter shot himself after richard told him to. so all in all crazy

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