Jasika Nicole Previews Fringe Third Season, Finale

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Starting tonight, Fringe airs its two-part season finale.

Titled "Over There," it will focus on the alternate universe and you can check out photos from it NOW. What will go down on it?

Jasika Nicole didn't tell The New York Post specifically, but she did refer to it as "the most shocking script we’ve had since the pilot." This is what else the actress, who plays Astrid, had to say:

On the finale:
"We finally get to go to the alternate universe and meet everyone in their altered state. But that’s not even what I’m talking about - the very end of it, what’s going to keep audiences on the edge of their seats is in the last minute. It has to do with the reason why these two worlds are colliding. It’s kind of like, one of the universe is trying to take the other's place.

On season three:
"The first three or four episodes will take place solely in the alternate universe, so it’s becoming really important to what we’ve already established."

William and Walter

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What in the hell is wrong with the entire press world for leaving Jasika Nicole's image out of the pictures of the Fringe cast 99% of the time? She is the "...image of the girl I've always dreamed about..." (50's music hit)--- !!!! So, I wait fifty years or so, patiently waiting for her to appear, an Angel from Heaven, ... and she gets treated like some kind of colored girl, or whatever. Until she gets her picture posted as much as my other True Love, Anna Torv, I will be in martyrdom, avoiding the heartbreak. Jasika, and Anna,
. . . I will see you in my dreams, hope you see me in yours. Peace and Love, Timmy


i bet one universe is bout to be destroyed or somethin and want to take over the other

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